Odds of Getting Pregnant with the Mirena???

Updated on December 06, 2010
C.P. asks from Plano, TX
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I have had the Mirena for 3 years. The first year or so I would have a "cycle" and cramp SUPER bad.... I have not had any of the above in about 2 years. As of 2 nights ago I started cramping REALLY bad and this morning I woke up having some blood after I went to the restroom. Have any of you ever gotten pregnant while on the Mirena? I don't even know when my cycle would be as I have not had one in sooo long.... I have felt really emotional for about a week now, etc, etc... I know I need to just take a test but I thought I would ask first! Have a blessed day mama's! :-)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

The Mirena is 99% effective, so that means that for every 100 women that use it, one gets pregnant.

Have you been checking the threads?



answers from Eugene on

I had the Mirena and didn't have any problems with it, but a friend of mine got pregnant while on it 3 years ago... She gave birth to a healthy little boy:) However, I wouldn't just assume because you are cramping and having a little bleeding that you are pregnant...It could be you just having a worse cycle than you have been having the last 2 years... I would go months without feeling anything and then have one that was way more noticable..i.e.. more acne, moodier, and some cramping. I would say just take a test to make yourself feel better.... chances are you aren't pregnant, but if you are you need to go to the doctors immediately as getting pregnant while on the Mirena you are at an increased risk of eptopic pregnancy....It's way better to know! :) Good luck!!


answers from Columbus on

I got pregnant with the Mirena. I had had it for 4 years and loved it. No periods, cramping, hormone swings, etc. In the spring of 07, I had a period out of the blue. I didn't think too much about it, but did find it strange. Then, that following summer, I felt some very weird..happenings.....I felt the sensation of "let-down" like when you are nursing. I also had a couple bouts of nausea. I took a test, to make sure, since hubby and I are crazy fertile. It was positive! I went to the doctor and it was confirmed through a blood test. Because of the nature of the pregnancy, I had to go in every couple of days to check my hcg levels. They didn't go up like they were supposed to and an ultrasound showed the pregnancy wasn't viable. I ended up having a D & C, to surgically remove the Mirena. It was very embedded in my uterine tissue. Looking back, I think the random period was also a miscarriage. So, it can happen -getting pregnant with the Mirena. Although, I know that it's not often, since the staff at my OB's office were all freaking out, since most of them had the Mirena!! I would take a test, just to put your mind at ease. Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

Is it still in? Have you checked to see if you've expelled it?

They say that it's over 99% effective, so pregnancy would be rare. However, IF you were to get pregnant, chances of that being ectopic are strong.

In other words, if you really think you might be pregnant, you need to get to a doctor asap. It's a pretty serious thing when IUD is involved.

As a last note, lots of people report "funny" things happening with their bodies after a couple of year of Mirena. Yours may be just doing that. Maybe you've had a hormonal change and your body is reacting differently to it. I'd check for expulsion, take a test and go from there.



answers from Dallas on

Take a pregnancy test. Very Simple



answers from Dallas on

From what my dr has told me (I had a Mirena for 6 months and had it taken out, to much pain and I normally have a super high pain tolerance) that it is very dangerous to get pregnant will having the Mirena in. I would take a test ASAP and then if positive contact your dr.


answers from Detroit on

The likeliness of getting pregnant is pretty slim, however, if you were to get pregnant (due to a malfunction of the device..i.e. its slipped out of place) a pregnancy would likely end up in an eptopic pregnancy. I grilled my doctor about this very thing (when I had mine put in 7 months ago) and these are the answers I was given. You really should contact your OB/GYN just to be on the safe side. I've not experienced any of the symptoms you're encountering (though every woman's body handles this differently) so I would be a little concerned about the bleeding and cramping. Hope this helps.


answers from Dallas on

I know the odds are very very small (it's 99.9% effective...). But if you're not sure, just take a HPT, and even if it's negative, call your dr. If it's something unusual you'll want to get checked out. Just last week I had some very mild cramping and could feel the Mirena inside my uterus. I was getting my physical done anyway, so the dr checked it. She said everything seems fine, but if it continued to call back to get an ultrasound just to make sure all is good. She said she's only had 5 patients who lost their Mirena, but only 1 of them could feel it fall out. I recommend calling your dr no matter what just to make sure everything's ok.

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