Nipple Blanching with Breastfeeding

Updated on July 03, 2013
L.N. asks from Abilene, KS
4 answers

I am needing some advice I work as a bfing peer counselor and I have a new mom experiencing pain after nursing and cracked nipples. Her baby was born about a week ago. She bf'ed her last baby 18 months so i kind of see her as a pro but she is having a lot of concerns with this she figured out it was blanching (which I am surprised I had never heard of) but anyways she is coming to have me watch her nurse in the morning if you have experienced this or knew what someone did could you please let me know so I can help this poor mom get this to be a wonderful experience not a painful one!

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answers from Bloomington on

Most likely, it's a latch problem. If the latch looks good, it could be as simple as just having Mom change nursing positions.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Yep, I agree with CAE that it's most likely latch. I had this issue on and off with my 2nd, and it was because he liked to have a very shallow latch.

The blanching itself wouldn't actually cause cracked nipples, so that too suggests a latch issue.

Kellymom also has a lot of other good ideas, such as over-supply, etc:



answers from Fargo on

Could she have Raynaud's Phenomena? Raynaud's affects most people on their hands, feet and nose, but it affects a few on their nipples. I was one of the few that was diagnosed with Raynaud's while breastfeeding. It's excruciating and I used to have to breastfeed lying down in case I passed out from the pain. It is not related to latching problems and is only resolved with certain meds.

My nipples blanched white, but also turned deep weird! Raynauds can also cause the affected area to color deep red for a time.

I have heard lactation consultants claim that Raynauds associated with nursing doesn't exist (ridiculous claim), and I was personally told that I was using it as an excuse not to nurse (laughable, since I was on month 14 of excruciatingly painful nursing- if I was going to give it up, it would have been within the first month!). It's rare, but it *could* be what's troubling the mama you are helping.

Good luck! I'm glad you are there to support her! If she does end up having a medical diagnoses of Raynaud's, she will need a lot of support. The pain is so awful and it takes quite a toll on the emotions.



answers from New York on

It happened to me in the first couple weeks bfing, probably from latch.

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