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Updated on July 01, 2009
S. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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I'm currently renovating the house that I grew up in. The house has an oil heating system. I want to convert it to gas and install central air conditioning. I'm looking for referrals for this type of work.

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We had central air and a new gas furnace installed last fall by Condino (http://www.condinoheatingandairconditioning.com/ ###-###-#### or ###-###-####). We had some difficulties in getting the work scheduled, but we were very pleased with the installation work. Both my husband and I work on old houses for a living, and we know good contractors when we see them!

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We just went through a total redo of our furnace (was oil, changed to gas) and AC system). We already had ducts etc so less of a big job than you have---ie, needing to put in a brand new AC system. We also had an existing gas line into the house, which if you have, will make the changeover much simpler. Anyway, we used William Day out of Delaware ###-###-####). Also had a bid from Oliver, which is larger and more well known but we found them far more expensive and Bill Day was more knowledgable and well priced. Bill is an exclusive Carrier re-seller, which was important to us because we had researched them extensively already and knew we wanted to use Carrier products. Another thing we got from Bill was a really informative analysis the day he came to see our home, showing cost differences between using oil and gas. We actually didn't know if it was best to switch from one to the other. This analysis was extremely helpful and he was the only contractor with the computer programming (with him) to do so. So it's been 2 months I guess since we got the new systems in and they're awesome (never knew I'd be so happy with new AC)--but our our 30 year old system just didn't compare. We went with top of the line for maximum energy savings and benefited from a Carrier rebate. We also had a small bit of ductwork done to increase airflow into my office, which is quite warm due to sun and computers running.

I know this is big decision for you, but having just been through it (and having been actually happy with the contractor---and the guys who came to work in my home), I felt compelled to reply to you. This is the first time I've had this experience with a contractor---we had our kitchen totally re-done a few years ago (not so pleasant!) so wanted to pass on a good name in the business.

Good luck!!

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Hi S.,

Although we've never done this type of work in our house, we've done practically everything else. We use an online service called Angie's List. For a minimal fee (around $20) you get access to the service, which is community based recommendations and rankings on all different kinds of contractors. Its just "real" people like you and me sharing their feedback (good and bad) on contractors. We have hired over six contractors using this service, and they have all been OUTSTANDING. They are now also providing rankings on doctors and other service providers. I think it is absolutely worth the membership price.

Good luck!



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Great Scott Heating and Air Conditioning does a great job. The business is located in Haddon Township, NJ. I believe you should be able to find them in the local business directories or the referrals on mamasource.com. If not, let me know and I'll get you the number.

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