Non-drip Water Bottle for Small Animals

Updated on November 12, 2009
D.E. asks from Spring, TX
5 answers

Okay I am on my 5th bottle for the guinea pigs and they all leak. They all say they don't and they do! We have two adult males and need a meduim to large size bottle. I figured if anyone knew it would be a mom on this site. Please Help!

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answers from Houston on

Go to a feed store and see what they have. Make sure there is a rubber seal before buying, you can also try to put in warm (almost hot water) it will seal up the bottle as it cools.



answers from Houston on

We bought a glass bottle from PetSmart - the only one that didn't / hasn't leaked for our guinea pig. I don't recall the name of it - but it's glass, has a brushed aluminum cap covering the plastic twist off and has a spring that holds it in place on the cage towards the top of it.

BTW - interested in acquiring another guinea pig - female. Good disposition, likes to be held, and is pretty content to do her own thing. We're in the process of selling our house and are having to move her cage in / out during tours. Also, out daughter has lost complete interest in her so she's sort of become dad's pet.



answers from College Station on

Try wrapping the threads of the bottle with some teflon tape. You can get it at Walmart to HEB in the hardware section. It will stop the leak. Or add a washer.



answers from Houston on

We have the 32 oz. bottle from Wal-Mart for our dog. It's set up in her kennel so we don't have to worry about her spilling water in there. The little metal ball at the end does sometimes get off just a bit, so the water drips out. It seems to only do this when the bottle is about 1/3 full. I guess that because there is less weight of water pushing down on it is why it leaks easier at this point. Sometimes it doesn't leak though. The directions said to put water in, then squeeze the bottle until the water came out. I haven't really mastered this concept yet. I think it must somehow supposed to put a pressurized seal on the bottle.



answers from Houston on

I don't know about a particular brand, but everyone I have bought have kept water from leaking. I just use the really cheap ones. One trick I have learned is to put a brick underneath the water bottle. It will absorb the water and give them something to step on to reach the water bottl. Maybe try one of the really cheap ones they seem to work for me.

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