Olive Garden Breadsticks

Updated on April 08, 2011
N.W. asks from Bend, OR
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My son loves the Olive Garden Breadsticks. Anyone have a recipe for these? They are soft and bready, and shaped like long flat rectangles, with a mild garlic flavor.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the recipes and ideas. My son is going to be a happy camper when he gets his breadsticks!

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answers from Washington DC on

10 years ago I used to work there. They are really just plain bread and then as soon as they are baked you brush them with olive oil that has garlic powder and salt in it, then they sprinkle it a bit with that powdery parmesan cheese. Sometimes you'll get a bread stick that wasn't brushed all the way- and it tastes pretty darn bland. I also had some customers that were privy to this and actually requested the bread sticks plain to lower their salt intake.

I think you would do well with any plain white bread roll recipe, and then just put the olive oil, garlic powder, salt and cheese- just a little cheese, however, and you would do well:)

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answers from Milwaukee on

Gee, thanks!

Now ALL I want for dinner is soup, salad and breadsticks! :) It's going to be a long night...*sigh.*

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answers from Sacramento on

if you're going to make them yourself why not sneak in some whole wheat flour or flax flour or something healthy instead of just white flour? plain old white bread isnt very healthy and you could sneak more and more of the healthy flours in until it's super healthy!

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answers from Portland on

Where do you live? In Oregon, Franz makes and distributes the breadsticks and you use to be able to buy them at Costco and Winco. I'll check with my husband (he's a salesman) to see what stores they are currently in. Olive Garden adds their own blend of garlic, salt and spices, so the ones you can buy are plain.

My so also loves these breadsticks and has been asking for them lately. This is the recipe I've used to make them. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchens/... I didn't put oregano on top of his because the "green stuff" is not on the Olive Garden ones.

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answers from San Diego on

I don't have a recipe but Olive Garden used to sell a bag of them 12 not baked not raw either for a little price of $3 I think. It's been a while but they do sell them.

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