Novasure After Vertical C Section or Hysterectomy? Help!

Updated on November 22, 2014
P.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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My gyno recommends I get Novasure ablation. I have been bleeding for 4 months straight with gushing (lots) until I finally got a progesterone pill from my new gyno (old gyno is a whole other story). I am 53 so I can't just continue taking the progesterone. I have multiple small fibroids and two big ones that are off to the side. I had a classical c section 12 years ago (vertical scar). Has anyone been in a similar situation snd had a successful Novasure ablation experience? Otherwise, a hysterectomy is my only other option.

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answers from Indianapolis on

The ablation was an option for me but I didn't want to deal with bleeding and going though this only to need a hysterectomy so I chose the hysterectomy. Best thing I've ever done. It was a partial so I still have my ovaries. I had the Da Vinci method so it was laser. No cutting except for the small holes where the instruments for the laser had to go. Now those scars have all disappeared. I hope you will get the answers you are seeking. I know hysterectomy's sound scary but its the best thing that has happened to me.

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answers from Washington DC on

I had ablation a year ago and just had a full hysterectomy 5 weeks ago yesterday. I had an ovarian cyst removed as a bikini cut more than 20 years ago. I've also had a variety (7 or 8) other full abdominal (belly button to vagina) opening surgeries, as well as abdominalplasty to repair damage from medications, and have a permanent stoma and ileostomy, as a result of Crohn's.

All that to say, if the doctor can perform abdominal surgery on me with no complications, I'm sure you are a fine candidate for the surgery as well.

Now, I had the ablation because of cysts and dark brown bleeding constantly, so there were concerns that my body wasn't completely shedding the uterine lining each month. The ablation made sense for that. I had the hysterectomy because BCP wasn't controlling migraines, ovarian cysts, or fibroid cysts and there was fluid backing up into my Fallopian tubes on a semi-regular basis .... These were becoming much larger health issues, so I talked with my doctor and we decided the hysterectomy made sense. Recovery has been slow, but that's because it was yet another belly button to vagina cut. There are other options for a hysterectomy that result in much shorter recovery time .... Vaginal, laparoscopy, robotic .....

If you chose ablation now, you may still be looking at a hysterectomy a few years down the road ....

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answers from Dallas on

I did not have the problems you have but I did have a hysterectomy about 10-11 yrs ago and (complete.. horizontal bikini line cut that is hardly visible now)

My surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself. I've never felt better in my life. I know surgery is not the best option for everyone so of course talk to your Dr.

I had everything taken out and no regrets. Again, others will say the surgery I had was wrong, etc but only you and your Dr. know what is best for you!

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answers from Norfolk on

If I were in your situation I'd go right for a hysterectomy.
I'd be too worried there was something pre-cancerous going on and I'd want it out asap.
Ask questions about the possible available options to you on

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answers from Amarillo on

I am with TF on this one. I had a hysterectomy 20 years ago and don't miss any of the problems and headaches. There was a huge fibroid and it was causing a lot of problems. The bikini line is very faint after all these years.

Prior to the surgery I stated that I was done having and wanting children and that this is something that many women don't think about.

But if you have had as many health issues as you state, I would have the hysterectomy and eliminate having to have it some time down the road when your health is not so good to heal as quickly as you would like.

Good luck with your decision.

the other S.

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answers from Chicago on

I had an endometrial ablation done 5 years ago, I had two c-sections, both bikini cut incisions . My periods were so bad that a overnight pad and a super tampon were not enough to control the bleeding. I had always had heavy periods despite being very petite. No one ever believed me when I explained. After two children and two c-sections I could no longer control the bleeding. I was basically a prisoner in my home home during the first two days of my period every single month. My husband and I desperately wanted more children so I kept putting off doing anything about it, in the hope that I would get pregnant. Having the ablation was a great decision for me. My dr explained the side effects to a hysterectomy. although there was a chance that I may have to have one anyway, it was worth it to try and avoid a hysterectomy if possible. So far, after 5+ years I have had no complications.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

I had the NovaSure type done in 2008. It is the radio frequency type. I have not have a period since then, or any PMS or a menstrual migraine headache.I also have not had the pain of ovulating. I did ask my doctor about the migraines and ovulation pain,he said everything is still working,but didn't know why the symptoms stopped. I do not regret it one bit since all my other symptoms stopped too.
It works with 90% of women but not with 10%. But 10% of women that have it done have to have a hysterectomy done later on. You can still get pregnant so you still need some type of birth control.
Good luck.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Since Novasure doesn't involve an incision, I don't see why the scar should be an issue.
I had it done to stop periods from hell 18 years after my daughter was born via c-section (bikini incision).

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answers from Cleveland on

My sister had her uterus lasered. I can't remember which one she had. But she started bleeding again after a few months and had to go for a hysterectomy. I honestly would just do that this way you know that there shouldn't be any bleeding. I am curious though did they do a pap to make sure you didn't have any sort of cancerous cells? Especially if you haven't bleed in years.

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