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Updated on July 12, 2010
J.C. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Moms,
My baby is on Nutramigen and I was wondering where to find the best deal on that formula. Can anyone tell me where to find coupons or a good price for it? At $30/can (19.8oz), its way too expensive!!


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Hi J. -- yes it's awfully expensive, isn't it?! We got a few cans free as samples from our pediatrician's office. You might just try calling yours and asking -- can't hurt. Other than that, we just price shopped at Kroger and Target each week. Target usually had the best prices, and towards the end of the time we were using it, Kroger hiked their price by about $4 per can. I wish we'd found a better source for it but unfortunately we didn't. On another note, like Rose L. (below), we were also on Nutramigen AA for a time in 2009, but our insurance company refused to cover it. Glad to know that the law has changed and other families in the same situation won't be out $650 per month for formula like we were.



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Good Morning, I feel your pain, my son was on Alimentum which is $26 a can
the pedi's office sometimes has cans they can give you AND IF you can. contact your local WIC office, they might be able to help you.



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Check out prices on If you buy in bulk, it is cheaper per can. And, if you are a new member to the site, you get like $10 off your total purchase, they have a coupon on the site. I also found that sometimes Target had sales on this formula when I fed it to my son. A small can ran about $20.99. Also, check with your pediatrician and see if they can give you some free samples. I also contacted the manufacturer and they sent me coupons.

I know it is very expensive, unfortunately, but I hope this helps!




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Hi J.-
Are you able to buy it in the grocery store or is it by prescription? Asking bc my baby is on the Nutramigen AA and we had to get a prescription for it from his GI doctor. Fortunately they passed a law back in January that insurance companies had to cover all or part of specialty formulas. Now we just have to pay $4 a can and the insurance company ships it to us.



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Try calling Bill Kersey at Star Medical Specialties 800-368-2065. They specialize in specialty formulas. You can pick it up at the office or he can ship it to you for $5. Tell him exactly which you need and see what the best price they can do on it is. If it's a prescription from your doc, it might be covered and he can help with that too. Let him know C. told you to call.
Best of luck ! Formula is way too expensive regardless of which brand - ugh!

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