Number 7 Theme Birthday Ideas

Updated on June 30, 2010
M.W. asks from Boise, ID
8 answers

My daughter is turning 7 on July 7th this year (7/7) and I'm trying to think of fun "7" theme ideas for her party. So far all I can think of is making a 7-shaped cake and serving 7-UP. Do any of you moms have ideas for games, favors, etc. that involve the number 7?

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answers from Denver on

What about a kid-friendly casino type party? Bingo, roulette, all kinds of games are simple enough, and you could have slot machines with the three 7's. You could do a SUPER cute bday banner with one! I'm not talking a poker party, but the little green dealer visors, and vests and stuff? I think it's a really cute idea! There are so many adult themed casino parties, decorations shouldn't be hard to find. The ideas are really flowing for me!! lol I think there is DEFINITELY a way to make the theme age appropriate.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I am not sure if any one has said this yet. The group They Might Be Giants has a CD called "Here comes the 123's". On this CD there is a song called seven. It is all about a party where the attendants are all 7. It is definitely funky but might be fun for the kids. I am not sure what you could do with the song...maybe have a crazy dance contest.

Good luck


answers from Phoenix on

snow white 7 dwarfs stuff



answers from Denver on

You could play the game Heads up 7 up. We loved that one as a kid. Really easy.



answers from Austin on

do a scavenger or treasure hunt that has 7 clues...?


answers from Los Angeles on

Ok this is so morbid but I automatically think of "seven deadly sins". But for a child's b-day party thats probbaly not the best. LOL. But you could do a play off of it like..."Seven years of being a kid."
An example would be...Year 1: Game- put a diaper around your ankles and try to run across the lawn (sort of like a sac race). Make them look silly and have them hold a pacifier (or a ring pop) in their mouth or something. LOL. Then go on with the theme until you hit 7. Incoorporate what your daughter is into. Good Luck!



answers from Boston on

What about "lucky number 7?" You could do so much stuff with "lucky" - clover shaped things, you could give rabbits feet keychains for party favors, I'm trying to think of something you could do with Lucky Charms, you could do something with cards. Sorry I can't be more specific right now, my 2 year old is suffering from volume control issues at the moment : ) Good luck.

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