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Updated on December 29, 2009
C.R. asks from Schenectady, NY
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Has anyone else out there ever purchased/used an Udder Covers nursing cover? If so, did you like it or not? I'm wondering if I should get one

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses! I was debating on trying this particular brand - I have a nursing cover that's thermal with a mesh area at the top and snaps at the neck. However, sometimes it's too warm for baby and I have to hold it out to see through the mesh. I recently got an email offer from Udder Covers for a free nursing cover (or basically $32 credit towards anything from their site) and thought it would be worth trying, since it'd only cost me $8.95 for S&H. The one I own was more than that, probably $15-20, and I got it at a baby store. However I can't say I'm fond of the name "Udder Covers" because who wants to feel like a cow?! Seriously, not a fan of the name and perhaps this is why they are so eager to "give away" freebies. But they do look nice (and are cheaper than the ones at the store) I'm going ahead and trying it out. If anyone else wants to take advantage of the offer too, the offer code is "Christmas" (the code "babies" also works, too). For the mom-to-be who ordered one recently and didn't receive it yet, I definitely would call them (or email them) and let them know. I'm sure they'll make it right, and maybe better once you explain your whole situation. Coming from a retail management background, I know they'll make it right to keep a customer. If you only ordered the cover, I'd ask them to send you a kit (it has nursing pads and a milk band, which might prove helpful to you in the beginning!)at no extra charge. Or maybe they can cancel your order (if you already paid and never rec'd refund) and then you can re-order with the code. I don't think I'd pay more than $20 for something like I have tons of blankets! (sometimes this works for me, sometimes it does not. Perhaps if I just sew/velcro/attach a neck strap on a blanket...)
I do have to say, I agree that the world needs to be more accepting of nursing. And being that this is my 2nd time around, I have figured out how to modestly feed my son almost anywhere and in almost any outfit. Sometimes, though, it's easier and perhaps more appropriate for me to cover up, I suppose...I'm proud but not comfortable enough to have my boob out in I don't want any freaky perverts gawking at me. I also use one around my stepsons, particularly the 11-yr-old who is going through puberty. He knows and understands what I am doing and is respectful of it; however, like I said, he's going through puberty (and he's not my biological son). Anyway, I'm proud of all of you and praise all who aren't afraid to nurse in public, nursing cover or not! If I see you, I will smile, but look away with respect for your privacy as it is a beautiful, natural and also intimate thing:)

Thanks again everyone for your support, and Happy Holidays to you all!!


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answers from New York on

I ordered mine from their website back in September and STILL haven't received it! The baby is going to be here before they finally send it!
I was emailed a conformation after I placed the order and have received nothing from the company since- even though I have emailed them asking for a projected delivery date. I decided to give them through the holidays before I start really pestering them, but I also would not recommend buying from their website.

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I object based on the brand name alone. Ugh. Crass. Personally, I never bought one of these. Breast-feeding is legal and I felt the more exposure the world has to it, the better it gets for all women. However, if a particular situation demanded a bit more modesty I would just drape a baby blanket over one shoulder and over my daughter's head.

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I loved the Hooter Hider from
it has wire on the top so you can see baby! I also had one that was just a generic one from babies r us that I didn't really like... I found the hooter hider to work great! Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

Are you talking about privacy covers like Hooter Hiders? Or are you talking about nursing pads? I did a quick Google search, and it appears you're talking about actual pads to protect your nipples from leaking.

If so, I never used the Udder Covers, but I personally like both the Lansinoh ones and the Gerber ones. I tended to leak quite a bit, so I had to remember to keep extras. Quite embarrassing when your kids pull them out in public, but it could be a tampon.



answers from New York on

I have a nursing cover I bought at Target. The brand is Udder Cover by Hooter Hiders. I love it and they had an assortment of styles to choose from in both boy, girl and neutral colors! This is my 3rd baby and I never had 1 before but I am so glad I spent the money! A.



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hi C., just wanted to throw this in there, though looking at your profile now i see that you are probably an old pro like me ;) ... but for anyone else looking at this thread for help, one of the best things i found was to wear a stretchy tank top under a loose fitting shirt, like a big maternity t shirt, pull the shirt up and the neck of the tank top down, the shirt covers as much of your boob as you want and wont fall off your shoulder, esp when the baby starts figiting and grabbing, easy to peek and readjust, whaever, and the tanktop covers your belly, that roll on your side under the nursing side that you dont notice is sticking out, which i was always more paranoid about showing than my boob!



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I just bought one also. I'm not due until April, but I wished I had one with my first child. I used a blanket but it always slipped off or I felt like it was suffocating him. I tried the Udder Cover on (I prefer the names Hooter Hider or Knocker Blocker)and there is a band that holds the fabric away from your body so you can see the baby and air can circulate.

Good luck,



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Oh, I just saw this post -- I hope it's not too late to tell you that many people who got the "free" nursing covers from Udder Covers had their credit card information sold to third parties and some had thousands of dollars stolen from their accounts. Those who used PayPal were fine, however, and lots of people had no problems.

If you ordered with a credit card, you may wish to cancel the card and get a new number just to be on the safe side (one mom lost a few thousand dollars the same day her baby was born -- not a headache I ever want to deal with!).

Obviously, this is not a comment about the covers (I've never used on myself), just a warning about the company.



answers from Albany on

I don't remember the brand name, but it was a while back. I tied it at certain length and left it that way so I can just put it on when I wanted to. I love it for privacy reasons. Since you have stepsons at those ages, it'll be best for you and for them. I used it when I was at MOMs, and it was great with my younger sons, especially my oldest who was questioning what I was doing and so forth. So, he was too young to understand much and I was brief with my answer, I am feeding the baby and he's hungry. And then he was okay with that. I used it more than I thought I would. Again I don't remember the brand names or anything right now. Sorry. Congratulations and God bless you!!



answers from New York on

I never spent any money on those nursing covers. I always kept a large baby blanket in my diaper bag and used that. I was never exposed and I use to nurse in public all the time. I use to wear layers. I would wear a shirt that would button or snap up the front with a t-shirt underneath so I was covered and then hang the blanket over my shoulder. Most of the time the only thing hanging out was their feet. But you can buy nursing tops that will help keep you covered.

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