Not Feeling Baby Move at 19 1/2 Weeks

Updated on April 01, 2010
Z.Z. asks from Montgomery Village, MD
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This is my 6th pregnancy and the last one I remember feeling move at 16 weeks, although that one ended in a loss at 23 weeks. It makes me real nervous that I don't really feel this baby move at 19 weeks because I had another loss at 20 weeks which I never felt move but just thought it was too soon. I also have extra abdominal fat, so I thought maybe that was attributing to not feeling the baby move. I do have a fetal doppler heartrate monitor at home that I use and have heard the baby's heartrate and can tell it moves, but not to feel it is still nerve-rackng. I am seen every 3 weeks by my high risk ob and every 4 weeks by my regular ob, so seen just about every 2 weeks. Everything as been looking good with no problems so far. With my past experiences, though, I'm just afraid something is wrong because I'm not feeling the baby move.The more pregnancies you have, I thought the sooner you were supposed to feel the baby move. Anyone else who is not first-time pregnant not feel their baby move until 20 weeks or later?

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So What Happened?

Well, we took a long weekend vacation at the beach over Easter and I was able to relax, not worry and have a great time with my husband and boys. When we got back Monday I received a call from my ob that my AFP levels were elevated at 2.89. He said that could mean the baby has spins bifida, but I was more worried about the viability of the baby since the last time I had elevated AFP levels of 8 the baby passed at 23 1/2 weeks. I had a Level II ultrasound Tuesday and the baby looked fine, no spina bifida, but was measruing almost a week behind. They said I was not really feeling movement because I do have an anterior placenta. I am now on partial bedrest and was told to eat as much as I can because my placenta is not functioning as it should and they want to try and get as much nutrients to the baby as I can. We're hoping this pregnancy has a different outcome than the last.

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answers from Phoenix on

I haven't personally had this, but recently a friend (had previously had several babies) said that she didn't hear her baby move until about 20 weeks because the placenta was on that side of the uterus (or something) so it was most likely cushioning the movement.

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answers from Washington DC on

First off - take a deep breath!!

Stress will not help you or your baby. You are hearing a heart-beat that's a good thing. You have a doppler at home - wow!

Every pregnancy is different. Some babies stay in the back of the uterus. Others, right up front.

The fact that you are being seen, basically, every two weeks - you are stressing over things you have no control over!!! The stress is not helping you at all.

I had five pregnancies and lost 3 of those - one at 19 weeks and the other two at 12 to 14 weeks. You don't state why you are in a high-risk pregnancy nor how many live births you have had. But bottom line? DO NOT stress - you can hear a heartbeat? The baby MAY be in the back of your uterus.

I hope that all goes well for you in this pregnancy!! Please do not stress - you are not helping yourself or your baby!!





answers from Oklahoma City on

I would call your doctor and tell them your concerned. They can do an ultrasound to make sure everything is fine, at least heart tones. It's not good for you to be stressed out about it, call them and they will ease your mind. I'm hoping for the best for you!




answers from Des Moines on

Feeling the baby move depends on so MANY things-- Your position, the baby's position, the placenta's postion; your schedules (does the baby move when you're awake and paying attention, or does he wait until you're busy or sleeping good?) and whether you have the Karate Kid or a couch potato hanging out in there......



answers from Savannah on

I wouldn't worry too much since you are able to hear the baby's heart rate with your at-home monitor. It's natural with your previous losses to be concerned and nerbous...but try and relax. :)



answers from Norfolk on

I am recently pregnant w/ our third son. I was also worried about not feeling him move. I have just recently been able to really feel him move and I just hit my 6 mo. mark. With my others sons, I felt them alot sooner. But this son seems to be more calmer inside me than the other two. Now I wish he would move off my right side (which he apparently loves). :)



answers from Washington DC on

The baby's position can play a role in this. If the baby is facing your back, you may not feel movements. That happened to a friend of mine. She didn't actually feel her baby move until 30 wks when the baby turned.

Ask your dr about your concerns. Its good that you have a doppler and can reassure yourself by listening to the heartbeat.


answers from Norfolk on

Some babys move around a lot when you are sleeping. Toward the end of my pregnancy I hardly felt my son move at all, but my husband told me the baby was partying all night long. I'd snuggle up to my husband while I slept and my tummy kept nudging him till he fell out of bed.


answers from Washington DC on

it's not surprising that you're anxious and worried due to your past experiences. but the other moms are right, stressing is something that is so harmful (although difficult to control!) you are doing everything right. you have competent experienced help, you're being seen and monitored frequently, and you have the HUGE comfort of that doppler telling you the baby is alive and well. you're an experienced mom, and you know every pregnancy is different. remember that what 'most' experience is a generalization and you just can't judge your individual pregnancy solely on what others experience.
try to relax. breathe. meditate. pray. go for slow ambling walks in the lambent spring air. sit with a nice cup of herbal tea and a good book. everything you do affects your growing baby, so make sure what you're doing is good for both of you.
i totally realize this is easier said than done. hugs to you and hope you post soon that all is going well.



answers from Wichita on

You can always have your doctor do a stress test (I think that's what it's called). I had my first baby a year ago and when I was nervous about her not moving my doctor had no problem with me doing the test. It turned out everything was fine, but it was nice to know :) Good luck!



answers from Miami on

This is my 2nd pregnancy and I'm at 22 weeks - still nothing but Braxton Hicks. However, I also have the anterior placenta (front of the uterus) and was told that is why by the perinatologist.

Try to relax. Worrying won't increase your chances of a healthy baby. Think positive thoughts. If your doctor will allow it, maybe consider some prenatal yoga to help you feel better connected to the baby and help with relaxation.




answers from Pittsburgh on

extra weight can make it harder to detect movement, also, if you have an anterior placenta (where the placenta is on the front of your uterus, toward your belly instead of your back) that can mask movement. If you are having twins, they tend to move a little less as they begin to crowd each other. if you are concerned, call your healthcare provider.

A quick word of caution about the home dopplers - because it can be tricky locating the baby's heart beat at times, even for professionals, don't freak out if you can't find it right away. Still call your HCP, but don't immediately assume the worst.



answers from Washington DC on

Every baby is mom was pregnant with me first and I moved ALL the time...but my mom said my brother (2nd) NEVER moved and she actually thought there was something wrong with him - she asked the doctor and he said everything was fine...when my brother was born he was such a laid back baby and I was definitely more high I guess our personalities were evident in utero....try not to worry - every doctor's visit seems like an eternity away - but just stay healthy and in the next visit, hopefully they will reassure you that everything is fine....



answers from St. Louis on

Im in my 4th pregnancy now at 21 weeks and I don't feel much of any movement either. My doctor said its because of not being very far along and the position the baby is in makes a big difference in feeling any movement too. I also lost my 3rd at 9 weeks and have some extra weight/abdominal skin i blame on two c-sections.
good luck.

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