Nurse Midwife for Water Birth in Santa Monica or Closeby?

Updated on May 04, 2010
J.F. asks from Santa Monica, CA
4 answers

Hi there. My husband and I will be moving to Santa Monica this Summer and I'm in search of recommendations for a Midwife who does water births in Santa Monica or elsewhere on the westside. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!


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So What Happened?

Thank so much for the feedback! I'm investigating the suggestions now!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Oh yes I do!
Had both my babies with this team of AMAZING women. Their center is very close to Santa Monica.
You will feel sooooo cared for, so empowered.
Congratulations and enjoy!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, I recommend Amy Tinney of Art of Nursing--
She's an incredible midwife. Her website is a little confusing, if you ask me, but dig around and give her a call, when you meet her you will be really happy.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! I also had a wonderful home water birth experience thanks to the midwives of Sacred Entrance. However, there has been a major shift in the practice with the departure of Connie and several of the more seasoned midwives. Still, worth checking out. I know many women rave about one of the former midwives Corrine. Unfortunately, I don't have her info but you might be able to get it from Sacred Entrance. Best to you!


answers from Los Angeles on

There is a fantastic group of midwives and assistants at Sacred Entrance/The Birth Sanctuary. Our son was born with the help of Connie and Beth and it was an absolutely amazing, peaceful and beautiful experience. From the moment you are in there care, you will be treated respectfully and gently by this wonderful group of people. Good luck!!!

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