Oatmeal Cereal for 5 Month Old

Updated on February 20, 2008
M.B. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi to all you Moms. I have a huge spitter upper and on the advice of many moms on this site, I have started adding baby's oatmeal cereal to his formula and this has helped tremendously. My challenge is that the nipple gets blocked because of the cereal so I tried cutting a tiny hole and now it comes out too fast. So than I cut a teeny weeny hole on another nipple and it comes out way too slow and he struggles to get the milk. Does anyone have this same problem and/or any solutions. I use the Playtex Drop-In Bottles as they work best for my son's gas troubles. But I am open to any and all suggestions.



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If you are set on using cereal in the bottle, try Dr. Brown's bottles. They are great for gas, spit up, etc.
They have a special Y cut nipple for cereal. Good Luck.


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I have two little ones and one on the way. WIth my two, I didnt put the cereal in the bottle. I spoon fed it to them, that way they get used to the idea the food from a spoon gets me full, not just my bottle. It will take a little while for him to get used to it, he will first start to suck at the spoon, but he will get the hang of it, and that way you can add more oatmeal and make it lumpier as he gets older.



answers from Grand Junction on

I completely agree with the other responses of spoon feeding it to him. I never added any cereal to my kids bottles I just spoon fed them. Make it really runny at first and gradually thicken it. At 5 months my kids were eating stage one foods. so once he gets used to the cereal give him some baby foods.



answers from Las Vegas on

They do have bottles designed just for cereal. But the best option is to start spoon feeding, it takes more time, but it gets him used to using a spoon.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi M. B. Try purchasing a feeder bottle. It is designed with the correct opening for solids. I am an older mom ( my son is 30) :-) but my grandson is 2 and I purchased it for him when he was around 4 months old. It works great. Check your local Wal-Mart, Target or K-mart stores. It should be very successful.



answers from Reno on

I second the spoon feeding. I never put the cereal in the bottle either. We had very good luck spoon feeding my daughter starting at about the age your son is now. It did help w/ her spit up tremendously as well.



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My kid's are 20 and 18 but when they were little I had the same problem you have so I tried using the orange nipples, the ones that are for juice. That seemed to work for them.

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