Oh Christmas Tree.....

Updated on November 04, 2011
J.W. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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Okay so you would think at 43 years of age I would know how to clean an artificial Christmas tree but no, I throw them out when my allergies get out of control and buy a new clean one.

Well this year I am going to try to be practical.

So how do you clean those buggers cause as soon as I open the tomb (box) my head is going to explode from the dust mites!!!

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So What Happened?

One of Troy's many hobbies is carpentry so we have an air compressor. Is that what you mean by an air hose. I know I can get him to do it if that is the case cause he loves to get his toys out. :)

Oh storing isn't the problem I keep them in huge rubbermaid totes. That is why I call it the tomb. The problem is they collect dust while they are up that gets sealed into the tote. Perhaps if this works I can get Troy involved with taking them down so they are cleaned before they are sealed up for the year! :)

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answers from Seattle on

I have not scrolled down....Air compressor was going to be my thought.

Can I get my tree out yet?? This is what I have been asking my hubby....I love having it up in the house.

I have been drawing up the outside decorating plans!! Can not wait until the week of Thanksgiving:)

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answers from St. Louis on

Oh Christmas Tree! LOL

I take mine outside to the garage and use the airhose to get all the dust off then bring it inside to set up.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Air hose if you have one, so far that is the best way to clean our articial tree. We also store our tree covered in a big garbage bag or plastic hanging upside down from the garage ceiling. This has really kept it pretty clean, plus we get great comments on how our tree "hibernates" or looks like big christmas tree bats hanging in our garage.

Before I put it away after Christmas I use the fabric/upholstery brush attachment on my vacuum to clean it. Start at top and work your way down. Sometimes if I notice it is really dusty I will use a damp cloth to wipe down all the branches. When I put it away wrap it in bed sheet, that helps keeping it clean.

Good luck! I love Christmas time!

This website has some great instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-an-Artificial-Christmas-Tree

Yes the air compressor will work, just be careful about the pressure of the air coming out otherwise you may start to lose the greenery off the tree.

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answers from Austin on

I decorate homes for the holidays..
You can vacuum it with a shop vac or take it to a car wash and use their vacuums.

You may want to consider a "Christmas tree storage bag". it has rollers. It has a built in tree stand. You keep the tree in the stand with the bag down around it, even while on display during Christmas. You just cover the bag with your tree skirt. We just roll them through the house and into clients garage or storage room.


This is like what we sell, ours is actually even a better quality than this front gate one.. I have a few for sale at a discount. Let me know if you are interested.

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answers from Chicago on

Outside. I use a vaccum to pull all the dust away, blow it down with a computer aerosol and then I put a little pledge on a cloth and wipe down as much as possible, if the dust is not gone it is at least contained with the pledge. This also gets rid of attic smell.

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