No More Whining! Please!

Updated on March 05, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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My 28 month old has got to be the whiniest kid I've ever met! It just started about a few weeks ago when she had a sinus infection. She's all better now, but still the whining goes on. She's so clingy and throws a fit about everything! If her blankie is in the next room, she cries for it, but won't go get it. She cries and cries until I go get it. She whines to see the fish, to see what I'm making to eat, to turn her shows on, etc. I've tried ignoring her, putting her in time out, yelling (out of mere frustration), telling her that whining is not nice, etc. I have a constant headache from listening to it. Her older sister wasn't like this, so it's new to me. Any suggestions???

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answers from Austin on

Ugh, Whinning is the worst!

We are in a neighborhood that at one time we had 13 little girls.We all used "Use your regular voice." "I do not understand whining." and for really bad whining, "go to your room and find your regular voice."

We also all made an agreement, no child would get what they asked for if they were using a whining voice.. It works, but it is not magic.. You have to be consistent..

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answers from Salinas on

Hi- I think they all do this at times and my kids both went through a phase where they tried it out constantly. EVERYTIME they whined I would ask them to rephrase the sentence. Or for little ones "please say that again without whining" or "please repeat that in an even tone" you get the idea. It took a while for them to understand that they were not going to get what they wanted unless they spoke in a polite voice. I think in some kids it's a habit formed by getting the results they want. When she was sick you responded (understandably) to her whiny tone. Now she's formed a habit becuase it work for a while. The key is to make it not work anymore. No matter how annoying just keep calmly repeating yourself and do not give in, even once, or you'll just reinforce that it does work for her. Honestly, I know kids that still speak like that at 5-6 years old, to teachers, coaches etc. It's just as annoying (maybe more so) from someone elses kid as your own. Getting her to quit whinig is important for your sanity as well as for the rest of the world later on. Good Luck!

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answers from Johnson City on

my oldest is 7 and STILL whines. Of course when I whine back, she doesn't like it and asks me to stop. I don't know if a 2 year old would understand, though. You could try it a few times and see if it works. Other than that, I'm sorry other than let her cry it out, I don't have any suggestions. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Use some Love and Logic on her (great program BTW).......

My second child is a whiner so when she starts it...I calmly say "I will be happy to listen when your voices sounds like mine." That way I tell her what I am willing to do once she also models the tone I am looking for. Works for is like a switch is flipped.

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answers from Raleigh on

My son went through a whining stage which about drove me nuts! When he started whining, I would tell him I couldn't understand what he was saying when he talked like that- if he asks me properly, then maybe I can help. Then I would ignore him , or just look at him and say "What? I don't understand", until he asked or said whatever he was saying without whining. It took a few times and a couple of tantrums, but it stopped the whining. I think it drove him nuts that I couldn't "hear" what he was saying. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I was in thearpy long ago for something simmilar.
The best thing I ever read was this book.

It helps with all ages and my daughter is only 3 years old.

Check it out - Its worth reading.




answers from Chicago on

I had a problem with my kid being very clingy once we returned from visiting his grandparents because of all the attention he was getting (holding, catering to every whim, and so on)- it was hard but the only thing we constantly did (as much as it tore me to pieces to do it) was to consistently ignore those cries and to only pay him attention (alot of attention) when he wasnt whining.. it took a week but he stopped (not completely ofcourse- but thats part of being a child)

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