No Cost/low Cost Ideas for My Husbands Birthday Tomorrow!!

Updated on April 18, 2008
T.C. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I know I have waited to the last minute. But we are low on funds, but I still want to do something for my honey. I bought a coupon book but I need ideas. . . I did ones like a back massage, a hug from my daughter, but I need more ideas. And if you can think of something else cheap, creative, or easy I would appreciate any and all ideas. Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your help. My brain was just gone. I made him an album with the kids feet and hand prints. In between I wrote little poems and scriptures that I felt pertained to us and our life as a family. I also put a "100 calorie" snack in his car with a note saying a 100 reasons why I love you and I listed a few of them. I went on his work computer and painted him a picture saying how much I love him so when he turned his computer on it was the first thing that he saw. I also scheduled some alone time for us . . . he said the day was better than any gift he could have gotten. thanks again for your help.

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This is what I did one year for my husband, I wrote a poem about our first date, and how I had butterflies in my stomach and our wedding day and having those same butterflies. I typed it up on the computer and printed it off on a really pretty, yet manly piece of paper and framed it. Don't forget to put the date so he will have it forever and he'll remember when he received it. I actually a 5 x 7 frame so it's not too big, or too small. This is a perfect yet inexpensive gift and it's very personal and meaningful. It also brings back those wonderful memmories for both of you.
I hope this helped. Good Luck.


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Can you manage to get a sitter for a little while? If so,,,,, plan a romantic lunch, brunch, dinner or snack....have some wine and cheeses or something like that. Wear a little naughty outfit and enjoy some quality time alone a couple of hours.

He will know how much you appreciate him. Just give him your undivided attention.

Have fun!



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Hi T.,
I did something similar to the previous poster that wrote a poem, but instead I wrote a letter to myself back when I was a teenager describing all the wonderful things that were coming in the future (my life between then and now) most importantly describing meeting my husband, the moment I knew he was the "one", how I felt when I had our son....all those special things in our life. My husband was blown away and he's not a very sentimental person. Good luck!



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Make him a cd of his kind of music. It is very cheap to download the songs. Or you can buy him one of his favorite snack treats and put it in his car before he leaves from work, or just somewhere where he is bound to see it during the day. I read on some magazine that what counts with men are the little things in life. Why not have a small party for him just between you and your kids?

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