Number Busters by Little Tikes

Updated on March 10, 2010
M.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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Has anyone heard of, had children play with or currently own Number Busters by Little Tikes. I love getting my son educational toys and I am looking for a great 3rd Birthday present for him. The description on Little Tikes website sounds great, but I like to hear what other parents think of it as well and on both Amazon and Little Tikes it is not reviewed yet. I would also like to know if anybody feels it is a little too complex for a 3 year old to enjoy. Would also welcome any other suggestions for great educational toys for a 3 year old boy. Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Dallas on

My son received Cranium's Cariboo for his 3rd birthday. It's so perfect of a gift for a 3 year's what I have since given to nieces and nephews for their 3rd birthdays. It's a matching game that grows with the child. At first, they play by matching shapes and colors. Then as they learn them, you flip the cards over and it's numbers and letters. I think it's a great educational game and my son loved it.

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I would highly recommend the DVD Letter Factory by Leap Frog. You can get it for under $10 at Walmart. My son is five and still likes it. It teaches them the letter and the sound the letter makes in a very cute way. There is also one called Word Factory that starts to put the sounds together. I'm sorry, but I don't know of the toy you were asking about. Good [email protected]

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The best educational things my son has received while he is 3 is big 2 sided floor puzzles, and those books that read to them and have those pens attached have really helped him start learning letter recognition. I have never heard of that little tikes toy though sorry. HTH

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answers from Wichita on

I have used the Number Busters with my preschool students. If they know their numbers it's not too complicated. The three year old boys love playing with the figures and they can learn numbers too. The only problem is that they are hard to find in stores.

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