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Updated on December 01, 2008
T.M. asks from Sun Prairie, WI
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My 31 month old son gave his nuks to the nuk fairy 2 weeks ago. It actually went very well, except that now he won't take naps for me. He will take a nap at my mothers house (she watches him during the week). He used to take at least a one to two hour nap for me, and I really miss his naps on the weekends. By the end of the day he is a total monster cause he is so over tired. Any suggestions on how to get him to take a nap again without giving him back his nuks? When we ask him if he wants to take a nap he runs to his bed and lays down, but the minute we leave the room he starts playing or jumping in his bed. We ask him to at least sit in his bed and read if he can't fall asleep, but he just won't sit still. We all really need him to take a nap, any suggestions would be great.

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answers from St. Cloud on

Maybe try having him lay on the couch. You could even rest with him till he falls asleep and then you could get some things done.

Our daughter went through the same thing around that age. (Not the nuk thing because my rule when I was doing daycare was 18 months and it was GONE. I still see almost all my old daycare families so I didn't want to be a hypocrite and let my child have it longer than I let any of theirs.....)
But she stopped taking naps for us for a couple months. She was NOT ready to quit but just couldn't seem to fall asleep. So, after fighting her for awhile, we tried the couch thing and she started taking naps again. I think she just wanted to be near me and the "action" she thought she was missing--LOL.

Then she switched to sleeping in her bed again. And now she's 3 1/2 and back to sleeping naptime on the couch. So, give the couch a try. You have to do whatever you can to help him feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. (BUT DON'T GIVE THE NUK BACK!!! IT CAN ADVERSELY AFFECT HIS TEETH BY NOW.) Give him some options. Say, "do you want to nap in your bed or on the couch?" "do you want to use a blanket or sleeping bag?" If you give him some control you might be suprised!

(We ask our daughter almost every day if she wants to nap in bed or on the couch because she still says she's not tired at every nap...LOL)

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son is 25 months old. He takes great naps at daycare but not always at home. My husband and I have come to the agreement that as long as we get at least 2 hours to ourselves (or the baby when she doesn't cooprate) each day that is enough. If he needs to sleep he will and if not then he at least has time alone in his room with limited stimulaiton. Our son goes into his room, sometimes screaming because he doesn't want quiet time, and then will spend about 2 hours either sleeping or playing or both. He actually has come to enjoy this. We put him in his room, tuck him in and close the door, this way he is safe and we can get things done that are not always able to be done with him running around. He will play at night as well for about 10-30 minutes after we put him to bed and then he puts himself back to bed. I guess what I am saying is just let him work himself through it, it is an adjustment and he will become comfortable and even if he doesn't take a nap and is jumping around and being all boy, he is able to do it in a controlled evironment and it gives him personal time too. Sorry to ramble so much, hope this helps.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Never go back to the pacifier...but he may need something else to soothe him for nap time.
What worked for me was to lay down with my child for nap time. She was comforted, and fell asleep, then I would get up and leave the room. The small sacrifice of your time to lay down is definately worth it if you can get him to take a nap.

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