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Updated on July 19, 2009
T.R. asks from Surprise, AZ
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We have recently discovered that my mother has tb however, the dr is telling us that it is not contagious. Not that I am doubting her doc but as I research the diagnosis I have found very little and what I have found states that of can turn to the contagious type at any time. With this new info I am of course concerned for my mother but also for my children. I would hate for my children to come down with this desease so I was wondering if anyone out there has encountered a similar situation. Both of my children are up to date on their immunizations and love spending time with their grandmother. If anyone knows anymore about this and can share some advice on it I would greatly appreciate as I am coming up with very little.

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Check their vaccination cards. They may have had a tb vaccination. Well maybe not your daugther. I don't know. Give it a look I guess.


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Hi T.,
Can you please clarify: does she *have* TB, or did she test positive on a skin test, but has a clear chest x-ray (indicating exposure).



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I have a friend who is a nurse and she tested positive for TB. She said she must have got it working in the hospital.
She is inactive. She has a few spots on her xrays but they are capsulated, meaning her body shut the virus down before it continued. Yes, she can become active but it is very unlikely. She has to get a chest xray every year to watch it. Or obviously if she has symptons of any kind. But since her body already capsulated the TB (or else she would have got sick when she initally got it), she is okay. She has kids also so I know if there was a risk of any kind she would be more weary.

Ask you pediatrician to explain better and tell you what you need to do if anything.



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Hello T.. When I was in sixth grade, I had a routine TB test done. It came back positive. I was given another test to be sure and without a doubt it was positive. Once this was determined my immediate family was tested; mom, dad, brother, my grandmother and cousin were also tested because of close contact. The only other person who came back positive was my dad. Our TB was also the non-contagious type. We both had a chest x-ray taken to determine that the TB was not active and were given an oral medication that was to be taken daily for 6 months. The Pima County Health Department is who provided the chest x-ray and medication. We were also given a card that stated we had a positive TB test and are not able to have another TB test, once positive, it will always be positive, the reaction will get worse each time. We also were given a card that stated we had completed the six months of medication and had a negative chest x-ray for TB. Neither my dad or I have ever had any problems. I recently was hired to work in a daycare center and a TB test is required for employment, however the cards I was given state this is not possible and are accepted. I hope this helps you and your family. Best of luck. -L.



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I am not sure I really have any advice but what I can tell you is my experience. I am 36 years old but my grandmother (paternal) had TB. Now, unfortunately, we weren't around her much growing up but my father, either because of lack of knowledge or lack of research, just didn't worry. My sister and I, nor my father caught it (if it is contagious) Have you asked your pediatrician? The immunizations are wise and will probably help in not catching it if it is contagious. I would be concerned like you but would ask your pediatrician. Again, not sure if this was advice but we never got it as children or adults.

I would be interested to hear what more you find out.



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I am going to school to become a medical assistant. From what I have read your mother is a TB carrier. Mine is too. Don't worry. In these cases they carry the virus in an inactive state that is harmless. There are lots of different viruses that we carry as humans that are harmless. If you haven't tried on the web yet, give it atry. It's my go-to for my questions. It's basically an online encyclopedia or dictionary. I hope this helps.



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I would become more familiar with her test results and find out exactly what you are dealing with. Then I would look it up on the Center for Disease Controls website or some other very reputable website and become more familiar with the contagious factors and if you still have questions I would ask your doctor. Being educated about this will really be your best defense. Good luck!

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