Nipple Pain While Breastfeeding - 7 Months??

Updated on January 05, 2009
J.F. asks from Commerce City, CO
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I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 7, nearly 8 months now. It is full time with one formula bottle a day, usually when we are out and on the go.

We have been on a pretty busy schedule of eating every couple of hours even up until 6 months- that would be about 6-8 times a day. Eating is her life's

We just started to give her solids at both breakfast and dinner, so our feedings have been cut back a bit. I would say we now are around 5 feedings and sometimes 4 a day. She crashes hard at night, so sometimes the last feeding of the day is more of a sip and can't really be counted :)

My question is that for a few weeks now I noticed feeding her to be uncomfortable. She has always been an "active" eater. Moving around, slapping her arms around, touching my face, pulling on my nipples like they are laffy taffy ect... but I always was fine with it. Now this past week I would say that feedings are just painful!
I got over the pain of starting breastfeeding with in days of her birth, so for me this is just odd. It doesn't hurt the whole time, but at the start it is NO fun and then the rest of the feeding, just uncomfortable for sure. This AM was the worst yet! Made my toes curl...

Is it because we are not feeding as much and my nipples are finally just getting used to the break in feedings, so now when she feeds they are just over it :)
Just wondering if any other moms have dealt with this at all?? I don't really want to stop feeding her since I love the time with her, it is free food, and so convenient!!

Just reaching out to see if I am not alone :)

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So What Happened?

WELL... sure enough it is a yeast infection in my breast!!! I have started meds today and my little girl has to start on them tomorrow.
I have to wash EVERYTHING her and I have been in contact with in hot water and re-sterilize everything she puts in her mouth such as bottle, paci's, toys ect... I just did this last week as apart of my routine, but tomorrow I have to do it all again!
Most likely the cause was two things... I wasn't sterilizing my breast pump stuff very well and I stopped wearing breast pads, due to not leaking so much. So as a result every time my daughter ate moisture and bacteria got on the inside of my bra and it had a nice warm place to grow.
So back to breast pads and I will be even more careful in sterilizing stuff!

I was relieved to not be pregnant! Some of you scared me :)
That can wait until June when we will start to try...

Thanks ladies!

I AM pregnant!!! UGH!
So ladies if you think something is up and you aren't 100% sure your doc is right insist on a blood test.
I started all these medications and all the while was pregnant. Now I have to deal with the what if's about the health of the baby. It appears I am 5 weeks along and my home tests all said negative. It took a blood test at my OB to confirm it finally. The breast pain never really went away and that was a tip off that perhaps something was still up. I should have gone back to my doc sooner, but I didn't... so ladies trust that inner voice!

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Is it possible you are ovulating or pregnant?



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I would definitely talk to a doctor. It is not normal to start having pain after 7 months of nursing without pain. Just reducing the number of feedings won't cause pain. Is there pain on both sides? I would bet there is some kind of infection going on.



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Hi J.,
I recently went through this with my son whom had nursed fine for 5 months and then we started having problems. It became very painful for me and when he squirmed around it was excruciating. I went to see a lactation consultant thinking it was a latch problem, but it turned out that I had a yeast infection that was causing all the problems. I went to my family doctor and was given a prescription for an antifungal and the pediatrician gave my son a prescription as well even though he didn’t have any visible symptoms of thrush just so we wouldn’t keep re-infecting each other. It also helped to put topical antifungal cream on my nipples a couple of times a day.
If it is a yeast infection, I would recommend sterilizing all bottle and pump parts after every use until you feel better. Washing bath towels in hot water after every use might be helpful too, because yeast can live on towels. Please don’t wait to see your doctor or talk to your pediatrician. I was relieved after the first day on meds and felt so much better after the week of treatment. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!



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there are a few possibilities. Here are some things to consider and ask yourself. . . Have either of you recently been on an antibiotic? Are you engorged since the night feedings have stopped somewhat suddenly? does she have food residue in her mouth when nursing? is she teething? Could you be pregnant? Breastfeeding is an effective form of birth control if all of these are met EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding, Not going more than 4 hours between feedings with one 6 hour stretch in a 24 hour period, your period has not returned, baby is less than 6 months old. If all 4 of these are not being met or you're not using another form of protection, that's a possibility.

Calling a La Leche League leader in your area would be a great idea if you don't feel that any of these questions bring you to the source of the issue at hand. can lead you to a local group. good luck, painful nursing is frustrating, but congrats on nursing and wanting to stick with it.



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I hadn't thought about thrush. Sounds like a good possibility. Could you be pregnant? That was what came to mind for me reading your post. GL! I hope it passes quickly.

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