No Sew Fleece Blanket for Soccer Team

Updated on August 14, 2012
E.T. asks from Euless, TX
7 answers

I'm wanting to make some no sew/tie fleece blankets for my daughter's soccer team. The question I have is how do I add each girl's name to them so they don't get mixed up? Obviously we could embroider them but that might get pricey. I've heard of a label you can sew on to material and write their names on it. Anything else like that?


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answers from Dallas on

How about doing their numbers on the blankets instead of names? Much easier and less expensive.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Use some embroidery thread and sew each girls name in a blanket stitch so they can each have their own identifying marks.

Or you could buy some fabric paints and paint their names on but it would eventually come off the fluffy material.

Another option would to be zig zagging their names on a square of fleece the adding it much like a pocket to one corner. You could just sew the 3 sides down and they could put their phones in the pocket while the sleep, put their diary in it, ipods, ear buds in it...I think this is what I would do.

making block letters would be simple and then someone would just follow the lines to zigzag in a complimentary color.

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answers from Indianapolis on

For my daughters travel softball team, we made safety pins with the girls' initials and numbers (using beads). When we washed their socks, we hooked them together with the pins so we knew whose were whose. Not a permament solution, but it might work for a blanket.

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answers from St. Cloud on

You could even cut out block letters and sew them on. I worry about dye fading so I usually go with more permanent routes. Or you could take yarn and hand sew letters, even with simple stitches.



answers from Dallas on

Can you iron on fleece?



answers from Washington DC on

This place has TONS of different solutions for labeling stuff! My sons preschool did a fundraiser with them and their products are great.


answers from San Antonio on

I would go the sew on tag route. You can buy them at JoAnn's, then just write the girl's name on the tag, sew it to her blanket with a few stitches (so if she wants to take it off, it'll be easier) and call it done!

The other thing you might consider. But gift bags (big enough to fit the blanket), and when you're done with the girl's blanket, put it in her bag. That way you're not changing the blanket at all.

Good luck!

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