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Updated on February 22, 2009
B.C. asks from Azle, TX
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Hello again ladies! I am here once again with another BF'ing issue! My almost 12 week old DD is detesting to breastfeed. I just don't know what to do! HELP! I am SO, SO frustrated that I am almost at the giving up point. Firts of all, she has always been one of those babies that will only eat for about 5 mins on one breast and then she is done until the next feeding. Now, when I sit down to BF she turns her little head fussing and arching her back! And she reacts this way to both breasts! When she does finally latch on, she's only on for about 1-2 mins, I can here her swallowing and then she pulls off fussing AGAIN!! Is she on a Nursing Strike?? ( I offer BF'ind every 2-3 hrs) This is so frustrating to both her and I. She does have 5-6 wet diapers a day, 1 bowel movement a day and weighs in at 14.3 lbs, so I feel like she is getting enough milk at some point. I feel the only reason I am breastfeeding now is because at nap time and during the night it is still the most convenient way and healthiest to both of us. I did nurse my oldest DD until she was 7.5 mths old and she never went through any of this!! I do seem to find myself comparing my youngest to my oldest alot, which I know that every baby is different in their own little way. What can I do?? Any advice?? Thanks so much!!


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answers from Dallas on

Hi there. Your breast milk might taste bad. Did you eat something spicy or with garlic? Are you drinking plenty of water? No sodas? Pump some of your milk and see if it is still healthy white. If this persists and baby is losing weight, get right in to the doctor and have your mil tested.

Also, look into her mouth. Does she have thrush? White stuff on her tongue and roof of her mouth? Feeding might be painful if she does and again, get to the doctor's for meds.
Your baby is telling you something, you just have to figure out what.

Try pumping out and then allowing your body to refill before next feeding and see what she does. For now, you might have to substitute with formula to keep her weight up.

Good luck. I breastfed twice and the first time it was really difficult and baby stopped wanting milk at ten months old. Broke my heart but we moved on. MY second baby never wanted to let go and I fed him for 18 months. It is a wonderful moment for you two. I hope this resolves. :)

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answers from Lubbock on

Hey B.! I went through a similar thing w/ my son at 6wks (yikes) Like your daughter he was (is) a very efficient nurser (5-10 minutes at the breast and then done) Here are some things that helped us get through this. First of all we are pretty sure at the time he had an ear that possible w/ your daughter? He preferred to nurse on the left I let him. We went to a quiet and dark room and tried many positions...the football hold w/ a boppy pillow seemed to work best. It was soooooo frustrating it took 20-30 minutes of attempts to even get him to nurse for only a few minutes at a time...but after about a week it just went away.

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answers from Dallas on

Hello B.,

have you changed your shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, perfume, deodorant, laundry detergent? Are you eating more garlic and onions than usual? any particular changes? taking any supplements, etc? some babies are very sensitive to smells and taste. are you drinking enough water? Good luck! it always amazes me how little they are and how WELL they know what they want (or don't want). Hang in there. Looks like your making sure she's getting enough fluids. Have you tried pumping to see if she'll drink from the bottle?
Also, does she complaint whenever she's laying on her back (feeding or no feeding)?~C.~

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answers from Dallas on

You might try seeing a chiropractor. Sounds strange, I know, but I saw a news piece a while back about how babies can have sore necks from the birthing process or from various sleeping positions, which makes it painful for her to turn her head to nurse. Try positions that don't require her to turn her head too much.

As another poster mentioned, I also thought of reflux when you mentioned the back arching thing. Try nursing her with her body more in an upright angle. It's also possible that she's not getting that good of a latch and is swallowing more air than she should, giving her gas. Try contacting a lactation consultant at the hospital where she was born or try La Leche League for nursing help.

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answers from Dallas on

I hope you do continue nursing, maybe it's the position... you mentioned that she gets fussy when you sit down, and you also mentioned how easy it is when you feed her at nap time and bedtime. Maybe she's more comfortable when you are laying down feeding her... just a theory If that is it, I know there are times you can't lay down just to feed, I think babies are in the "comfort zone" and when we try new things they don't always adjust easily. You might just have a strong minded girl who know what she wants, not that bad to be...
Good Luck

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answers from Dallas on

It could be so many things .. . what you've eaten, if you have a different scent, etc. My best advice would be to call the Nesting Place in Grapevine and ask for Kay. She's a lactation nurse, and you can ask her over the phone to see what she thinks. She's really helpful, and it can't hurt to ask someone who is qualified. I don't know the number, but I do know they have a website, so I would just google the nesting place in grapevine and see. Good luck with it, and I hope it gets better.

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answers from Amarillo on

Is there a possibility you are eating something that could somehow effect her? Doutb this very much, but I would be more inclined to think you don't have enough milk and she sucks and there isn't nurishment there. I had a cousin that couldn't nurse because she didn't have enough milk, and I know I had much more milk with my first baby than I did with my other three. Will she take a bottle?? If so don't frustrate her yourself, and just bottle feed her instead. You are right , each child is different, bellieve me with four I can attest to that for sure.



answers from Dallas on

IF you are on Facebook, my doula just started a support group for breastfeeding questions. She solved EVERY one of my issues when I was breastfeeding. She'd be more than happy to help you out!

The name of the group is Professional Doula, so just do a search on facebook for her group.



answers from Dallas on

I wonder with her arching her back and such if she has reflux. That is a sign of it. You may check with your pedi.

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