Nystatin Use for 12 Month Old

Updated on January 17, 2012
G.D. asks from New Canton, VA
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Can anyone help me? How do i use Nystatin. My 12 month old baby has thrush and i just got this for her. Anyone knows how to use it, how many times a day etc? Thank you in advance.

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answers from St. Louis on

call the dr & get specific instructions geared toward your own child & her needs. :)

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answers from New York on

My doctor had us use it 3 times a day. My son had thrush the first week he was born. It is very messy and sticky so be careful. Also check when you change her diaper. As they swallow the thrush can go through their system and will develope a rash. Check all areas for bumps. If it does happen call the dr and he/she will give you Nystatin cream. Best of luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi! The instructions should be on the bottle you got from the pharmacy. I think it's one dropperful in each cheek, 3x per day. Also, put the Nystatin cream on her bottom when you change her diaper (I think also 3x per day, I used to do it more.) It's very important to keep the diaper area dry, yeast thrives in wet and dark environments. Let her go diaper free if you can, you can also sprinkle some corn starch in her diaper to keep it drier and change diapers quickly. Also- make sure everything she puts in her mouth is disinfected (all pacifiers and baby bottles). She can reinfect herself. I boiled everything when our son had thrush, and the only way we finally beat it is when I threw out all the pacifiers after he had been on Nystatin for a few days and bought new ones. Make sure to treat yourself too, if you're still nursing put the cream on your nipples after every feeding and wash your bras in HOT water.
Good luck, thrush is no fun!



answers from Washington DC on

Call your doctor or pharmacist to get specific instructions. We used Nystatin for my daughter at around 5 months due to thrush and it was a thick oral yellow liquid that we gave 2 or 3 times a day. It works best when it can be in contact with inner cheeks, but she couldn't hold it in her mouth for any period of time, so I would give it to her and sometimes use my finger to massage it in to her cheeks as best I could. Or squirt it in against her cheeks. It took a very long time to go away (4-6 weeks or so), so be patient.



answers from Cumberland on

Ask her doctor or your pharmacist


answers from Tampa on

if she's nursing... gentian violet is better with vinegar rinses on your nipples and gentian violet on the nipples during nursing sessions.



answers from Los Angeles on

thin layer 2-3 times a day



answers from Chicago on

3X a day seems correct. Hopefully they gave you the ointment. It comes in 2 ways cream or ointment. Ointment is stickier so stays on baby's bottom much longer. Do not use internally. It is meant for external like diaper rash cream. If you are concerned speak to your pediatricians office to confirm the how to! :)

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