Now That He's Crawling, Diapering Is a Real Challenge - Any Ideas

Updated on June 20, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

He's 8 months old, and crawling fast. Long been one to wail at diaper changes, esp when daddy does them. I've been doing them on the floor b/c he can thrash and kick up a storm on the changing table.

handing him something to keep him occupied/ distracted worked for a while, but not any more.

any suggestions?

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answers from Seattle on

sing to him - but when the going gets though I kneel with his legs between my legs and kinda pin them down and get it done fast! Sometimes I put his pants on his head like a hat - which he thinks it quite hilarious and usually leads to peek-a-boo....
good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Ha! I am laughing out loud. Get ready to break a sweat as he is only going to get bigger and stronger.

If you really need to keep him still (he has a super messy poop that you don't want everywhere) you can lay him between your legs and put your feet over his arms at the shoulder and hold him down. He will scream and try to get away but sometimes you just have to keep him still.

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answers from Washington DC on

Bungee cords? Duct tape? Growing extra arms?


I have an 8 month old too!!!

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answers from Jackson on

Honey sometimes we do standing up, jumping on the rack above her head, on the floor, running down the hall. I just try to get on before we have an accident. Boy they can be fast when they want too. Mine is 1 and they only get harder to put on.

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answers from Phoenix on

I give them a toy they don't usually play with or something like a small flashlight, nasal saline bottle, keys or something else that is harmless with a little supervision. Best wishes! My 17 month old is a real wiggly kid so I understand.

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answers from Albuquerque on

My twins are like wiggly worms when its time to change diapers. When its diaper time, I give them a wipey(a new one from the package) and let them wave it around. keeps them occupied while I change them.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Melissa J has it right, you do what you have to do because they just keep getting bigger and stronger, lol! Handing mine a wipe works better than anything else, so hopefully that and your legs will work.

I tell you, that's why I'm going to be so happy once we're potty trained, I'm tired of diapers and changing : )

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answers from Chicago on

Sing the ABC song to him during the diaper change.

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answers from Redding on

I was old school and gave them a little rap on the leg when they kicked and werent easily distracted by a toy in the hand. They might lay there and cry while you change them but they soon learn not to kick. Worked for me.
They are never too young to learn to mind you, if you let them get away with it when they are little it will be a lot harder to control later. Much, much easier to train them if you nip it in the bud very early on. Teaching your child that NO means NO and STOP means STOP is your greatest asset.


answers from Los Angeles on

Have you given him a new toy to look at? My baby is in love with my "butt-paste" tube, so he holds that and chews on that while I change him very quickly. Does he take a bottle? Have you ever given him the bottle to hold while you change him? I have done that a few times in the middle of the night when he needs both. I let him start on the bottle while I change him. Sounds weird, but hey it works for us.



answers from Oklahoma City on

In child care we often put mirrors behind the changing table or those that can be velcro'd up and let down when needed, we had one that fit on the permanent car seat for the rear facing carseat. Like a mobile. It distracts them and they enjoy the mirror due to not really having access to them any other time.


answers from Dallas on

Are you meaning he's flipping and trying to take off? If so, I have an older sibling come and hold baby's shoulders down. If no older sibling is available, I will gently hold baby down (around shoulders) with my feet! Not ideal, but it works. I get it done fast. Oh, and I do this while sitting on the ground. I'm not that talented to use my feet while using a changing table...hehe!



answers from Chicago on

I would take my leg and put it on top of my twins to hold them on the ground and keep them still so I could change them. People would crack up, but it was the only way I could get a diaper on.

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