Not Receiving Mamapedia Emails Anymore - Has This Ever Happend to You

Updated on February 27, 2014
P.:. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have been a member or Mamapedia since 2008. I've have the same Hotmail email address since long before then. About a month ago I got an email from Mamapedia support telling me, emails to my email address were being rejected, to reply to the email to confirm my email address. (It has just dawned on me that maybe this was a scam and I didn't pick up on it.) I replied to the email but I'm still not receiving the daily Mamapedia emails or email notifications that someone has responded to my questions. And they are not in my junk folder. Unfortunately, I can't find that original email telling me there was a problem.

I have been emailing back and forth with Mamapedia support and they swear the emails are not rejecting and I should check with Hotmail support (which I have not done yet.) This is very frustrating. I've been getting the daily emails for 6 years and now all of a sudden they aren't being received by my email. Has this ever happened to you? Were you able to resolve it? How did you resolve it? I really don't want to set up a new email account. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thank you Mamapedia Moderator. What you said makes sense. I will try what you suggested. I'm sure it's a frustrating on your end as it is on ours.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Yes, it's happening to me right now. A few weeks ago I stopped receiving the daily email. I went to one of the help links on the website and verified my email address. I think I did something else fairly minor, but now I don't remember what I did! A few days later I started receiving the daily messages again, but I just posted earlier tonight and I do NOT get the messages telling me I've gotten a response. I think they must have something going on with their system.

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answers from Orlando on

I stopped getting the daily emails about two years ago. Nothing has changed on my end. I also do not get notification when someone responds to one of my questions.
I just learned to check everyday and deal with it. Annoying.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have not received any emails for about a year or more. I've verified my email and it shows it but nothing. I even posted a question the other day and never received the emails that I got a response. So it has to be something in their system.

Moderators response:

I do not have yahoo, gmail, or hotmail. I have armstrong which stated they did not do this.

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answers from Seattle on

Thanks so much for posting this question so that we may address everyone's concern with email.

Unfortunately hotmail, as well as some of the other free email providers such as gmail and yahoo, have changed the way they handle emails in their effort to cut down on spam. What that means is that they have lumped us in with bulk emailers even though you opt-in to receive emails from us.

Here is how it works:

We send out an email to you guys. If the email provider (hotmail, gmail, yahoo), thinks it might be spam they will watch it. If you take no action on that email. For instance click a link inside of it for X amount of days, then receive another email from us (because of a new reply, etc.) and take no action on *that* one too, the email provider attempts to teach itself that we are spamming you.

So the email provider then returns a message to our servers saying that they are rejecting your emails going forward. Our system then takes that info and adds you to the do not mail list after getting 3 of these. The reason for this is that if we don't, they will be block ALL emails we sent through their system and they won't reach anyone.

It's a system that's out of our control. Consumers might be better off using any email that is not one of those for your subscriptions if they want to receive all their emails for which they have opted-in.

Alternatively, some people have luck when they add our emails to their contacts in hotmail, gmail, yahoo, as that is a clue to them that you want to see emails from us.

We can take you off the blacklist but unfortunately without you taking action in (hotmail, msn are the biggest offenders right now) it will just happen again and again. Boo.

Here are some things you can try if you use hotmail:

1) Are we on your blocked senders list? login to hotmail/outlook online and click on the junk tab. In there at the bottom there is a sentence that says "Looking for an email? If you don't find it here, check your blocked senders list." have a quick look and see if we are on there.

2) Check your filters and reporting settings under the gear on the top right. They only keep emails that end up there for 10 days so you have to clear them out and report them as not junk quickly.

3) Using the gear on the top right add us to your safe mailing lists and safe senders lists.

I hope this helps and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


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answers from Washington DC on

it has happened to me off and on over the years, and always ended up correcting itself after a couple of weeks of frustration.
thanks to the MP mod for responding here!



answers from Harrisburg on

Same as Sapphire for me. I did try to contact them but no response.

EDIT after moderator's response:
I have comcast email, not using a free provider and have the problem.



answers from Rockford on

I have found that yahoo will suddenly decide, for no reason, that certain emails are spam. I received emails from places for years and years, and suddenly they will start appearing in my spam box without me ever having marked them as spam. I have even had financial places send me physical mail telling me that my email address is no longer valid and to change it, when it is definitely still valid. Yahoo has had some issues with things like this, and was recently hacked, so I changed my passwords and switched a lot of my email over to a different provider.

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