No Period with Mirena?

Updated on January 27, 2009
M.K. asks from Lakeville, MN
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I had the Mirena inserted at the beginning of May. I spotted on and off for about 3 months and sometimes it was hard to figure out if it was spotting or my period. I feel like by September I was having a regular cycle of about 26-28 days and it was this way until the end of December. I am now 4 days later than I have ever been...which I know isn't that late. One friend I know who has the Mirena does not get a period ever and I know this is a possibility. I was wondering what your own experiences with the Mirena has been and if you stopped getting your period altogether? Thanks!!

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I had mine inserted 18months ago. I don't ever have a full period (4-5 days) like I use to. I just have spotting every once in a while but not every month. But panyliners are enough for that. I like it

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I also had the Mirena inserted in May. I had spotting for about 6 weeks and now I do not get my period. I may have some light spotting about every 6 weeks or so, but no regular periods. I am very sensitive to hormones (which is why I couldn't take the pill) so it didn't surprise me that I don't get my period.



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Hi M., I had Mirena in for 2 years and almost right away I stopped having periods. I would spot when I think I was suppose to have my period. I gave up trying to remember when I was suppose to have it. I would wear a panty liner and would be perfect with that. I could NOT use tampons. I loved Mirena due to not having to deal with a period. I had it removed in December so we could try for another baby and it was painless. I got my period about 2 weeks after it was removed and it was a normal period (my normal prior to Mirena) but it only lasted 2.5 days.

I hope this helps! I have read stories online for people who were mixed about Mirena and I seem to fall into the catagoy where people love it.

Good Luck!


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I have had a Mirena IUD for almost 2yrs now, and I haven't had a period for most of that. I had it inserted, and spotted for about 2wks, then nothing for 35 days, then a regular period, then the next month I had two very light days, and again the following month, two very light days. The month after that I spotted for a day, then I haven't had a period since.



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I had my Mirena IUD inserted about a year ago. Same situation as yours: spotting in the beginning, lots of irregular periods, then a phase of a couple months where my period came every 28 days. Now I have Not had a period for 60+ days, and I was worried that I was pregnant. I took a test last week and it was negative. My midwife reassured me that the IUD is "working like it should" and that I may not have periods anymore. SO, in a nutshell I think what you are experiencing is normal. Hope this helps! :)



answers from Madison on

I've had mine for over 2 years and haven't had a period for the bulk of that time. Once in a blue moon, I have a bit of spotting (not even worth a pad). It is a true delight!



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I've had Mirena for 1 1/2 years - I have a bleeding disorder that caused extremely heavy periods (leaving me in the ER) and this was the simplest way to treat my biggest issue with my bleeding disorder. With that being said, my "normal" periods have stopped. Now I get a spotty 2-day period once every 3 months and about once every 6 months I get a period that actually needs pads.

Do keep track of your non-periods. I had not had a period in 5 months and then began to have horrible cramping in my lower right abs. A trip to the ER reveled an ovarian cyst - 6mm - large by ER standards. I had it removed. If you listen carefully to the advertisements - this could be a side effect. I have a friend who also had a cyst after having Mirena for 6 months. Hers was 5 mm and she had no pain - just swelling in the area and an uncomfortable "full belly" feeling.



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I never have a period with Mirena. I spotted around the time of my period for a few months, then felt like I was going to start my period at that time but didn't for a few months, now I have no symptoms at all. Good riddens.



answers from Davenport on

I've had Mirena for 4 years. I had to get one to help control overly heavy flows and it has done just that thankfully! I spotted for the first 6 months, and now I skip around quite a bit. There are times when I'll go without one for 6 -9 months then I'll have a rather long one (2 weeks), then a couple months of spotting (during normal cycle time), then won't have one for awhile again.

I have the symptoms of my monthly every month, even on months when I don't flow though on those months the symptoms are barely noticable. On the months when I do flow, the symptoms are harsher (more crampy/moody) but not unbearable, they just last the entire length of my flow, the cramps, not the moodiness lol I believe my inconsistency is due to the heavy flows I normally have but I'll take it anyday over what I had to deal with and that was having to carry several extra clothes with me at all times.



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Hi. I had the mirena put in about 3 years ago, and I spotted on and off for about 6 months, once that finally stopped I haven't had a period now for almost 2 years. The doctor has said that not everyone will quit getting their periods, but a small percentage of people do stop altogether.
Hope this helps some.



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I also have the Mirena. I've had it for about a year now. I've had about the same experience. I spotted a lot in the first few months and then I had a few months of regular periods. Then, after a while, my periods got further and further apart. Now I just spot sporadically (every 2-3 months or so). With Mirena, I don't think there is just one answer. It just all depends.



answers from Duluth on

yeah its wierd, but its really nice.
i dont think ive had a period in about 6 months. however, yesterday i had some spotting and cramps. nothing bad.
so i would just relax. one less thing to worry about.

if you have any nagging feelings something is wrong, theres nothing wrong with going in to your doctor and have him check it out. :P
but its probably normal. :D



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I got the Mirena in April and I hardly have a period anymore. Probably to the point that I could go with only mini pads. Too active though, I still wear a tampon just in case. ;)



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I have been on the Mirena since August of 07, and I can't remember when I had my last period, which I think is great. I hope this is helpful.



answers from Grand Forks on

My experience with Mirena was that I had normal cycle lengths at first (for me 35-45 days). As time went on, my cycle lengths slowly got farther and farther apart. Just before I had it removed, my cycles were 12 weeks long!

So if you are worried about being pregnant, ease your mind and take a pregnancy test and be done with it. But it was normal for my periods to get longer and longer apart (even though they never completely disappeared).


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