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Updated on August 20, 2011
D.B. asks from Stow, MA
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Someone is trying to give me a Pack N Play that is 13 years old. It's been stored in a garage, in New England. So, the temperature changes in the garage are extreme. I'm really concerned about the safety of this item, after all this time and how it was stored. Does anyone have any information that would help me with this?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your input. I think that I'm going to nicely refuse the item. With everything that is available out there now, and for relatively cheap in some cases, I just don't want to chance it. Even if it checked out fine, I would still be concerned. It's just worth the peace of mind to purchase something like that newer. Thanks again everyone :)

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Look up the crib on the Consumer Product Safety Comissions site ALWAYS. As a home daycare provider, we love to find gently used Pack N Plays to use for our businesses, but in my state, we are required to look up or call to get this info on recalls, as so very many of them look great, but have been recalled.

So many times I will be at a garage sale, etc, and I see them in pristine condition. Many people get them as gifts and almost never use them. Many people don't even know how to set them up. Sometimes its a grandparent who had one stored in the back of the closet (usually a "spare" the kids got for a shower gift and left at Grannys for that occasional time it was needed, etc). So many scenarios that can generate a very gently used one.

But quite a few have been recalled over the years. Please be safe!


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You could probably find a fairly new one on craigslist, or ask around your friends, those things take up a lot of space and people are willing to just give them away.

I probably wouldnt use the real old one.

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Eh... I would be leary on this one, but it's worth a call to the manufacturer! They may either tell you yes/no or they could certainly tell you what to look for to check for safety! Also have the item number available- it may have been recalled.

Just keep in mind how many things have been changed with respect to child safety in the last decade. The odds are pretty good that this is not "up to code".

Consider checking out thrift stores and consignment shops for a cheap one instead! They can't sell things that have been recalled.

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I definitely wouldn't take it. Aside from the dirt, mold, wear and tear that may make it unsafe for your baby consider the fact that baby items getted recalled ALL THE TIME due to safety issues. You have no way of knowing if this is one of them.

I'd pass...

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