Now That Christmas Is over....what Was Your Most Touching Gift?

Updated on December 27, 2011
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
14 answers

Now that the stress of Christmas is over - did you get what you wanted, needed or what?!

My husband bought me a small Coach heart-shaped key a locket so I can keep my boys pics in it. It's really sweet. Greg has won a plastic one for me a few years ago - it broke off my key chain and I couldn't find it. I thought it was great that Bob remembered that and searched for something....

It was a nice, quiet day....the boys opened their presents and enjoyed them this year instead of unwrapping and tossing it aside and grabbing the next present! YAY!!! We are working on thank you notes today for their presents! YIPPEE!!

So - did you have a nice Christmas?

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Hi Cheryl-

I'm glad Bob remembered that the key chain meant to much to you.

The most touching gift wasn't even for me, it was from my daughter to her dad (my ex-husband). He LOVES astronomy so my daughter arranged a trip to the Griffith Observatory in the hills of Los Angeles. She went upstairs for a minute after she gave him the gift and he is just so excited and appreciative that his 18 year old daughter still wants to spend time with her dad and experience something he would really like. He was really kind of choked up and she is always a sweet kid, she is just really busy with college and work.

Off to Sea World now! Thank you notes tonight!

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answers from Portland on

Because finances are always skinny at our house, we keep the material aspects of the season pretty low-key. But last night I was too jazzed/tense to sleep for a couple of hours because of chemical exposures earlier in the day. When I finally wore down enough to sleep, my sweet husb was sleeping on my side of the bed to warm it up. He heard my arrival, rolled over to his side to welcome me in, and gave me a warm hug. Then he insisted that I put my frozen hands and feet on his sweet, warm self.

Sweet, cozy, comforting love! There is no better gift.

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answers from St. Louis on

it truly was a magical Christmas! My nieces both gave gifts from the heart -gifts which were totally geared toward the recipient & handmade to boot! They are 15 & 23yo....& I made sure that they knew how appreciative I was. My older niece was stressed over having to make gifts (working part-time/working toward her Master's/zero $$). Last night, I hugged her & told her that I hoped she would continue making gifts, because it meant soooo much to me. She tried to poohpooh it, but I was sincere & adamant....until she laughed/cried. A very good moment. & as for my 15yo niece, she knows that I LOVE handmade gifts....she's been doing it since she was a toddler & there were years when I was the only recipient! (I'm the crafty aunt!)

My older son (24) sat looking at his gifts & said, "I'm shocked to be given so much". Tears in my eyes for his thankfulness. & it truly was NOT an overload. I kept to my budget, as did my mom. Just more proof that he's becoming an excellent adult!

My younger son (15) was joyously thankful with each of his gifts. This is his personality & we applaud it. He bought his 1st car earlier this year - a '92 Camaro. I found a licensed Chevy Camaro bomber coat for him & he wore it all day - inside even!

All of these moments were special, but we had two other events which went beyond magical: my Sis & her SO have been together for 4 years now. They met after her divorce...& about 5 years after his. They both have geared their time together focusing on their own children...with my 15yo niece being the youngest. My Sis shares custody - 1 week on/off. On the weeks my niece is with her dad, my Sis lives with her SO.....& that's it. I have applauded their life choices....& how they've treated their kids. They've been looking at houses/properties....& are planning on moving forward.

At our Christmas party, my Sis received a surprise gift: a "forever ring". It was so unexpected, because my Sis is adamant about not remarrying. This is his acknowledgement of her stance & a token of his love for her. Totally tears in all of our eyes! & most importantly, he had permission from her oldest daughter. He made sure that she was in agreement before proceeding! That's how in tune he is of her....both my Sis & niece, actually: he knows that my Sister's happiness is dependent on approval from her oldest daughter.

Our 2nd event was spending Christmas Day with my Gma. We are all very aware that our time with her is limited. She's 90 & was in a car accident on the 22nd. She was released from the hospital late Christmas Eve....& is doing great. She's bruised/battered, but is moving okay. The accident occured when she lost control of her car & hit a parked car. No other injuries....& now she's finally convinced that her driving days are over. We are so thankful that she's seen the light. & we all consider this to be our best gift ever......

Great question, Cheryl! Thank you!

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answers from Appleton on

Okay this is gonna sound weird to most but I really mean it in a loving way. My Mom passed the Sunday before Christmas. She spent the holidays with her baby daughter who was stillborn in 1952 and my brother who passed in 1995 and her parents who she missed a lot. I was homebound with her for almost 8 months. I inherit a house that is paid off and a considerable sum of money so I have the freedom to take the time to decide my next step. I spent 34 years raising kids and the next two taking care of my Mom. We actually took care of Mom for 10 years, I always had to make sure someone was available to make her meals and keep her company if I had to be gone. It's still kinda weird to be able to just put on my shoes and go and not have to worry about Mom.

My other gifts. My daughter sent me a dozen red roses for my birthday Christmas Eve and all the kids chipped in to get me a ticket for a Broadway play that is touring right now. My birthday is Christmas Eve.

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answers from San Antonio on

My parents will be giving me some gift cards in a couple days when we get together to exchange gifts. But as for yesterday, the only gift I got, which is wonderful, was the gift of friendship. I got no wrapped gifts (other than what I bought myself - a pair of earrings $10, a couple flashlights for each family member). But Christmas evening, a friend called us to invite us for Christmas dinner with their family. We were the only friends there, as all others in attendance were family members. It touched me that they extended their family and home to us, likely because my husband lost his job ten days ago. It was much nicer than sitting at home in the cold (we have no central air, only space heaters). It was the greatest gift.

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answers from Kansas City on

i had the best christmas...truly. lots of people will get on here and probably mention that it wasn't the "gifts" that made it great. but the most touching gift i received was that my husband really went to a lot of trouble to find "what i wanted". and when that didn't work out he actually came up with some pretty great gifts as backups :) he NEVER gets me something i really want, or at least never has until this year. he really went all out and LISTENED when i mentioned some other things that would be nice...and he totally delivered. know what i got? a pair of Bass Pro Shops slippers (the leather moccasin kind with rubber soles and soooooooft insides) and a pair of gold hoop earrings. nothing fancy. but it just warmed my heart that he actually listened and got some things i had mentioned would be really great.

that, and it just seemed a "magical" christmas all around. everyone i know had good ones. three of my 107 friends on FB got engaged (that was awesome!). everyone got along at our family get togethers. everyone just seemed so full of love and christmas spirit this year, it was awesome.

my son had a great christmas too - and let's face it, for the 5 year old crowd, it IS about the presents. we are working on that mentality but you know, it takes time lol. he got everything he asked for (which wasn't much, just "Transformers" - and he got three, plus sheets, plus a tshirt, plus pj' plus several things that he didn't ask for but LOVED just the same.

*sigh* was a perfect christmas. and now i am putting off packing everything up lol. but i swore i'd do it today...i am ready for it to be over i suppose! part of me is at least lol.

merry christmas!

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answers from Atlanta on

It was very nice! My husband got me a beautiful necklace that is probably the most "me" piece of jewelry he's ever given me. He's given me a lot of nice stuff over the years that I love, but this one is phenomenal!

I was particularly touched that my five year old wanted to give everyone gifts this year, so he got some wrapping paper, scissors and tape and drew pictures and got toys and books and wrapped them all by himself for everyone. It was sweet!

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answers from Medford on

We just moved into a new house a week ago and our kids(28 and 34 yrs) bought us a neat step ladder knowing we cant reach the lights and ledges up high. Its perfect and we already had to use it. They gave us a new door mat for the porch that is way prettier than what was left by the other family, and to top it all off, they gave us a new doorbell to replace the one that chimes "Hail Hail The Gangs All Here" My sister gave us gift cards to Lowes Home Improvement store, which will come in really handy for the stuff we are going to need. Its not so much that these things were "touching", but very much great ideas and gifts we can use.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Aw, how nice of your hubby! What a sweetie! Very thoughtful.

Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas!
My favorite part was being reconciled w/my hubby so I didn't have to send my baby off w/him like last year. That was rough & sad!
This Christmas I was able to be w/my baby ALL day. I'm so happy right now. Hubby was happy too & loving.
Oh and watching my 3 yr old so excited about his gifts. So cute.
Being w/my mom, dad & sister.
Having all of our normal, old traditions was so comforting.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day as well!

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answers from San Francisco on

Having all my kids there all morning. Laughing while the cats tried to run away as my one son held them and my other son showed them their stocking gifts.

It was great.

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answers from St. Louis on

My two oldest dubbed it best Christmas ever and it was. Never had a Christmas where we could joke with each other without someone's feelings getting hurt. My favorite quote was at 9 at night when Genna was having a melt down, "well it just isn't Christmas until someone is in the corner crying." Love those kids. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

My DH bought me the fancy winter coat I'd put on my list as an example because it was $$ but did not expect him to buy.

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answers from Richmond on

The gifts are already sort of fading in my mind. For me, one of the best moments was my husband, on Christmas Eve, in our bed, saying a heartfelt thank you to me for all that I did to make Christmas happen and to make it special for everyone!

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answers from Washington DC on

My MIL and FIL got our boys (6 & 4) a Christmas story book where they recorded their voices to "read" the book to them. With each turn of the page, you either hear Gma or Gpa reading the story. My FIL has been sick this year and in hospital/rehab. nursing home, so it is really special to me. Made me tear up for sure!!

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