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Updated on May 18, 2019
M.T. asks from Marion, OH
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ok my son is 2 1/2 months and he has been on 6 different kinds of formula! we are now on alimentum! we have been dealing with this issue since birth. we are also fortifying it so it 24 k cal. he gets 3 0z. every 2-3 hours the issue is he will not keep it down also he was diagnosed with gerd. Wednesday his pedi changed the formula now we are on the alimentum we started it yesterday afternoon I'm just wondering does anyone else have trouble burping their baby on this and he is still spitting up and aching his back he is on a very strict feeding schedule 30 min feeding 30 mins sitting up right and no excitement for a hour after feeding. I've called the dr they dont seem to b considered. it's still early and his body has to get used to it I guess I'm just wondering if any other mommies have or had the same issues thank you for reading and god bless

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answers from Washington DC on

6 formulas in such a short amount of time! wow!

i had a bad pediatrician who insisted that my baby's rash was due to the formula with which i was supplementing, and switched us to soy. when he started projectile vomiting she said i was feeding him incorrectly. went to a different ped who correctly attributed the rash to scented laundry detergent, and my baby went back to milk-based formula and all was right with the world.

have you got a second opinion?

this sounds very stressful. i hope you find solutions soon.


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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!

STOP with the formula changes!! That is too much change for such a new person!!!

Is there a reason you couldn't breast feed?

STOP switching his formula. STOP!!! I don't know what 24K is and why you are fortifying it - is that what the pediatrician said to do???

My youngest had major issues - stopped breathing and flat lined at 4 hours old. He will be 17 in July. Lots of struggles with breast milk - he would even do formula. So I had to watch my diet. What helped was that I watched my diet. Since you aren't breast feeding - you don't need to worry about that. However, I think you're biggest problem is all the changes you made to his system in such a short period of time. Stick with ONE thing for at least 2 weeks and keep a record of how he reacts and tolerates the food. Note his diapers (wet and poop). See how he reacts with smaller portions. Burp him.

We had to give our son Zantac drops for infants and it helped as well.

Stop giving him 3 ounces at time. Try one ounce and then let it settle and feed him again.

Talk with your pediatrician. If you aren't happy and feel something isn't right? Ask to see a pediatric gastroenterologist.

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answers from Atlanta on

Please check with your pediatrician. How many times has the pediatrician changed his formula?

I'm sorry, none of my kids had GERD. They spit up, but any heart burn they had was due to my diet since I breast fed them.

Please work with your pediatrician. Don't change the formula again until the doctor tells you to.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I assume all the formula changes have been with the ped's supervision. That said, the spitting up and arching back is not from lack of burping. It's classic gerd (reflux) symptoms. Reflux is really tough. Some babies with mild reflux do well with the sitting up after eating, small meals every few hours, etc. So, you are doing exactly the right things for reflux. Unfortunately, some babies don't really respond to this stuff (keep doing it, but he don't be surprised if he still has reflux symptoms). My second baby had reflux that didn't respond. I did all these things and medication and more, and he still spit up after every feeding and had trouble sleeping because the reflux would act up every time I laid him down. Almost all babies do grow out of reflux eventually, but it can take a long long time - anywhere from 4-12 months or more.

Obviously keep talking with your ped. But keep in mind that in general, pediatrician's don't get very concerned about reflux. It doesn't cause long term problems and babies grow out of it. It's really REALLY hard on the parent with all the spitting up and lack of sleep - but from a ped's point of view, as long as the baby is growing properly, it's not a long term health problem for the baby.

One lifesaver for me was baby wearing. The easiest to ways are a baby Bjorn or a Snugli. I also learned to do a Moby wrap. These are GREAT for reflux babies and their moms because you can wear him, hands free, and it holds him completely vertical which helps to keep the formula down. When the reflux was at it's worst, the ONLY way my baby could sleep was when I was wearing him. I wore him all day long sometimes - around the house, in the grocery store, etc.

Good luck to you. Being a mom to a reflux baby is very very hard. If you have help available (husband, family, trusted friend) who offers to help, take them up on it and SLEEP. The inability to sleep for any length of time was the hardest part for me.

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answers from Norfolk on

That's an awful lot of formula changes in a short time.
Spitting up isn't necessarily an issue - some kids just spit up a lot right up till round about their first birthday.
Always keep a towel under them - it will save you a little on cleanup.
For spitting up you feed small amounts often so they are less likely to spit up - but some will happen anyway no matter what you do.
I'm glad you are working with your doctor.
If your son is gaining weight and wetting diapers then he's getting enough food/liquid.
Our son wasn't bad in the spit up department but we used the gas drops (pediatrician advised us to) for his whole first year.

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answers from Chicago on

I am so sorry you are going through this.

I remember when my first born had reflux. I had to stop breastfeeding, and then we had to try several different formulas. All under pediatricians recommendation and supervision. For my son, it took 3 to see if new formula would work. Boy do I remember the price of the Alimentum. I bet it is still $$$$ and they would only sell it in the small can! He also had smelly BMs (worse then normal).

My son was miserable. He did not struggle with burping though. But the spit up was awful and he would cry just about 24/7. I remember he would spit up so much, we couldn’t believe anything was staying down! But it was. At about 3 months my pediatrician was at a loss and saw horrible my husband and myself were. So he put him on a low dose and short dose of reglan and Zantac. I hated giving my baby medication, but we were desperate. He also started taking nestle good start. So I don’t know if it was the medication, formula or if his digestive system finally matured, but it was a hard 3 months.

I remember my ped waiting for my son to adjust to the formula for at least 3 days. I did find this frustrating. Keep in contact with your ped. Keep documenting your child’s feedings, spit up and bowel movements.

This is rough, but you will get through it!

My son, now 15, has no digestive issues and is a really healthy eater!

Hang in there!

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answers from New York on

That’s a lot of formula switches in such a short time. I would stick with just one for a while. Babies spit up. Hopefully as he gets older, things with improve. Give him a chance to adjust to one formula.


That’s a lot of formula switches in such a short time. I would stick with just one for a while. Babies spit up. Hopefully as he gets older, things with improve.


That’s a lot of formula switches in such a short time. I would stick with just one for a while. Babies spit up. Hopefully as he gets older, things with improve.

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answers from Tampa on

I don’t think it’s normal to switch 6 times to a different formula... in only 2 1/2 months. This in itself would cause tremendous discomfort. This was dr recommendations?? Did you guys test for this? Did dr offer meds? I never switched formulas.. he did not have a problem with burping and he spit up only a little bit at day time.

My son had a similar problem, but he was older about 6 months and slept through nights by this age. keeping food down but only towards night time that was a night mare! He would eat I would burp him and he would throw up 2x times a night. And not every night. So I sat longer with him ( maybe an hour) and fed less ( he liked to eat.. but I gave him less so he would keep it down)

Till this day I remember the smell and cleaning at 3am!

We were told he would grow out of this. He did, But if I remember correctly it was either meds or surgery.. but I can not be sure.

Not sure if you tried sensitive formulas or organic and I know there is a German or maybe Dutch formula especially for reflux I think hipp ( my gf used it with her son). But again don’t switch.. maybe get a 2nd opinion if your dr told you to switch 6 times!!

I know it’s frustrating..and nothing worse seeing your baby in pain but it should straighten itself out as the body becomes stronger day by day. Lots of luck!

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