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Updated on April 10, 2011
G.S. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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My 2 1/2 year old daughter refuses to drink milk. She was sick several weeks ago and had vomitted due to flem in her tummy. Ever since that episode she will not drink milk. It's been three weeks and I am at my witts end. She's too young to get off of milk, isn't she? Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can have her get back on it?
Thank you,

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answers from Miami on

She doesn't "need" milk. There are other ways for her to get calcium/vitamin D. Research online and you will be amazed what you will find.

Here is one site to put you in the right direction:

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answers from Modesto on

If she doesnt like milk it's ok and probably better for her not to drink it. have you tried offering soy, almond, or coconut milk instead?

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answers from Washington DC on

What about flavoring it with a little chocolate or strawberry nesquick?

Milk isn't necessary because she can get the nutrients from other foods/drinks.

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answers from Tampa on

Milk isn't necessary... tho most would think so. Calcium can be found in broccoli, yogurt, cheeses and other veggies...

Our family barely drinks any milk. One carton will last us almost a whole month! We buy only organic milk, but even that milk can sometimes make you feel like there is a film or phlegm in your throat - which may be why she's not enjoying milk anymore.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, even ice cream all are dairy products and will give her similar nutritional benefits (go easy on the ice cream, look for yogurt with little extra sugar - some kids will even eat plain, or plain with fruit mixed in).
Also you can give her OJ that is fortified with calcium once a day.

Don't push her. She's at an age where she will just dig in her heals and fight harder. Let it go, continue to drink milk yourself, and wait it out. Maybe she'll change her mind, maybe not. (My middle kid still is iffy about milk, but loves some of the other items I mentioned).

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answers from St. Louis on

I had the same exact problem and you would not believe how this got started in my own home! How about having a 15 month old who sits down for lunch at the table and has a cup of milk with her meal. All of a sudden, my friend's 4-year old daughter watches my daughter drink her milk and yells out...."Eeeeeeeew, milk is DISGUSTING!" Guess what transpired after that comment? My 15-month old refused to drink milk ever again! I'm not kidding. I was so mad that I almost lost it and nothing I said or did helped make the issue any better. I spoke to our pediatrician immediately and she said that I would just have to be very crafty about how I inject dairy into my daughter's diet until the "stigma" of the comment wears off. So, I got crafty. There wasn't one meal that I served without yogurt, cheeses, cottage cheese, puddings, ice name it! If it was a dairy product, she ate it! I also had a chat with my friend and was very blunt in telling her that I did not appreciate the lunch commentary by her four-year-old and that if she is over at my house and does that again, she won't be able to visit anymore. Who would've known that at 15 months old, a child is that impressionable on a pre-school comment from hell! Well, they can be and in my case, they ARE! My daughter finally resumed drinking milk again at age five. Five long years went by before the milk moratorium was lifted! The good news is that she is now 16 years old, healthy, strong, drop-dead gorgeous, and her clacium levels are perfect and always have been. Don't get mad, Mom, get CRAFTY! It will pass. Milk is available in all kinds of forms and foods. One day, this will all go away and the milk will come back into the scene again. Until then.....sneaky, stealthy, and crafty is what you will be to hide the milk in other forms that your child will eat!

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answers from Dallas on

In my opinion, and from research that I have done, there are many other ways to get calcium and Vitamin D. Cheese, yogurt, etc... Cows milk is really for baby cows. I know that sounds simple, but technically, it is better for children to drink water and get their vitamins through good, healthy foods.
Just my two cents,

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answers from Daytona Beach on

my son did this also. i would flavor his milk a little with some chocolate syrup. if you're worried about the sugar, they have sugar free that when put in the milk tastes just like the regular.

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answers from San Francisco on

I took my kids off cows' milk years ago, when they were about 6, 4 and 2, I think. My son was having constant ear infections, and the doctor was about to put tubes in his ears. He hasn't had an ear infection since we stopped the milk. All of us have fewer colds, and less severe. Milk does cause a ton of phlegm - I could see a huge difference when we quit.

I don't believe kids need cows' milk. We drink almond milk. I think it has more calcium, and it's more easily absorbed than the calcium in milk. I wouldn't worry about not giving her cows' milk. Just push the fruits and vegies and try almond or rice milk. Stay away from soy milk, though. I've heard soy is turning up some big health issues.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Im no profesional, but my son is 4 now and went through the same thing. i went to the store and bought (now this all depends on what she likes) strawberry Nesquick to put in his milk. they also have chocholate. if that fails and she can drink out of a straw, they sell straws with little flavor beads in them. the straw is made so that te beads cannot come out of either end. the good thing about these options is that they are high in calcium and they make the child excited about drinking their milk. they make both of these in sugar free so your child won't get hyper after drinking it

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answers from New York on

Almond milk is better and even more delicious than cow's milk (because of all the antibiotics and other stuff...) and if she refuses to drink cow's milk it's got to be for some reason. Give her plenty of vegetables high in calcium, such as broccoli, preferably steamed.
Try to get the vanilla almond milk, it has good source of calcium too. My son loves it!


answers from Houston on

Stop pushing the milk on her for a little while, give her yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese on toast, cheese sticks. You can also get her calcium/magnesium/vitamin d chewable kids vitamins. Reintroduce the milk in a few months.

For what its worth my Oldest has hated milk since she was 1, refused it, we gave her other sources of calcium, she has done fine, better than fine actually. She is 8 now and hates going to sleep, i convinced her that warm milk would do the trick, now she drinks it every night and thinks its her choice.



answers from Pittsfield on

I would also try to flavor it. If that doesn't work, give her as many other dairy products as you can.

BTW, some people have gotten concerned about milk because of all the bad press it's had lately, but here's what Dr. Sears has to say about it:



answers from Binghamton on

She can get everything she gets from milk from other sources. Try cottage cheese and other cheeses for calcium, make sure she is drinking enough water and getting outside for her vitamin D. Her body is telling her right now that milk is not good for it, so you may need to listen for a while longer. Rice and soy milk are also options.



answers from Cumberland on

Mix the milk with fruit juice-like a smoothie!



answers from New York on

Listen to the advice you are geting that she doesnt need milk, Milk/dairy is cause of soooooo many problems and sounds like your daughters flem was caused y milk, We see a regular pediatrician and a doctor (real MD & DO) who is very into homepathy He advocates no dairy for little ones at all. If they cant get calcium from fooduse a 2 year old has taken liquid calcium (lifetime Cal Mag for kids) since one year old along with Vit D drops...we use Vitain store liquid drops Vit D3 each drop is 1000 IU. Also I reccomend a half teaspoon of Nordic kids fish oil to add to he regimine. Google dairy and will get info on what I am saying and maybe realize she doesnt need milk.



answers from New York on

She doesn't need milk--it took me awhile to really get that concept. But I did some research, and not only can she get what she needs from other sources, but those sources provide MORE and better available essentials, like calcium, vitamin D, etc. Since I learned that, and also some downsides to dairy, we hardly consume it at all. I actually feel better without it, never thought I'd say that.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I think she still needs milk. Try some flavored milk and gradually add more plain to it until it's very lightly flavored.

Organic milk has less hormones, etc but it is not "magic" milk, as often implied. The pasteurization process makes it last longer, so at the very least, it will last longer through this time frame when she's not drinking a lot.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Give her alternative sources of milk. Yogurt, ice cream, and cheese are good sources. She will eventually get that taste of puky milk out of her memory. She might also like chocolate or strawberry flavors in it.


answers from New York on

i mean, u can always ask her pediatrician. but my daughter did the same around the same age and nothing worked. so we introduced more yogurt and cheese. we make smoothies for her with milk in them. there are also gummy calcium supplements you can get! good luck!



answers from Washington DC on

I'm not a fan of doctoring milk with sugar and fake color and artificial flavorings -- in other words, I wouldn't load the milk with strawberry gunk and chocolate syrup; she'll get used to the super-sweet taste and won't want to go back to plain milk later. And no one needs the extra sugars and chemicals.

Giver her some time. Kids have amazing memories for what they think made them sick even once and can be very determined never to consume that food again. Give her low-fat cheese, low-fat (but not low-calorie!) yogurts, feed her extra broccoli and other veg with calcium, and maybe try smoothies made with milk and whatever berries she likes -- don't even tell her there's milk in her smoothie. She'll get enough calcium, vary her diet too, and probably go back to milk eventually.


answers from Spokane on

Listen to her! Our children are much more in tune with their bodies then we give them credit for. You say she had phlegm and that's why she was puking? Milk can cause phlegm, especially in those intolerant. Have you tried goats milk? Another option would be rice milk, almond milk, etc. If you're worried about her calcium intake, just bulk up on the foods that naturally have it. Just do a google and you'll get a nice big list on that. Don't forget that most oj's are now calcium enriched too and you can give her a multi-vitamin as well. If she's not wanting to drink it, she has a reason even if it's not related to the phlegm and the puking. Or she may have realized it makes her feel sick but can't say it in a way you understand. You could possible take her to the doc to have her tested too. I wouldn't want to force her to drink until you understand why she's not wanting it. I always feel really bad when I ignore my children only to find out that I really should have trusted them and listened to them in the first place.



answers from New York on

put some flovor in it or try a shake or almond or flovored soy milk otherwise
yogurtt or ice cream



answers from Redding on

I was never a great milk drinker. I had relatives with dairy farms and I love cows, but I thought drinking what comes out of them is completely gross.
I will drink milk if there's a gallon of chocolate in it. Strangely, I love buttermilk which is actually better for you as far as calcium. A doctor told me that.
Anyway, you can give your child other dairy. Yogurt, cheese. Try making her smoothies (with milk) and sneaking it in that way. A little yogurt, a little fruit, a little milk, some ice cubes.

I exploded with the flu one night after my mom had made stew and put rutabagas in it. A perfectly harmless root, but I was convinced it was the rutabagas that made me sick. She'd never used them before, I knew they were the culprits.
It had nothing to do with the stew, but I'll never forget how afraid I was of the word rutabaga for years. Thank God we didn't live on a rutabaga farm and my mom graciously didn't put them in stew anymore. I've since eaten them and they're fine, but as a child.....I was certain they were poison. I was super sick with the flu and I associated it with something else.

I think your daughter will be fine in time. She probably still remembers feeling so yucky.

Best wishes.

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