Nintendo DS Games Suitable for 8 Year Old Girl?

Updated on June 29, 2009
T.D. asks from Granada Hills, CA
11 answers

Hello awesome mamas! My daughter will be 8 soon and has been begging for a Nintendo DS for months. She is currently working extra chores and collecting bottles & cans to save up for it - that's how badly she wants one! My hubby and I want to surprise her and get it for her birthday in August, but we have no idea which games are appropriate for an 8 year old girl. We want to give a list of games to relatives as ideas for possible birthday gifts for her (they always ask!). Many thanks in advance!

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answers from Los Angeles on

My 8 year old daughter has a Nintendo DS and the games she has are Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Enchanted, Club Penguin and Strawberry Shortcake. As you can see we stick with kid realted one and have read many that are not right for us. These ones we feel safe with her playing due to no violence.

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answers from Reno on

Hi, T.. In addition to the games others have suggested, check out This site rates movies, games, etc., and has suggestions based on age. I find it very helpful with my kids.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi T.,

My daughter received her Nintendo DS for Christmas. She is seven (6 1/2 then). Mario Kart was her first favorite game. She has the Disney Princess Game. Her current fave is the Babypals where you care for a baby. She also has the Petz. Some of the games are a little hard for her to figure out. I am sure your eight year old wouldn't have a problem though.

Game Stop has used games that you can return in 10 days if you don't like them.

Hope she has a happy Bday!




answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter (also born in August) saved up her money to buy a DS when she turned 8. I do believe she takes better care of it since she had to buy it. We found the best deal on Amazon. Anything with an E is good. here are my daughters fave games:

Super Princess Peach
Any Nintendogs game
Petz Dog Fashion
Ener-G Gymnastics
Shamu Underwater Adventure
Zoo Tycoon
Imagine Animal Doctor (Imagine has lots of neat titles)
Purr Pals

Make sure she gets a carrying case. Our daugher has a canvas wrap for around the DS which has wsaved it from many falls. Screen Protectors are a must along with extra wands and chip cases.



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter likes:

Princess Peach
Mario Party 8
My Sims
Animal Crossing
Cooking Mama



answers from Las Vegas on

My daughter is 10 years old has a game called "cookin' mama" & "cookin'mama 2"that she really likes. She also has Mario Party.

Good luck! :)



answers from Honolulu on

Yes, there are games that are appropriate for this age.... you just have to look at the as such, have to be rated.

My niece has one.... and it is fine. And my daughter's Aunty, got her one recently....and there are games for young children/girls.

Just go to: and you can find out all about it. They even have a version for grown ups.

All the best,



answers from Los Angeles on

Two words: Animal Crossing! That is a great one that all the kids connect on. They can share things that they find when the connect and my kids spend hours catching fish, buying and selling items and building their houses. They also enjoy the Mario games (Mario Kart and super Mario Bros and Mario Party. My oldest daughter also likes My Word Coach and Brain Age (she's 9). I suggest also that you check out GameStop for used DS games. My younger daughter (age7) got Animal Crossing used there and the last owner had unlocked some sort of money cheat and there were bags of money all over the ground lol!

She's gonna love her new games!




answers from Los Angeles on

my just 8 y/o likes cooking mama, gardening mama, my sims, puzzle games.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hey! Great decision my son LOVES his DS and his been playing for years!

As for games, you already got some great suggestions. I say follow her interests, there are tons of animal games out there, barbie games, racing, puzzle, even pokemon games and you can't go wrong with the imagine series!

My friend's 8 yr old is really into the fashion designing one, and the animal doctor one from Imagine. She also really enjoys Mario Kart and Mario Party.

So take a tour of a local Game Stop store, or Toys R Us and see what they have. A word of advice too, Game Stop sells USED games! Same bang for half the buck, and they take trade ins as credit towards new games.



answers from San Diego on

You may want to think about the DSi. It has a camera and voice recorder in it. You don't even need games. My daughter playes with the camera and voice recorder all the time. You can distort the images and voices. Good luck!

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