Noise Complaint at Night from Lafb Making My Child Upset

Updated on February 02, 2010
K.A. asks from Peoria, AZ
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My daughter is 4 years old. I normally put her to bed at 8:00 pm. However she wakes crying almost every night lately due to jet noise. This in turn keeps me up at night. We have slept on the floor almost every night the past week. I have tried rocking her, putting her back to bed only to be up 1/2 hour later. I tried sitting in the rocking chair for a while; however she hears me leave the room (i cannot sleep in a rocking chair every night nor do i want to sleep on the floor when we both have nice beds to sleep in). What can i do to help her sleep through the night. I have also tried a soothing cd. That did nothing to drown out the noise.


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We all sleep with a white noise machine I have used one for years. I live pretty close to the airport and I hear the planes and it helps. Good Luck to you.

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I like to use fans in my kids rooms for noise control. They are not very expensive and they circulate the heat in the winter and are good for summer time too.
My daughter did this with the wind and thunder last year. It was really noise in her corner room. We live in Wy and the wind is usually about 20+mph most nights in the spring. And there are great Thunder storms! What I did was talk to her in the day about it, and then just started saying this phrase every time she woke up to it.." "Its not scary just noisy" and would immediately tuck her back in bed. I just made sure that she didn't linger in my room nor I in hers. It took about two weeks until she finally stayed all night in her bed again. But it would have been two weeks of no sleep any way. Plus more cause she would still be doing it.
So just pick a phrase you can say to reminder her that all is well, and be consistent about putting her back in her bed. Also take naps in the day if you can!
Good luck,

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Have you tried using a white noise machine/CD. They say it is good for people that live near trains, so I would think it should work for Jet noise too.



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I have an almost 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son.. I have a box-fan in each of their bedrooms. Every night when its time for bed, I turn the fan on to the second setting and place it so that the air blows out the bedroom door instead of on her. The noise it makes is pretty loud and constant, so it drowns out a lot of noise... including the train tracks we live beside. The box-fans are fairly inexpensive and can last a long time if you keep them out of your child's reach durring the day.



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I live pretty close to an AFB as well (Williams)...not to mention the VERY busy six lane road that's maybe 50 yards everyone in my house is addicted to white noise. My kids both have box fans in their rooms that run on HIGH every night (pointed away from them, of course). In the winter time, I also add a radiant oil heater to keep them warm enough. I've found that the fan actually helps the heat to circulate and keeps them more comfortable at night...which, in turn, allows me to lower the thermostat quite a bit in the house, cutting down on the electric bill.

Anyhow, the noise from a box fan on high is pretty powerful...especially if you keep it close to the head of her bed.

I did own one of these for several years:

...and it worked great so you might want to give it a try. But the noise level is closer to a box fan on medium (as opposed to high) so you're not going to get the sound-coverage that you could with the fan.

But either one of these options is going to work much better than a "soothing cd" that is constantly pausing for track changes and disc repeats. Trust me!



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just about to suggest what dawn suggested. get a noise machine and put it on something soothing., my girls' sound machine is on 'wave' sound. we don't deal withy outside noises, but the heater pipes make a lot of noises. this seems to help. good luck



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It might take a while, but eventually she will get used to the noise and be able to sleep right through it. I grew up in a rural area with railroad tracks running right next to my house. I never even knew that trains used the tracks at night because I was used to the noise. You definitely don't want to put your little one to sleep in complete quiet. Make sure that there is some kind of background noise at bedtime (it makes it easier to sleep through night-time noises if she can fall asleep to noise) and I would definitely invest in a noise machine. Good luck.



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we have a ceiling fan running, a white noise machine running, and right now a humidifier. we are in the flight path and at times it gets incredibly loud-but with all that going they don't notice the outside noise hardly ever. A box fan would create a lot of white noise that would help. It needs to be a constant background noise that's loud enough to drown most/if not all of it out. I also found that if I sleep with/near my children for even one night that they get up more the following nights because I'm not n there with them. Good luck!



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Try a fan for background noise. Maybe the engine noise would blend in more with that then a cd.


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Or a radio? Kid friendly CD's....

Poor baby...and Poor Mommy. Sleep Is Good:)

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