Not Be Allowed to Breed

Updated on August 31, 2011
B. asks from Evans, GA
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ok So we've all said it at one time or another. " people like that shouldn't be allowed to breed" or " you should need a licence to have kids". Does anyone really believe that?
Should some people not be allowed to have kids?
I don't think the government should have that much control over people.
Who's the one that decides at what level you can pass this test.And who decides what's on the test? And what happens if you don't agree with some of the practices? Who decides what the guidelines are ? Sounds a little like something China would do.
Maybe people should be required to take a basic parenting class before leaving the hospital? Things like diapering and basic care?
What do you really think?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yep. I really think drug addicts should not have children. I've known newborns to die from neglect by their drug-addled parents.

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answers from Sioux City on

I don't think anyone should not be allowed to have children. A child is a gift to all of us. Who knows that child may be the person to solve some major issue in todays society. I also think that people should take care of their children and cherish them as the gift they are. That being said, I also think that a child deserves a Mother and a Father who will care for them. Being a parent is a huge responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

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answers from Dallas on

i agree with slm. No some people may not handle kids in the way I would but the government has not right to tell anyone who can have a baby and who can't. Just like no one should tell a woman whether or not a woman can have a abortion or not. It all goes hand in hand.

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answers from Kansas City on

I really believe that government was NEVER and I mean NEVER meant to go beyond caring for infrastructure and providing for national security. I don't believe we should have a social security system or medicaid or welfare of any kind. I believe if people were able to keep more of their hard earned money they would be more likely to want to work. The only acceptions for government intervention should be when a person is a complete invalid due to not being able to walk, talk, or use their hands. If they still have their mouth and their hands or they aren't in ecscrutiating pain then they need to figure life out without the government. Government should have zero control over business. We already have civil judges and tort law to handle malpractice and anything of the like. In many states an electrician does not have to be licensed and a plumber does or vice-versa. Daycare providers are licensed or not and the same can be said for animal breeding businesses. It's all a waste of tax-payer dollars to be redundant in regulation. People regulate businesses everyday when they choose to use or leave the services or not go back to a dirty store.

So NO, I don't think government should be in control of who can have children with the acception only of pedifiles. I believe all pedifiles, (not people that were 18 when they had sex with a 16 year old), but true pedifiles should be branded and drugged or surgically altered or jailed for life.

I think it's high time that people get back to the business of controlling our own actions and fearing the Lord and that churches should be in charge of helping the sick, widows, orphans, and the downtrodden.

Furthermore, I believe people in general are generous when they can be. I know that in our household the government gets about 10,000-20,000 per year from taxes when including sales taxes and misc. taxes and if I really figured it out, it could be more. I guarantee you that the local food pantry would be better off distributing most of that than our government.

It would be better yet even if schools were all privately held and we had to pay for them ourselves but that we could would be able to keep our tax #'s and then we could afford them and we could have school choice instead of everything being lead by good old Uncle Sam. Good old Uncle Sam really isn't that smart. I'm not referring to teachers in any way. I am referring only to the mismanagement of public funds.

Wow.... I could go on forever. :)

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answers from Houston on

At the time my parents had me, my father for sure shouldn't have been allowed to breed. I am sure am glad he did though and I am sure my children and all the generations that come after me will be grateful. I am not grateful for much the man did, but my life is a glorious thing. So no, I don't think the gov't or anyone else should get involved in who can have kids and who can't. So proud I live in the USA and get to make my own decisions in this regard.

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answers from Charlotte on

China doesn't care what the world thinks.

After Nazi Germany and 12 million dead people, experiments on twins without anesthesia, sterilizing people and trying to purify their race, and the countless other crimes against humanity, it's better not to ask these questions, in my opinion.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Of course not. The things you describe chisel away at the fundamental freedoms offered by this country.

The most interesting part of this is, it's usually those same people who cannot even see that they are inept, unqualified, abusive or even neglectful AT ALL.

There are procedures in place to report really bad actions (parenting & other) to agencies that WILL do something about it if it is considered "so bad" that it breaks the law.

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answers from St. Louis on

Ya know, at first I thought literally, no. Then I thought about it. If one is literally breeding, in other words having children for profit, then perhaps they should not be allowed to do so on the taxpayer dime.

Okay here is the thing about we can't have a government that does that. Yes, our government should not have the right to say you cannot have kids or limit the amount. I do believe that our government is well within its constitutional mandate to say have all the kids you want, we are only paying support for this many.

Sorry but if you are on welfare you clearly cannot support your kids so it is a no brainer that you cannot afford more. When I think about it I feel like a guy except I don't even get the sex. I am saddled with supporting god knows how many children that I had no choice in the plan for conception.

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answers from Cleveland on

I don't think government should have that right to decide.
Maybe someone should put in a word with God about sterilizing those who don't deserve kids.
Ya know, like a Santa's "bad" list haha
I don't know what would work to fix it, I don't think anything can be done.
You can give someone all the classes in the world about being a good parent, but that doesn't make them a good person.
I do feel some people shouldn't have kids, but that is not to say someone should go in and CONTROL that aspect of life.

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answers from Dallas on

If you are footing the bill, have as many as you want.

If you are living off the government, have as many as you want but we will only help you with a specified number. There are people who plop out a kid every year and use them as an excuse not to work and do it to get a bigger check. There is a huge problem when there is no incentive to provide for your own family. The whole system needs to be revamped but that would require politicians to quit worrying about being reelected and make tough decisions.

I would love to see a report that tells what percentage of welfare recipients have been on it for 1 year, 5 years, 10+ years, etc. I believe there would be an EXTREMELY high percentage who aren't just using it because they have fallen on hard times.

I hate the word "entitlements" because you aren't entitled to other peoples money just because you chose to have 6 kids that you can't afford. We stopped at 3 because that is all we can afford. (We would have stopped at two but got a little bonus when we had twins.)

About parenting classes, I totally agree that they should be required before people decide to have kids. Maybe a high school course requirement??

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, I think there are certain people who have no business having children. However, I don't think the government should have any control over mandating that. The government is far to involved in our lives anyway.

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answers from Houston on

Amen SLM!!!

Its a matter of money, sadly.

If people are required to take a parenting class before bringing home the baby, then clinics/hospitals will have to provide the staff ($) or the gov't will have to provide the staff and rent out the hospital facilities, for education ($$). If the hospital makes any move involving responsibility of the baby after said baby leaves its facilities, it can be liable for anything that will happen, so the insurance companies will have to be involved to cover liabilities ($$$). If insurance companies are involved, insurance rates go up ($$$$). And when insurance rates go up, employers and employees are obviously affected - more insurance coverage costs ($$$$$). And if people don't have insurance, taxpayers get to pay more money ($$$$$$) and then will start complaining about not being able to play judge and jury on who can have kids and who can't.

It would just be simpler and cheaper if we as a society hold one another accountable for our actions by being more concerned for each other. If we take more pride in how we live, perhaps those people who should never be allowed to breed will actually see their actions are looked down on. But no, we glorify these people by putting them on TV and making them more headline news than a war or pestilence outbreak.

God bless the USA!

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answers from Springfield on

I'm not for government control and the taking away of peoples freedoms.

I must say though that it was a more difficult and lengthy process for my husband and I to adopt a dog from a rescue group than it was to have our 3 kids. There was an application process, a phone interview, reference checks and a home visit before we were approved to rescue our wonderful dog. None of those things took place before or after we had our kids.

Doesn't that say something about our society?

Classes would be great for first time parents but by then it's almost too late. Classes need to be done before people decide to have kids. Maybe then more people would be able to say to themselves that they aren't cut out to be parents and decide not to be.

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answers from Orlando on

Are there people who shouldnt have kids? well sure but it's not anyone's place to say who deserves kids and who doesn't. Kids are a gift no one deserves them. @SLM I know the welfare system is abused by many but face it there are hardworking people who fall on bad times and NEED it to feed their families. So for you to say these shouldnt be in place is kinda selfish. Some states have timelines for how long you can have assistance. Would you rather kids starve? Maybe cause who cares their not your kids right? Sorry but I just dont agree with you, obviously

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answers from Houston on

I would not worry about the civil liberties of a child abuser/murderer if they were forcibly spayed and neutered. I would also think that these people should not be allowed to be parents/ step parents or guardians. After all they arent allowed near schools and playgrounds and churches but what about their own families?

As far as reckless parenting and people who make too many mistakes with their kids, unfortunately the government should NOT step in. Theres no way to sanction that and make it legal. There are too many people who have made turnarounds, progress, and were unjustly accused to make this possible and right.

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answers from Bloomington on

I really wish life where black and white sometimes, but it just isn't. I really believe in the philosophy of "it takes a village to raise a child." There are some really terrible parents out there and when I was TTC, I HATED them. A lot of my own anger is gone now that I have my two blessings, but I am still angry when people don't realize the gifts they have been given.

With that said, that is where society has to look after these kids. Give these kids a smile at the store when you see them with respect (and not pity). When you are coaching, or doing an activity with your child's class or group, include these kids and give them some positive attention. And remember, it is not the kid's fault that their parent SUCKS.

I'm sure I am preaching to the choir on here. You all seem like amazing parents and that is why I love this site.

Go hug your babies and tell them that you love them. :) And, no as much as I would love to pass that kind of law, it is isn't constitutional or right. My 15 cents. :)

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answers from Hartford on

It's called "hyperbole." But yes, some people shouldn't have children.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. There are some people who should NOT be allowed to have kids and procreate!!

No, I don't think the government should have a say in who can and cannot have a child.

I would love it if there were parenting classes for first time parents - there are but not enough people know about them or take them.

China, to the best of my knowledge, only allows one child per family - I don't know that for a fact...I've done some searching and found that China has "stepped Up Enforcement of 1-Child-Per-Family Law : Birth control: With 1.1 billion people--about one-fifth of the world's population--Beijing fears that it may pay the price for unchecked procreation under Chairman Mao."

Another reason why we don't need more government, socialism or communism....I don't want the government in my business any more than they already are.

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answers from Atlanta on

As much as I would personally love to see mandatory sterilization and no-breeding programs in place for several sectors of society, you simply cannot do that in a free society. If we want to live in a free society, then we must understand that in some ways you must take the bad with the good. It would also be a complete nightmare from a governmental standpoint. I don't think the government has ANY right to interfere with what we do with our bodies, and having children certainly falls in that category. I DO think that chronic welfare recepients should lose custody of children if they insist on having one after another. Babies born with drugs in their systems should also never be allowed to go home with the mother until she's undergone a full, approved rehab program and tested clean for at least 6 months. Even then she and the baby should be watched like a hawk.

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answers from Erie on

I think that every child from a bad environment is an opportunity for someone else in that child's life to make a difference.

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answers from Redding on

It would be awful if the Govt had a say in it. It's a curious thing really.
As an example I have a mentally retarded lady that lives in my apartment complex.... it's very easy to spot that she's not all there. BUT, she dresses very skimpy and loves sex and has many children from different dads. It's sad to see the kids being raised by her. I just figure God has a plan for those kids some day, none of them seem to have a brain problem and actually take care of their mom. They are all clean, fed and clothed but live a wierd lifestyle with their disable mother. She's still not fixed and told me she's looking for number 6's daddy now. Who would be the one to turn her in and make her get her tubes tied? That would be hard. Her kids all love her to bits and know no different.

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answers from Norfolk on

Some people really should not breed.
Some people aren't really interesting in 18 or so years of responsibilities when they were only in it for some quick recreational sex and ooops! - pregnancy happened!
I don't think anyone would like the government to be in control of a decision like that.
But at some point - we're not going to be able to support all the stupidity we pay for now.
How close are we to having a significant numbers of people starving in the streets?
Dumping kids into foster care means we're paying for them.
If parents have one or more kids in foster care - should they be having MORE and have them land in foster care too?
Would we'll-take-care-of-your-kids-if-and-only-if-you-get-some-permanent-birth-control-otherwise-you-are-all-on-your-own be unreasonable?
Resources are dwindling, jobs are hard to find, if people have a hard time earning incomes then they are not paying taxes to support others and it sometimes seems like almost everyone has their hand out looking for something.
At what point can the life raft not hold one more person before the whole thing sinks and everyone drowns?
If it's my money and it comes to a choice of feeding my kid vs someone else s kid, the other kid is going to starve.

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answers from St. Louis on

No one should be able to dictate who does or dosn't have children. That being said I firmly believe one you are expecting along with prenatle classes you should be required to takeing Infant classes, CPR, Safety, Classes on how to deal with a Screaming baby, Hygene Classes,Nutrition Classes. I've cared for children for over 2 decades. And the things I've seen would blow your minds. And it's not just young or lower class people who need to be educated. Some people with College Edu. will bring their children into daycare around 11:00 a.m still in PJ's and last nights diaper, no breakfast, forget to pick up Baby and remember at 9 p.m. while at the hockey game that I still have their Precious little one. Send someone else to pick up so they can go to happy hour with the girls however the person they've sent has no car seat (6mo old). And these classes should be pickedup by INSURANCE, maybe then we would have a lower Infant Mortality rate.

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answers from Dover on

I don't believe that should be a "policy" per say but I do believe there are some people that shouldn't be parents. As for a license to have kids, maybe not a license but I do think a basic course completion should be in order especially considering some of the stories you know those that you think "what were they thinking?". You have to take a test to pass a class, you have to pass a course to drive a car, for many careers, but NO qualifications or preparations are needed to give birth and care for a precious, helpless baby and you have to raise them into responsible is that supposed to happen if you aren't responsible and/or have no idea how to do it?


answers from Williamsport on

Well, all types of people can and can't have kids and should and shouldn't. But that has nothing to do with the government in my book. If you don't want your kids, and plan on neglecting or abusing them, you should take precautions and/or should give them up for adoption. But humans are innately flawed. Would I outlaw having the kids? As in, force abortions? Or force adoptions? No. Same way I don't think you should force people to keep accidental pregnancies. People have human rights and choices for their own lives. The government has to support what it votes to support, not dictate what people do.

Our hospital did give mandatory basic care classes btw. We got careful lectures on how to feed, bathe, diaper, strap into car seat, and not shake babies all three times and had to sign papers stating we "got it" each time. As older parents, it was funny to have to take the "classes" (especially the second two times :)



answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it just one of those old sayings that people say without really thinking about what they said.

I think people should be able to have as many children as they want, not how many they can afford, not how many the government says...period. If I wanted 10 kids I should be allowed to have them. If I didn't want any it should be my choice.

Moms always find a way to feed their kids, they may go without eating a regular portion but the kids eat and have their basic needs met.


answers from Rochester on

I don't think diapering and basic care are the issues that need to be taught to bad mothers.

However, we can't regulate who has children and who doesn't. I've had the thought a thousand times, but we just can't do it, nor should we...

CPS should be allowed and have funding to do a better job, though. Basically, if your child isn't in danger of dying, they won't do anything. I've called on a seriously twisted and dangerous situation in my neighborhood, and nothing is done. I figure if the government has 2 million dollars to study why pigs stink (yup) they ought to be able to take care of neglected children.



answers from Dallas on

I think it's just a rhetorical question - something to ponder and get the opinions like those below. Would it ever happen? Doubtful. The thought of Casey Anthony having another child is horrible and she doesn't deserve another beautiful child, but I don't see the government stepping in for forced sterilization. Convicted rapists can't even be forced to be sterilized (as far as I know), let alone some well meaning parents that think they have the means to raise a child but don't (means as in more than money - patience, unconditional love, persistance, etc.)
You also can't force people to take a parenting class, as much as it makes sense. They can pretend all they want in the class and still f**k up at home. Sad. I think we think about it because, since we are on this site, we are responsible, caring parents that DO make mistakes and reach out to others for help, instead of ignoring red flags or ignoring the basic needs of our children.



answers from San Francisco on

I think it's not going to happen. Sure, we all know people who should never be parents. But we don't want to live in a totalitarian society, either. Classes in a hospital would be fine, but diapering is the least of taking care of babies.



answers from Dallas on

It's a societal problem. There are definitely people who shouldn't have kids, but these same folks are so messed up they probably shouldn't leave the house either! :) I'm talking rude, angry, crude, apathetic, abusive, and selfish. Usually raised by the same kind and never grew up and matured enough to get past their upbringing. As a society, we've become more tolerant, which is a good thing! But, I'd argue that we should be politically incorrect and less accepting of this kind.

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