Odd Question Regarding (Ahem) Daughter's Pubic Hair...

Updated on November 05, 2010
L.M. asks from Nampa, ID
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Okay.. this is odd... but my hubby and I are both blonds with light brownish/red pubic hair... ( I know... TMI, right?) Anyway, my daughter is 11 and has been growing in her hair for about a year now, and it's VERY dark... nearly black.. though I cannot tell for sure, as I don't want to be weird or make her feel odd. Is it normal for a girl with two lighter haired parents to have dark hair like that? The hair on her head is blondish-brown as are her eye brows. I was just wondering if it might change in color as she gets older... or stay the same as it is now? It doesn't really matter either way to me, I was just curious. Sorry for the oddity of the question!! :-/

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!

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So What Happened?

(ahem) daughter's pubic hair,..... Well, thanks for all the responses! I didn't mention (which I should have) the my hubby is 1/4 Native American Indian and was born with jet black hair and now now has brownish/blondish hair. It really doesn't matter what hair color (anywhere) she has.. I was simply curious about it.... :) Thanks to all you parents who answered!! You are the best and I love this site!

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answers from Chicago on

I think, most times, the carpet does not match the drapes. It doesn't in my case. My carpet was always very dark, and the drapes were very blonde.

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answers from Seattle on

Fun post!

Usually pubic hair is 2-5 shades darker than the hair on a person's head. Anyone can have black pubic hair, very few people (even blondes) have blonde pubic hair (it's usually dark gold to light brown at the lightest). It takes a special gene for men to have black hair (blue black) or brown hair and a red beard (it's very recessive), although most men with brown hair have red in their beards... I'm talking irish red beards.

Most genes are pretty simple Dominant or Recessive. Hair OTOH is made up of dozens of allelles that usually "blend" meaning the child of two parents usually has BOTH of their hair colors in addition to whatever their "own" hair color is. A few rare rare rare hair types (black irish, cotton blonde, brilliant red) tend to either be there or not. Meaning you'll often find a family that the kids all have the same bright red hair and one blonde kid, or platinum blonde, or glossy black... but the more common blacks, browns, & blondes one finds every single shade of each throughout the family.

Then you start getting into texture and things get really interesting. It's funny... skin color, eye color, those are pretty easy : skin blends (except for a particular "porcelain" hue common to redheads), eyes are dominant or recessive, but what goes into our HAIR gets all complex.

My MIL is a fun example. She's 1/2 blackfoot & 1/2 irish. Her mum is blackfoot, so there's no question as to genetics. She's a redhead with pale skin. She has 6 sisters. 4 of them look just like her and 2 of them are dark, but not as dark as their mum. Of their own kids only 1 got the red/pale (my husband) and the rest range from black to blonde and all have medium skin. Of her GRANDKIDS... they are all redheads who tan dark dark dark except for my own son who got brown hair. (tan redheads is another rarity). Genes are just fun things.

Here's another "quirk" for you. Most curly haired caucasians have straight (but rough & thick, not glossy and fine like head hair) pubic hair, while most people with straight hair have curly pubic hair.

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answers from Modesto on

Pubic hair doesnt always match the hair on your head. My hair is dishwater blonde and my short and curlies are very dark brown.


Pubic hair doesnt always match the hair on your head. My hair is dishwater blonde and my short and curlies are very dark brown.

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answers from Augusta on

I'd say since the hair on her head is darker than yours it would seem logical for her pubic hair be then darker. I believe pubic hair is always a few shades darker than hair on the head ( in most people) it doesn't get much sun.

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answers from Atlanta on

Well, I couldn't resist this post! Talk about TMI -you're about to get it ;-)

My mother was a natural blonde, but the one time I think she let me see her naked, I think she had very dark pubes. My father had jet black hair until it went gray, and I don't want to think about it, but I'm pretty sure, given how hairy he is all over and the color of that -his must be black/dark brown.

Mine -dark brown up top and VERY light blonde/red -almost a true strawberry blonde on my lips! I've even had a doctor comment on it! In all honesty, no matter what color I've ever dyed my hair -the carpet always at least partially matched the drapes! LOL! My natural hair color is (and is currently) a fairly dark brown with some dark blonde highlights.

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answers from Phoenix on

My mom has dark brown hair, but light colored body hair while I have much lighter hair than she does, but my body hair has always been very dark. You just never know what you're going to get.

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answers from Phoenix on

Well - genetics goes farther back than just you and hubby....Anyone else in the family line with darker hair on top than you two?

BTW, I am a natural platinum blonde or tow head with dark blonde pubic hair. My oldest daughter has darker head hair than me but the same pubic hair color, but dark under arm hair, where as I have light under arm hair....

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answers from Columbus on

LOL...never realized I would answer a post like this...very interesting. Born with coal black hair, eyebrows, eyelashes...as I grew my head hair turned dark blond all else stayed black. As I turned into a woman, my head hair turned to brown and everywhere else was still black. I hated it since that meant that I could never skip shaving my legs because any stubble was visibly noticeable. I did get a lot of complements on my eyelashes though :-) I also got tormented and laughed at where my arm hair was dark. If my daughter has that, I will make sure to work on it with her. I don't want her to go through what I did. Hope this helps.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I am a blonde, with brown eyes and dark black down below.


answers from Los Angeles on

I always thought unless you had full on red hair, then it's always black. I always had blonde hair growing up and I'm not blonde down below lol!


answers from Los Angeles on

Ok so this might be TMI...I was born blonde. The hair on my head got darker as I got older. Everywhere else was darker then got lighter as I got older. Totally weird though huh? My dad is blonde and my mom was a red head when she was young then had dark brown hair when she got older.
Funny thing is my dad, who was the blonde, is 1/4 Native American.
You just never know I guess. =)

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