Nintendo Dsi or Fisher Price Ixl?

Updated on December 22, 2010
M.W. asks from Clearwater, FL
6 answers

my son is 4.5 years old and im debating on what to get him for Christmas, its between the nintendo dsi or fisher price ixl? i know eventully i will end up with the nintendo, so is there any other mommys with boys around his age that have nintendos? and are they worth the money?

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So What Happened?

i didnt mention that he already has a leapster 2 and loves it! as well as an ipod touch
Also for the record to all ladies questioning my parenting he gets his electronics in the car he does not sit and play them at home so you can not judge before u have all the facts!

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answers from Raleigh on

I have to agree with Tracy G. You're starting down a road that is not helpful for your child. Having a child that young constantly plugged in is not good for their brain development. I'm not sure why the ipod touch (an expensive item for a 4 year old) isn't enough. This constant need for entertainment is going to make school difficult. It will be boring, not fun, etc. I have two children-son, 17 and daughter, 14. We just got a gaming system last Christmas, more for the ability to watch Blu-Ray movies than games. My children rarely play it as they learned to enjoy reading and playing outside. There access to electronic entertainment was limited by my husband and me. Our house wasn't the popular house but both my kids do well in school and don't have to be constantly entertained.


answers from Lexington on

I rarely let my 6 yr old child play video games via the TV or computer, much less a hand held. I don't want my child to become addicted to them at such a young age. I saw my niece & nephew growing up completely addicted to playing some time of electronic games. They carried Gameboy's everywhere they went, until newer hand held systems came out. When gathering for social events w/ family they whined if they couldn't play and to this day don't socialize well as young adults. If I ever give my child a hand-held, she will have to earn the privileged to play.

I know this isn't what you wanting to know. But just know you don't have to buy your child either. If so, just know that is fosters addictive behaviors is not monitored closely. Children love playing with regular toys that they interact with and use their imagination. They are much better for his age.


answers from Denver on

I got my son the leapster for Christmas right before he turned 4. Spent money on the gaming system, the case, the charger, games you name it I bought it. He didnt like it. He would play the games and they are educational but i find that they move slower and he didnt like it. He played his cousins DS and loved it. So I sold everything on craigslist for half of what i got it for and purchased a DS. He is almost 6 and still loves it. Sissy has her games like dora and the wonder pets and plays them quite well. I was contimplating the IXL because it looks sooo neat. First of all the research ive done i found out that they aren't very mac compatible since I have a mac that ruined it but also since she plays the ds so well she would eventually get one anyway. So out of my long spiel I would go with a DS, which is gonna be her big Christmas present this year (she turns 4 in december)



answers from Seattle on

Geez, so many judgy parent's out there. It's too bad a simple question can't be given a simple answer.



answers from Nashville on

I have to agree with Lesli & Tracy, especially knowing he already has a Leapster and an many electronics does a 4.5 year old need? My daughter is 5.5 years old and I have a Nintendo DS my husband bought me that I rarely play. She is well aware that the DS is mine and that it is an earned privilage for her to be able to play and even then, we have a reading game that she is required to play for at least 10 minutes before she's allowed any of her "fun" games. She just started asking for her own pink DS for Xmas and we told her that she will not be getting her own until she can read fully on her own and even then, her time will be limited. My husband is an electronic junky, so it's hard to explain to her that she doesn't need all the new electronics when Daddy wants them too. But we are both avid readers as well and she loves being read to and now starting to read on her own as well. Kids will flourish in the environment you provide...allow him to always be on a game system now and he will continue to grow expecting to be plugged into the latest gadget. Give him book and toys to read and use his imagination and who knows the endless posibilities!



answers from Pittsburgh on

When my younger son was 4 I got him the DSi and he loved it-although he was already very familiar with video games b/c o folder brother. He is 6 now and he still loves it. Never heard of the FP game. Leapster is awesome if you are looking for something a little more educational.

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