OMG! I Feel So Gross!!!

Updated on September 02, 2011
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Ok, so on top of the fact that I didn't get a shower today, I have a double ear infection, 2 cold sores, am broken out on my face and I have a yiest infection. Oh, and I'm bloated and due for my period tomorrow. Oh, and I have a big zit on my leg. I feel like a big, ugly wart on the face of the Earth right now! Ever have one of THOSE weeks??? Praying for a much better next week!

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So What Happened?

Feeling better. Infection is gone, cold sore is healing and the zits are going away. Thankfully, I have a 3 day weekend to rest and recoupe. :)

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answers from Detroit on

Oh man! Thats a lot at once! I hope you dont have to work today! Feel better soon! TGIF??? lol

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answers from Houston on

Girl, get your butt in the shower! You will fell soooo much better. Also, this easy homemade acne treatments helps:

*and yes, I do have ugly weeks*

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answers from Nashville on

whew! What a week you are having! You need a nice, long bath to help with the bloating feeling, the no shower feeling, and the zits and cramping! Then you need antibiotics for the ear infection- oh that hurts! Get the Difulcan pill from your OB and the yeast infection should be gone in 48 hours. I hope next week is better for you! :(

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answers from San Francisco on

Unless the locusts come, things should improve! You might not be able to control everything, but you can wash up...if you don't have five minutes to shower. Since you are a praying woman all I can say is have some FAITH!


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answers from Dallas on

im sorry! Take one thing at a time! Take a long hot bath or shower with some good smelling soap and shave! I always feel better when everything is shaved and I've got my mascara on :) then eat something curl up on the couch with a fabulous blanket and sleep so your body can start the healing process. Hope you feel better!

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answers from San Francisco on

Oh Yeah! We could be stars in the next night of the living dead type movie! I have pnemonia and hives. Hives were there when I went to the doctor? but I'm allergic to most antibiotics so even though I look better this moment, I'm one benedryl dose away from head to toe bright red hives. And I'm going back to sleep here in a little bit so imagine the morning isnt' going to be pretty! ARGH!

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answers from Appleton on

Oh he!! yeah I've had those days/weeks!!! Been there, done that =)

Just a side note regarding the yeast infection... this past winter I went through a situation where I had a yeast infection so bad. The Dr would give me meds to clear it up and it would, but then it would come back shortly after. I finally used a otc med and changed my daily mini-pad and it has not returned. I personally think it was the mini-pad.

Best of Luck and I'm sure by the end of the day today you will feel like a person again!!!

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answers from Detroit on

UGH! Been there. It sucks but it will get better! Feel better.



answers from Fort Wayne on

are you taking any probiotics? if not get some now!!!! since you are so out of balance get 20 bil or higher get your body back in line. as for the face break out try acne free its at walmart and target its the same as pro active it will clear up your face and leg zit quick. If the diflucan has not worked by today get on the phone with your doc. Stay away from the feminan products that have perfume. use baby soap if you need something to cleanse with gl



answers from Chicago on

Take a shower before you go to bed! Call the doctor tomorrow to get your other stuff taken care of - I also get cold sores and my doctor gives me a Rx because I can't stand them. Do your nails - it will make you feel prettier. We all have these moments. Hope you get out of your funk ASAP.



answers from Santa Barbara on

If Diflucan didn't clear it up you need to go for more extensive testing. The doctor needs to find out what bugs are causing this. Take a nice shower, clense your face and take the meds for the ears. Get in tomorrow or it will be mid-next week.

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