Not Really Feeling Baby Move at 21 Weeks

Updated on October 06, 2010
J.M. asks from Manasquan, NJ
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this is my third child, im 21 weeks. with my first 2 children, i felt quickening around 16-17 weeks, and real movement by now. i am not overweight, as i know that could contribute to feeling movement later. for my first i was about 107, 2nd about 115. with this pregnancy, i was 125 pounds when i conceived. i know i was thinner for the first 2, but not that much. and everything i read says moms who have had children before notice movement earlier.
i got my last ultrasound around 18 weeks, all show a moving baby. the last appointment was 19 weeks and the heartbeat was fine. i have mentioned this to my doctor, and he wasnt concerned. he did say i should be feeling it any day, but hear i am weeks later.
he said maybe i am running around after the other 2 not noticing, but i do sit at night and just wait. i *think* i felt movement 3 times maybe. has this happened to anyone else? to anyone else who had children previously? i read you should be feeling the baby move 4 times an hour at 24 weeks or call the doctor, and im 21 weeks feeling nothing. what do you think? thanks!!!

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So What Happened?

thanks so much for everyones' advice and stories. the night i wrote this, i fell asleep in my daughters bed, and at 1am my husband woke me, and i went in our bed. i layed on my side, and def felt the baby. this morning, i just felt the baby too. so strange i write about it, then it happens!! thanks again for your support, its so hard until you regularly feel the baby move.

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answers from New York on

I did not feel my first much at all. I would push my belly and nothing. At times I did not think i was pregnant. But, he she is 8 yrs old now. :) The doctor said everything is fine. I think he is right. You know not all pregnancys are alike. My second had me up all night. :):):) Good Luck!!!

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answers from New York on

With my first, I felt movement at 16 weeks on. I felt every single movement that she made. I don't think that I went more than two minutes without feeling her move. It was crazy. Then baby two comes along and I barely feel anything the whole pregnancy. I don't remember when I felt her first movement, but I think that it might have been around 20 or 21 weeks. Every time they did an ultrasound they said that she was moving fine. I just wasn't feeling it.
I think sometimes it just depends on where the placenta is located and how the baby is positioned. Sometimes you just don't feel the movements even though the baby IS moving. You will probably feel a lot more as the baby gets bigger.
Best of luck.



answers from New York on

I'm 31 weeks with my second baby. I was feeling movement starting at 15 weeks and at about 20-21 weeks I really didn't feel anything and got pretty concerned. You should definitely go back to your doctor for reassurance, but I wanted to let you know that my movement picked up again and now the baby hasn't stopped moving. Always good to have a doctor check you, though!


answers from Cleveland on

Try drinking something like juice or a soda. Then lay down on your side and see if the movements are more noticeable.



answers from Las Vegas on

I was always low on amnio fluid, although I drank about 15 gallons of water per day, so it seemed.

I had to go in one time because I had not felt her move for a while and they gave me a pitcher of ice water and told me to drink it down pretty much at once and viola! She moved.



answers from Toledo on

I couldn't feel my daughter until about 22-23 weeks!



answers from St. Louis on

Your story sounds EXACTLY like mine. I am currently 29 weeks with my third. My first pregnancy was twins so I felt them early and often. My second, I distinctly remember feeling her at 15 weeks and she just never stopped from then on. I started this pregnancy 8 pounds heavier than my second - and I'm not overweight. I was getting very frustrated that by week 21 I still couldn't feel this little one. I have ultrasounds every 4 wks since I'm high risk and the baby is always moving - heartbeat is good. In fact I told the ultrasound tech, who said the baby's moving all over the place, that I couldn't feel it and she seemed quite surprised.
Finally, between 22 and 23 wks I felt her after having a root-beer float. It two very strong kicks.
I feel her a lot now but it's usually just one kick at a time and she likes to kick straight down. My husband has not yet felt her.
Just remind yourself the heartbeat is good, there was movement at your ultrasound. I know just how frustrating it can be but try not to worry too much (I know...easier said than done) :)


answers from Sharon on

well because u are 21 weeks the baby is slowing down on activity and just putting on the weight now... i would call the ur ob to make sure and be checked out its okay let me know how it goes..


answers from Pocatello on

I remember with my second I would feel a small flip or over type movement around 17 weeks but like you nothing really that major around week 21 or even week 22. And as she got bigger I did feel a little more movement but I remember her being pretty still through out my whole pregnancy. The doctor told me some babies are just more hyper and stronger in the womb than others. And once I had her she was a much more laid back baby than my first. She was a very calm baby and always content. so I think It can depend on the baby. But she is totally fine and healthy and a lot more wild now that she is 21 months. So I wouldn't worry about it too much.



answers from New York on

If you have felt no movement at all and you feel concerned about this, it never hurts to give your doctor's office a call for some reassurance!



answers from Los Angeles on

It happened to me when I was pregnant with twins. Most of the pregnancy I could not feel my daughter moving. I could feel my son moving constantly. I was terrified there was a problem. The doctor told me that my daughter was behind the placenta which was acting like a pillow and that was why I could not feel her move. I was grateful to get multiple ultrasounds due to a high risk pregnancy since it was always SUCH a relief to see her moving on the ultrasounds since I could not feel her moving.



answers from New York on

I think that if you are ever nervous about not feeling movement, you should go in to your doctor and get checked. You might as well just for peace of mind.... It isn't abnormal to not feel movement at 21 weeks, but I can imagine it's quite disconcerting...



answers from Minneapolis on

Me too. The doc said that my ultrasound showed that my placenta was right in the front, which is fine, but can act like a 'pillow' and sometimes cant feel movement as early. I am 21 weeks tomorrow, had my doc check up and he was not at all concerned that I wasn't feeling a lot of movement. I have another ultrasound on Friday, can't wait to see the little on moving!

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