Oatmeal Sensitivity?

Updated on December 30, 2010
A.M. asks from Lake Wales, FL
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Hey Everyone! I am looking for some experiences of children that may have had an allergy or sensitivity to oatmeal. Our four month old son gets rice cereal in his bottles because of his severe acid reflux. Well tonight my husband made his bottle and accidently used the wrong baby cereal. He put in oatmeal instead of rice. As I was feeding him I noticed that he started breaking out in hives all over. After taking the whole bottle he was very agitated and cried for a good hour. I am waiting for the oncall dr. to call me back to see if I can give him some Benadryl/antihistamine as the hives are still there. Could it have been the oatmeal that caused this? I always thought that oatmeal was mild/benign. Any experiences you can share with me? I appreciate any information/opinions/ideas. Thanks!

Added: We do have a family history of fish allergies and sensitivity to dairy products. He is currently on soy.

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answers from Kansas City on

YES he could be allergic to ANYTHING!! The earlier you introduce ANY FOODS to a baby, the more likely they are to have allergies!! A baby needs NOTHING MORE than breast milk or formula for the first YEAR of life. Four months is just too young. Try other things to help the reflux.

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answers from Dallas on

It could be a gluten sensitivity. Unless the oatmeal, is labeled "gluten free" there will be gluten in it. (usually.)

The way oats and wheat are grown, harvested, and manufactured...there is serious cross-contamination.

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answers from Miami on

My 13 yr old daughter is highly allergic to oats. She has been for the past few years. Her symptoms are inflammation in her joints. She was on meds for years for arthritis and once we went to an alternative med doc, we found out her food sensitivity to oats, turkey and yeast. Cut these out and three days later, she was so much better. If she has one oatmeal cookie, she has trouble walking the next morning.



answers from Miami on

Something similar happened to my son at 4 months too. We started him on rice cereal in a bowl and when he did well on that the pediatrician told us we could try oatmeal now too. We were SO excited he was doing so well, we left the doctor's office and headed straight for the store to get the oatmeal. OMG, he did SOOO horribly on it. He never got hives but he cried a straight 4 hours. We gave him Mylicon, gave him a bath to soothe him...nothing. He finally stopped around 11pm and went to sleep. We promptly threw away the oatmeal and kept him on rice cereal. When he switched over to baby foods he did fine with all of them. The thought was his body might not have been ready to digest the thicker consistency of the oatmeal. When he was two years old I tried oatmeal again (for kids not the baby one) and he did fine. He didn't like the taste but he didn't get sick from it or anything. So just because he's having a reaction now doesn't necessarily mean he'll be allergic to oats his whole life, it just may be too much for him to handle at this stage. Hope this helps!



answers from Miami on

The body can be allergic to anything. He may be allergic to soy as well. Most kids allergic/sensitive to cow's milk protein will also be allergic to soy protein. Take him to a NAET practitioner and eliminate all he is allergic to. You will be protecting him from developmental delays and all kinds of toxicity too. MAke sure he gets tummy time 4 times a day for 30 minutes each time. Reflux kids hate their bellies but it is necessary to prevent delays, torticollis, flat heads, and get them ready to read, write and get optimal brain organization. check out NAET.com to find someone near you.



answers from Honolulu on

My Mom... is allergic to Oats... anything Oats... oatmeal, even body products with it, etc.
She also gets Eczema from it... and yes... hives.
But No... she is NOT allergic to Gluten. She can eat things with Gluten and no problem.

My Mom.. is also allergic to citrus. Same thing.... hives and eczema.

all the best,



answers from Bakersfield on

After the birth of my second son, I became allergic to many things. I am deadly allergic to any type of citrus. I have came close to dying three times. If I even smell fresh citrus, I lose my voice for over 12 hours. Since that all began, I have become allergic to gluten and oats both. I carry liquid Benadryl with me at all times; it works faster.

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