Not Feeling Baby Move in 2Nd Pregnancy

Updated on July 03, 2008
M.K. asks from Brookfield, WI
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Hello mothers,
I am 16 weeks pregnant with my second child and still haven't felt the baby move much. (Maybe twice) With my son, I felt him move at 17 weeks and never a day went by that I haven't felt him move after that. The doctor told me at the 13 week appt. that I could feel the baby move at any time now. I guess you can feel the baby move earlier the second time. My next doctor appt. is next week but just wondering what other mothers have experienced? Did one baby move a lot and another not? My son is always on the move and everyone always asks him if he has "ants in his pants" because he cannot sit still. So I guess this explains why I felt him move so much in the womb. Looking for some reassurance that everyhing is ok. We did hear the heartbeat at 13 weeks and I get my ultrasound in 3 weeks but I am afraid of going to the utlrasound and finding out something is wrong.

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So What Happened?

Thank you, Thank you everyone!
It made me feel so much better hearing from all of you and your experiences. I did feel the baby move a little over the weekend and the past couple of days, not a lot but a little everyday. I just can't thank you all enough for making be feel better.

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I didn't feel my first baby move hardly at all! In fact, I went in to the clinic often, just to have them listen for the heartbeat so that I could relax.

The second baby was the summersault queen, and not a moment went by where I wasn't aware of her presence.

They are all different. But if you need to hear the heartbeat to feel better, go in and have a listen. My midwives were more than happy to have me call and stop in.

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With six pregnancies under my "belt" I can tell you for sure, that no two pregnancies are alike. You likely have more insulation in that area now, so you may not be able to feel as much as you did the first time. If you feel "normal" (like that is even possible when you are pregnant) than I wouldn't worry about it. Just watch for changes (cramping or spotting) but don't expect that there is a problem because it is really normal to not feel the baby at this stage.



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I am now about 20 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I have JUST THIS WEEK really started to feel her move. Before now, it was little bumps and wiggles once a day or every few days.

My first son I felt around 16 weeks, and consistently there-after. My second son I felt at TWELVE weeks, and my husband could feel him at 14 weeks. He was a VERY active baby, and still is at 19 months! :)

I think that every baby is different, and it also depends on how the baby is sitting in your uterus. I found out Friday we were having a girl at our 20 week ultrasound, and I also confirmed my guess that she was head up, and all the kicks are low and kind of into my placenta so that's why I hadn't felt her much till now. I am pretty sure she has been head up for awhile and am looking forward to her turning so she stops kicking my bladder! :)

Good luck, and I suspect that everything will be just fine. Maybe you'll be like me and find out you are having a quieter girl, instead of a jumping boy :)

SAHM to Charlie (3) Joey (19 months) and baby girl due Nov. 16.



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You shouldn't worry M. -- its okay!
I am pregnant with my 4th and this is the first one that I didn't feel move right away either. I didn't feel it move until I was closer to 18-19 weeks! I'm sure your ultrasound will put nothing but a smile on your face! If you have no other signs (cramping, bleeding, etc.), then you have nothing to worry about! Enjoy!



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1st pregnancy I never or hardly ever felt anything. Doctors thought I was weird or nuts. Turned out my placenta was in the wrong place or something it was all in front or something like that and that's why I didn't feel anything. I seriously hardly ever felt anything. They would want me to do kick counts and I couldn't.

Now I'm pregnant with my second child. I've been feeling her since 13 weeks. I feel EVERYTHING, and it's so intense. She is always wiggling and moving. It's so weird because I missed most of this first time around. I'm also way more overweight with this pregnancy than I was the first one. I don't agree with where people indicate if your overweight you won't feel it as soon. That's not true in my case.

So I guess no pregnancies are the same. I've only had girls too.


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Hey M.,

Yes as a mother of four I can definitely tell you as well that each child is different. Some of my kids were very active and doing somersaults and then some were very still. Don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine and I hope by all of us replying to you that it will put you more at ease!!

Have a GREAT Pregnancy M.!! Take Care!!




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I wouldn't worry yet. When I was pregnant, so were a bunch of my girlfriends and we were always comparing notes. My son moved some, and one girlfriend hardly ever felt her baby, right up to the end! And now here son (who is very healthy) is a calm, mellow child that can just go with the flow. I think there is something to the in utero movements and outside personality connection. I've seen it with all my friends' children and my own. Besides, you are still very early into your pregnancy when movement is so hard to feel anyway. If you are really worried, just call your doctor and see what he/she has to say. I'm sure everything is just fine, though. Start thinking how lucky you'll be if this baby is just really mellow. With a very active older sibling, you'll need the one that is calm and transitional. Good Luck! I'll be thinking of you.



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I didn't feel my baby move until I was closer to 20 weeks. I worried because all of the books said I should have felt it by then. Even though my only child is just 9 months old, I have learned not to trust those darn books! I would ask your DR about it if you're concerned. My son is calm and content, maybe he was in the womb, too!



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I started feeling movement in my 1st at 20 wks. My 2nd, I felt movement at around 17-18 weeks. I think the fact that you felt movement with your first quite early is a bit rare. My doctor indicated to me that about 17-18 weeks with 2nd pregnancies is normal. The baby has to reach a certain developmental stage and size inorder for the mother to feel, I wouldn't worry about it yet. You could always set-up a Dr. Apt and have them put a fetal monitor on you to listen for a bit. You could lie a bit and tell them you fell or that you were in a small fender bender car accident (no damage, but you were hit from behind and would like to ease your mind)...that gets them to put a fetal monitor on you everytime. :)



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I felt my first when I was only 11 weeks along (maybe 13 weeks as there was some confusion as to how far along I was and never had an ultrasound with her)and I felt her move a lot through out. she is my most active and jumpy child.
the rest of my kids have had different patterns of movement. a couple of them moved around more at night and the others in the day. the kids that moved a lot at night were awake more in the night. then my 4th baby I didn't feel him move until I was 20 weeks along. I was so scared that there was something wrong. I had the 20 week u/s at 19 weeks with him and I could see that he was moving and I cried like a fool because I was so relieved that he was moving! I knew he was moving after I saw him do it in the ultrasound but I didn't feel it for a week or so after. then once I felt him I felt him all the time. But he is healthy and crazy and runs around like a mad man.
my last was quite similar in that I didn't feel him move until about 17 weeks along but he was very still at night and towards the end I wouldn't feel him move for a couple of days. then I would lay on my bed either on my stomach or I would jiggle my big pg tummy to bother him into moving.

try not to worry. 3 weeks and you will know for sure (if you don't feel him/her before then).



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My daughter (now going to be 3 this month) was a mover shaker, My son (one and a half) was nothing like that he was calm and cool in there. He only moved when I ate or showered and sometimes at night. I did not feel my kids move around till later as I'm a bigger woman, none the less it was 22-26 weeks in. I would not worry too much if you have hear the baby. Not that im a professional Dr. or anything but with my daughter I went in alot before I did start feeling her. They must have hated me in the ER, and Dr. office. I was in every week freaking out. It will work out ok, God has his plan and he knows when things are ok, if you would say that you had spottign and cramping or any other signs of misscarrage I would say go in to the Dr's and make sure they know of al lthe signs and have a ultrasound done earlier, because regardless of what they say of not being able to see the baby prior to 13 weeks is bull. I know they seen my daughter alot sooner than that, because of my scared craziness.



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I did not find out that I was even pragnant with my 2nd son until I was 23 weeks along. (I know long story in itself but...TRUE!) Don't get nervous or worried until week 26 as my doctor told me. Each baby is crried differently and the feeling will come!

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