Oh for JOY! I *LOVE* This Toy!

Updated on November 07, 2011
K.M. asks from Streamwood, IL
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Ok, so love is not the correct word, think opposite. The Fisher-Price Racer POS is a gift given to my son and I thought OH how wonderful, this is great! Until we hooked it up and it ate 4 D batteries instantly and there is NO option to purchase this with a AC adapter and they do not suggest rechargeable nor do we have rechargeable batteries. So, now the joy of working with Toys R Us to return it or exchange it. So, what have you bought or recived for your child that you think is WONDERFUL but in use it is Mean, and Cruel and HORRIBLE????

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answers from Jacksonville on

Zhu zhu pets! They are so cute but the darn things NEVER shut up! My daughter was given 2, and that first night I got the screwdriver and took out the batteries. That was one toy whose batteries couldn't die fast enough.

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answers from Detroit on

Moon Dough.

It looks like fun but it's a huge mess. That stuff gets EVERYWHERE and it's a major pain to clean up. It's almost as bad as glitter. DD got it as a gift last year from my cousin, and I can't wait for my cousin's daughter to be old enough for me to return the favor.

I also think the Bop It toy could be used as a torture device. My stepsons had one when they were small and "somehow" it kept ending up back at our house instead of at their mom's.

ETA: My daughter has the little remote control Strawberry Shortcake car that actually has been a fun little toy for her and not at all bad on battery usage, but it does play this little song over and over and over as she's playing with it. And it's annoying as hell. Fortunately you can switch off the music and she can still play with it, so sometimes we just have to tell her, okay, time to turn the music off now! I only just thought of it because DD started playing with it just now.

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answers from Redding on

Any toy that requires batteries is a gift that keeps on "taking".

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answers from Charleston on

The Didj, the iXL, any Hot Wheels racing track. They all eat batteries like I eat chocolate. ha ha. This year for Christmas, I am seriously asking the grandparents to get packs batteries to include in the kid's gifts. Seriously. Toy manufacturers must be in cahoots with the battery manufacturers. I want to scream when there is no AC adapter. I feel your pain.

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answers from Washington DC on

While I love Play-doh - if it's not stored properly - it sucks.

We didn't buy the Moon Sand or whatever it's called just for that reason!

as long as you have the box, you should be able to return it. I would contact Fisher Price - THEY DO LISTEN to consumers and tell them that you don't like the toy for this reason and that you posted it on a mom's website...they will react to that!

Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

the mickey mouse clubhouse clubhouse. We thought "oh, this will be great! She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" but the slide and door NEVER stayed on. So annoying!

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answers from Kansas City on

The SIt-n-Spin. There is no off button for the incessant carnival music and somedays I swear my ears are bleeding! Both my kids love it, and it would be a great toy...if it didn't have that damn music!

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answers from San Antonio on

We have several that were actually mentioned here. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, the Sit and Spin, and the Mickey Raceway. OMG! The Sit and Spin is annoying as heck, same problem as PP with the MM Clubhouse slide and door, and the Mickey Raceway keeps coming apart. I need to weed out toys since Christmas is coming and beleive me these three are in the list to either go to Good Will or to my parents since they won't get played with as much there.

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answers from Norfolk on

There were a few toys my son LOVED as a toddler that were so loud they made my teeth itch.
Some did not have an off button for the sounds.
I use to put stickers on the speakers until the sound was muffled enough that I didn't race for ear plugs when they were in use.

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answers from Richmond on

My BFF gave my son a xylophone. He wanted it 24/7. I gave it to the last person who bought kid stuff from me off craigslist... she was like 'are you sure?!' because my son was pitching a temper tantrum since it was leaving. I asked her if her car was unlocked because I was putting it in there RIGHT NOW. ;)

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answers from Seattle on

THere was some car that was supposed to drive on the walls. Quite expensive that stupid thing. NEVER WORKED!

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answers from Dallas on

I never would have purchased the Leap Frog Leapster if it was batteries only. My daughter plays with this every chance she can and even with a recharging station I've changed batteries three times since June.

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answers from Chicago on

Buy batteries!! You might be just a little dramatic. Seriously??? The fact that you took the time to blog this boggles me. Buy the kid some batteries!!!! He is going to forget the toy eventuality and you will never buy any again.



answers from Chicago on

The big huge automatic Nerf gun. My 7 year old son HAD to have it so bought it himself with birthday money when it was on sale for $40. It too ate through 4 "D" batteries instantly....and now I'm the mean mom who doesn't want to spend $6 on batteries each day he wants to play with the Nerf gun as an atuomatic. :( Oh, the Airhogs dirtbike too. The helicoptor works great, but on the dirtbike, the motor "burnt out" after the first days use. :(



answers from Victoria on

my fil gives us gifts that are obnoxious BECAUSE when my husband was a kid he annoyed him with the toys. We send those toys to good will right away. Moon sand was a huge dissapointment because its so messy! A friend recently told me she tossed out the toys once the battery was dead! I was shocked but she gets toys from neighbors and grand parnets and has to weed out toys often.

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