No Use Crying over Spilled Corn Syrup

Updated on December 14, 2011
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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Well, from reading other posts, it looks like many of us are having "one of those days". I dropped a rather large plastic bottle of karo syrup in the garage today. The bottle broke and the contents of the bottle promptly poured out all over the garage floor. I cannot get this mess up. I googled it and keep finding ideas for small messes or dried syrup. I tried sweeping it out the garage as a start (It's raining, thought it wash away off the driveway). BUt it won't all come up. Tried wiping it up with towels...nope. Even poured hot water in an attempt to melt it off. There is still a huge sticky and very slippery (it's a little dangerous) spot in the garage. Any ideas ladies??

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So What Happened?

Well I combined ideas and it seems to be working. I don't keep bleach in the house (too toxic and I always manage to ruin clothes with it!) and we didn't have any commercial degreaser. But I did go with that idea and grabbed the Dawn dish soap I had on hand. Used Marda's cleaning method. Rinsed with hot water. It was still a little slippery (pretty sure it was the syrup, not the soap). So I followed it with salt. I am a caterer and just happened to have a 4lb box of salt unopened in my pantry. With the salt and a paint scrapper I got most of it up. Another round of hand scrubbing and it seems to be all gone. Once it's totally dry I'll know for sure.

Thanks ladies!!

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I did this with molasses and had to run, when I got home I realized my mistake. I let it too long. I was told to use Salt. I had to use a lot but it make it loose enough to wipe up with towels. Then I put hot water towels on the remainder. It wiped up with lots of force but it was a LONG, hard exercise.

UPDATE: forgot to mention when I finished with the major mess part, that Dish Soap was the best choice in cleaning solutions. As Marda states BLEACH wont do anything but make it stink and hurt your hands.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest hot soapy water and a brush to loosen it up and then wipe it up with towels. I'd try dry towels first. Work from the outside to the inside of the mess so that you don't spread it any further.

I suggest not using bleach. It doesn't have any more cleaning power than detergent and is toxic. Bleach is a disinfectant and you have nothing to disinfect.

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I would try bleach....? Hope it helps:)

Maybe comet.

If you can't get it cleaned up, I would put cat littler, flower, or salt so that it's not so slippery.

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answers from New York on

You need a degreaser type of product I think. I am not sure the exact thing. Go to a home depot or lowes and ask someone. Sorry, I hate when stuff like that happens! I broke a special musical snowglobe my inlaws got for us 2 years ago. They're coming to visit in 2 days. Ugh I feel AWFUL about it. No idea where/how to get the exact replacement...

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kitty litter- to help sop it up?
some bleach and a stiff bristled scrub brush?

just guessing though, never experienced this, so I can't say for sure.

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answers from Madison on

my daughter put away a large bottle of corn syrup with the flip lid (not quite closed) upside down on the top shelf of the cupboard. I used hot soapy water and a bucket - it was a mess and took a long time, but I got it!!

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have you tried kitty litter or something like that to absorb most of the syrup? I don't really have any other advice. A couple of years ago my little guy got a brand new bottle of pancake syrup out of the cabinet and smeared it all over the kitchen floor... I'm not sure how my hubby got it up though (I was at work! Luckily he grabbed the video camera before cleaning it and the baby up!!) Search youtube for "The great syrup incident" if you want a giggle while cleaning up your Karo syrup!

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