Occassional Flickering of Eyes

Updated on February 01, 2007
R.S. asks from Milford, CT
4 answers

My 7 month old son occassionally flickers his eye. It lasts maybe a few seconds. He has long straight eye lashes and I think he may be bothered at times when one touches his eye. My in-laws live with me and think I need to check it out with the prediatrician. I researched over the internet and have found nothing. This isn't a consistent symptom. I just wanted to know if anyone else has encountered this problem.


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answers from Albany on

When he flickers his eyes does he respond to you if you touch him or talk to him?



answers from New York on

its probably nothing, but i would check with the doc to be sure, never mess with the eyes.



answers from Chattanooga on

it could be nothing..talk with the dr. if its not consistant probably just the eyelashes



answers from New York on

My son did the eye thing along with a tilting of his head. I checked with my ped and as a precaution (more so because of the head tilt) he sent me to a ped eye doctor. Everything checked out fine. But because of the head tilt issue he sent me to a neuro only to find everything is ok and it was just something he did because he had control of doing it. SO check with your ped.....but I'm sure it's nothing! Best of everything!

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