Not Losing Weight, What Gives??

Updated on March 02, 2011
H.D. asks from Allen, TX
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Hi everyone,

Since having my 3rd baby just over 2 years ago, I have never been able to lose the last 10 pounds. I'm extremely frustrated because I feel like I'm doing everything I'm supposed to but the weight doesn't budge. The crazy thing of it too is that no matter if I eat bad or good, my weight never changes. If I eat chips and PB&J's with my kids or eat a low calorie salad with a side of salmon nothing changes my weight, up or down. I'm losing patience with myself because no matter how hard I try, I never see a change on the scale and I don't know what to do anymore. Yes, I have had my thyroid checked and it's fine, so what gives?? Anyone else have this issue or ideas of what I should be doing that maybe I didn't know? Oh, and yes, I do workout, religiously, 6 days a week, heavy weights and cardio.

Someone please help this frustrated mommy of 3!



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answers from Bloomington on

Muscle weighs more than fat...if you are doing "heavy weights" you could be gaining more muscle mass than fat you're losing.

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answers from Dallas on

If you are not taking a multi vitamin every day try to start. B complex vitamins jump start weight loss says Dr. Oz. I have finally started to loose weight from just taking a muli vitamin.
Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I haven't been able to lose my baby weight, either, and may just be the only mommy in the world who GAINED weight breastfeeding. My problem is simple - I eat too much!

Last night my husband and I joined weight watchers. There is no enrollment fee right now. We are going to really start tracking what we are eating and hopefully lose some weight.

This is not really an answer - just a bit of empathy!

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answers from Honolulu on

Change up your exercise routine.

It takes the body, 6-8 weeks to get used to an exercise routine. Then it plateaus. So then you have to change things up.
Do "Interval Training."
Athletes do this as well, to increase fitness/stamina and lose weight.
Look it up online.
It is very rigorous and effective.

Also, try doing lighter weights but higher reps.
And do it, one after another.

You said your 'weight' never changes.
BUT... are you losing inches?
If so, you are losing weight.
BUT if you are doing heavy weights, you are gaining in muscle mass. And muscle weighs heavier than fat.

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answers from Cumberland on

The working out and what you currently consume are suitable for maintaining your current weight-not losing. In order to lose, you have to eat fewer calories/work out and burn more calories. Try Pilates-it strengthens your core-and builds long, sinewy muscle-not the ones you get from lifting heavy weights. Check out this article:

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answers from Austin on

Do you drink alcohol? I'm not implying anything negative by that question. However I see a lot of friends have a glass of wine a few times a week or margaritas with friends... Alcohol is metabolized as a lipid (fat). So my first suggestion is to cut out all alcohol for a few months a see if that helps.

My second suggestion is to cut out all foods made with high fructose corn syrup and artificial sugars. The body metabolizes HFCS differently than eating foods made with sugar, cane juice, fruit sugar, agava or honey. (HFCS makes you fat!) Once you start reading your ingredient labels, you'll be amazed how much of what you buy has HFCS.

Good luck!

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answers from Johnstown on

You may need to increase your calories. You go into starvation mode with few calories.

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answers from Dallas on

I have my are older now, the last 10 is the hardest, etc. But, if I were you, I'd try the eating well for probably 1-3 months before I figured it wasn't working. I can also add that I did the gym for about 9 months and never saw a change on the scale (up or down) and then joined Weight Watchers and in 6 months lost those last 15lbs.

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answers from Dallas on

You are not alone. I just posted an article on my fan page on facebook that talks about 4 things that women should be doing in their fitness training. One of the things we should be doing is High Intensity Interval Training (HITT). When I started doing this I lost 15 lbs in 60 days. I did it with a program called Insanity and you do it at home. Another thing that makes a difference is portion control. Basically calories in calories out. So if you are not burning more calories than you consume you will not lose weight. I another great workout for HIIT is Turbofire. If you would like more info on either of these programs or would like to see a short video email me and I can send them to you. The article I referenced earlier can be found here

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answers from Boston on

When your stuck like this its time to change your routine. Mix your workouts up. Have you ever heard of Circuit Training. This works wonders believe me! Look it up on line and look at some of the videos. This will shake off your unwanted pounds. Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

This was me last year. I simply couldn't lose the last 20 lbs. after our second child. It was extremely frustrating. I tried, but it put me on too low a calorie count, my body went into starvation mode and I lost nothing. Even more discouraged.

Finally decided it was worth investing a little money in a real program and joined Weight Watchers. Boom ... found what worked for me. I learned to eat healthier, smaller portions and not to deprive myself of foods I love. Final 20 lbs. are gone and I've maintained the loss. Check into WW enrollment deals and consider their online only program, as I did, if you're self-motivated.

Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". I'm going to start using dish soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove". Repost if you have the same issue ;-) Someone posted that on my Facebook-I thought it was too funny to not share-C'mon you got a have a little humor when it comes to the whole weight thing-otherwise you would just go insane!

I know how you feel....its always those last few pounds that just want to "cling" on. I'm interested to see the responses here because I myself would like to know.....sometimes its something as simple as stress. Also have you heard of a colon cleanse? I have never done one and it sort of scares me because I have heard bad things but I think for the most part it is when its done constantly....I have thought about doing it once to see what happens but never ever again or at least wait a year or more before doing it again. That might rid of the extra 10 pounds right there-ya never know. Supposedly the colon can hold onto sludge but I'd be weary because you might cleanse out something that is good for you-lol!


answers from Chicago on

More than likely, you are eating too many calories. I just started using Spark People.

It's free. It has nutrition and fitness trackers. It has menu suggestions and exercise plans. Also has a free phone app, which I find highly useful.

I tracked calories for a few days before I started. I was surprised at how many calories I was eating - no wonder I wasn't losing any weight!

Again, it's a free service and I've found it helpful. Good luck!


answers from Pocatello on

k first lifting heavy weights is not going to help you lose weight. It will bulk you up. Cardio is great so keep that up. Also I have to ask how long your are sticking to eating healthier or a diet before you are giving up? When you get down to the last 5 to 10 pounds that is when it gets hard to lose the weight. So if you start counting your calories and eating right it can still take a few weeks before you shed a pound. With my first daughter I was 5 pounds away from my prepregnancy weight and it took me a whole month to lose those little 5 pounds. I decided to do weight watchers and it took 2 weeks of sticking to that diet everyday before I lost 1 pound. Yes 2 weeks to lose 1 stupid pound! But then the next week I lost 2 pounds and the next I lost 2 more. So by the end of the month it was gone but talk about a pain in the butt and total frustration those first 2 weeks. So you will lose weight by counting calories but it can take a while before you see a result. Just don't give up.



answers from Dallas on

Hi H.! Your body has hit a plateau where is stable at that weight. You need to eat less calories and try moving at night. Go for a brisk walk, run around the house with your kids, dance with them, anything to add movement to speed up your metabolism. Eat light at night, have lunch be your biggest meal, but do eat good small snacks like walnuts, a slice of avocado, mini club crackers (filling but only like 100 calories for 10). Sleep deprivation can prevent weight loss too. So rest well and drink lots of water. You should start seeing results in a week or two. Best wishes and God bless!



answers from Las Vegas on

While I was pregnant, I walked everyday in hopes to keep the weight off and after I delivered, I was 5 - 7 lbs over my original weight. The weight crept back up on me and I was stuck with 20 extra pounds. She is five and I couldn't lose them.

I normally drink a tall cup of coffee and maybe sometimes a Rootbeer at lunch. I snack during work because I work long shifts. As well, I have had back pain for 10 months and was on meds, which may have contributed to my weight.

Recently, I had a surgery, which I was off all meds 5 days after the surgery. With the after surgery diet and then keeping the small portions up, I have lost 11 lbs in 24 days. One cup of coffee since then and no soda. Snacking has been minimal. I would love for 4 - 5 more pounds to come off.


answers from Phoenix on

is your birth control method helping the weight on ?



answers from Dallas on

H. I recently surfed the net and found a chemical diet program Check it out, I lost 8 pounds in 4 days. Along with the maintenance program you pay about $40. I'm a skeptic but thought I'd give it a try, It works. Not a lot of special foods probably what you already have.



answers from Los Angeles on

You have to cut your calories by 1/3 to loose weight. If you are working out that consistantly you are only working out enough to maintain it. Try longer cardio sessions if you can, run/walk if you have to. Weights add muscle and that weights more then fat. If you want a jump start to those 10 lbs cut out all whites (sugar, flour, starches) for a week. Be sure to eat 5 small meal a day. My trainer suggested 1/2 boiled/grilled chicken breast 3-4 times a day with a salad or veggies only for that week. It works then I maintain it.



answers from Chicago on

You could mention this to your primary care physician and ask if he/she could refer you to a licensed nutritionist or a registered dietitian. Also, you may wish to seek the counsel of a trainer, preferably one with his/her CSCS certification.



answers from Dallas on

Hey H.! I feel your frustration. I was there too. I am doing a weight loss challenge now through my chiropractors office in Allen and finally I'm loosing! Yea! We are in the middle of the challenge now but will start another challenge I think in two or three weeks. Please PM if you are interested. Its FREE!



answers from Chicago on

Okay, everyone has great suggestions regarding exercise and diet. But, have you have a blood panel check? A friend's cousin had this same issue after her 4th child. She went in for a regular check up and cholesterol and doc wanted full panel as well just to check things out. Her thyroid was a bit out of wack. She did take some meds but it was not hypo or hyper so she eventually was able to put a good diet and things together to get back on track. I cannot remember exactly what she did or how she was diagnosed but it is worth looking into.
BTW, a coworker takes thyroid meds-when she remembers. If she does not, it is as though she is maintaining her weight when she watches what she eats so she can lose.



answers from Los Angeles on

You should look into the Hi5 system. My husband lost 15 pounds over the holidays and has kept it off. The products are all natural and easy to integrate into your lifestyle, but most importantly is THEY WORK!
You can go to or message me for more info.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I would agree check w/ your Dr. and get some general bloodwork. MIght be thyroid... also when we get older we lose muscle mass (starting at 25ish). The less muscle you have the slower your metabolism.. so says my OBGYN. She recommended some weight building exercise... with aerobic.. I'm 40 and you may be MUCH younger, but that is what my Dr. said when I had/have the same issue - still need to actually work out... GOOD for you for doing so. Good luck.

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