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Updated on March 15, 2009
A.H. asks from Chandler, AZ
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I am working as a CNA and am a mom to a 2 and 3 yr old who go to Kindercare. The problem is since I started this job in oct the kids have constantly been sick! I have called in so much. Now this week I am sick and have only worked 2 days! I actually like this job but its getting to the point thats it not even worth it for me to work! I am so stressed cause my son loves the Kindecare preschool. I could possibly work weekends or like 12's- that worked better when I did that before. I just don't know what to do! I am planning to start a LPN course in Aug so I did plan to cut my hours then. I suggested to my BF me working long weekends at a nursing home or getting a hospital job where I work 3 12's and he says he will probably get a 2nd job. he already works 60 hours a week! He is a real hard worker but this job is M-f like 8-5 perfect hours but aren't working since things keep happening! Maybe a job from home would work if I could find a real deal and not a rip off?? O and we are also buying a house so lots and lots going on here.

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So What Happened?

I appreciate all your advice! We have decided I will put my notice in and stay home for now. I will syill look for a job with longer type hours so I can be home more. Its just the cost of child care and what I make don't even make it worth it. I am sad to pull my son out of his preschool tho!

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I was looking for a way to work at home. With all the scams and large investments it was tough to find something that was actually legit. Right now is the best time to make a change, especially with the economy I want to help others be at home with their family too. I am looking for motivated moms who want to change their future. Fortunately, there's NO selling, ordering, parties or delivering of products. We have lots of support!
Request more information at www.myhealthygreenfamily.com and www.safeguardyourfamily.synthasite.com.



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Hi A.. I am sure you've received lot of messages like this, but I highly recommend looking into network marketing. I recently started an at home business with Arbonne and I expect it to replace my income by the end of the year. It's not a get rich quick scheme and you can start it with a lot or a little, it's all up to you and you can make as much as you want. I'm biased because of Arbonne's products, but if you research network marketing and find a company that you believe in and where you can meet with successful people and learn from them yet still be able to be your own boss, I think the rewards will be tremendous. There are tons to choose from, some more reputable than others, but if you really want to work from home, you owe it to yourself to look into it. What do you have to lose? I'd be happy to talk with you about network marketing in general or Arbonne, but do your research. I have a Masters degree and people can't believe I'm switching my "career" for network marketing, but it's one of the only legitimate home business that I found that would fit my beliefs and comfort level. You can check out my website at www.erinvanderbunt.myarbonne.com and email me and I'd be happy to chat about either! Regardless, good luck!!! My 11 month old had pink eye last week and I was so upset...even with a 4 year old, having to go to work when your kids are sick never gets easier and I fear will only get worse when they have school activities...I am REFUSING to miss out on that!



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Hang in there! Flu season is almost over and it seems like it is pretty bad this year. My kids, 3 and 22 months aren't in daycare and they've been sick! Make sure you carry your sanitizer with you. Keep one in your car and in your purse. Good luck!



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Have you considered in-home day care? I could be not only cleaner but also a little less expensive.



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Have you tried other day care centers? I have a friend whose two children go to Kindercare and they also are always sick. My children went to Valley Learning Center and I never had problems.

Good luck to you.


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Hi A.,

I hope you are feeling better! I am not sure what your issues are, but I do have something to offer you possibly wti your health as well as income.

I am a co-founder for a new networking company that specializes in natural products and travel. We currently are searching for distributors to build this incredible new business. We have incredible all natural products and it is easy to do from your home computer and phone. It is a web-based business that you can take out of your home if you like or keep it web based.

We have a very special event this Saturday June 7th at 10am at the Scottsdale Plaza.

No fee for the class, it is free, but you do need to register, call me at ###-###-#### for tickets. You will also receive a 2 night 3 day hotel voucher good in 45 different cities. Something all families need!

Trust me on this, attend our event, check us out and let me know your thoughts. Very easy, little time, little investment and incredible income potential all from your home computer and phone!

I am a businesswoman in the Phoenix area for over 12 years.



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I work in a daycare setting and all children when they start will be sick for about two months straight and even then off and on allot. It is very dirty there and it is not cleaned as well as it should be or as it is stated it is cleaned. i know you have come to a conclusion. I just wanted you to know whenever your children start school or daycare again they will get ill for a while, during the time of building up their immune system. Good luck.

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