Nursing & Swimsuit Issues/Modesty

Updated on May 04, 2010
A.R. asks from Georgetown, TX
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I am needing a new swimsuit and discovered a new problem today while trying them on. I am currently nursing my 7 mth old and will be till she is at least 1 year which means all summer. I have found several suits that I like, but my nipples show really bad with most. It's slightly better with a patterned suit. My question is, have any of you found a solution to not showing the world your nipples? Would LilyPadz help? Do I just deal with it? I'm not leaking so that isn't an issue, I just want to be as modest as possible without having to keep my arms crossed over my chest. Thanks!

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answers from Seattle on

As long as you're not leaking there are products that cover nipples that aren't lilypadz, although those would be fine too except you may see the outline of them in the suit. I've seen these types of products at victorias secret and in the lingerie section at target. Good luck!

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answers from Houston on

LilyPadz are the way to go! They will stop the nipples from showing, and the leaking. I even continued using mine after I stopped nursing because they did such a great job.



answers from Redding on

Get a suit with padding. They make them either to enhance the size or for support.
I got the cutest one piece when my son was a nursing baby and it had padding in the cups. No nipple issues at all.
I am thin so I didn't worry about my body really, but I just never could handle being in a bikini and my nipples showing, didn't like that at all. However, they do make bikini tops with padding.
Just keep looking and I'm sure you'll find something.



answers from Victoria on

i wonder if those little flower stickers for your nipples would work? anything you try i would test run it in the shower or bath tub before going plubic. it would suck to have big round discs on your boobs that every one could see! good luck.


answers from Pittsburgh on

I also wore a padded bathing suit, and that seemed to work for me, but you could certainly sew in some additional reinforcement! There are lots of products out there that you can even buy at a fabric store in the undergarment section that are designed to be lining for bras, or tops, etc. You could probably tack some into your swim suit pretty easily, if you are finding that even padded tops aren't providing enough coverage.

I'd also suggest looking online at Lands End. They have really nice, high quality swim suits, with heavier fabrics, and with different options for the tops, i.e. padding, underwire, etc., and the tops can be purchased in bra sizes, as opposed to S,M,L... They are a bit more expensive than say, Walmart, but they are worth it if you can swing it.



answers from Los Angeles on

T shirt or Patterned Tank top If your going for Modesty



answers from College Station on

I had the best luck with a suit that has a structured bra and not just a shelf bra. I am on the larger side (DD cup) so I also need the support. They are found most often in tankinis. That style will also help when you have to feed your daughter.

Try Land's End. They have lots of styles that have the support you need. They are a little more pricey, but you can catch them on sale.



answers from Austin on

Lily padz are great and I've worn mine for 19 months now. They say on the box only wear 20 times but I've worn mine everyday (sleeping in them too) for 19 and they are still fine. They stick because of suction and that suction helps keep your nibs hidden. I had very flat nipples before nursing so having them stick out is very new for me and I didn't like it. So I hope they work well for you. You can wear them in the water too...just make sure the suit is tight enough that they won't come off, I think they'd be hard to find at the bottom.



answers from Chicago on

Try putting a bandaid over your nipples. It might help conceal them a little bit.



answers from Houston on

LilyPadz would definitely help and are so worth it.


answers from Barnstable on

I agree that the swimsuits with padding to a great job at squashing the nippers!




answers from San Antonio on

I loved,loved, loved, my lily padz! Don't know if you have used them before but they squish the nipple down. Which will keep your nipple from showing. If your not concerned about leaking buy a suit that has padding in the boobs or at least 1 that has a slit you can buy pads to slide in. If you already have big girls maybe a really thin pad will work. But I love lily padz and yes they will help.



answers from Detroit on

I always put in some Lansonol nursing pads... They swell full of water and althought your boobs look huge, the nipples are disguised. :-) They are larger so they don't have the tendency to float out or slip around... Or sew some reusable cloth nursing pads in...



answers from San Antonio on

I got a swim suit last year while nursing my son and it had removable or soft cups in the top. It did a great job of concealing everything. I got my swim suit at Title Nine because the suits weren't skimpy. Check them out!! Good luck!

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