Nintendo DS Ever on Sale?

Updated on November 05, 2010
J.S. asks from Hudson, OH
5 answers

DD has a DS at the top of her Christmas list. Do they ever go on sale, like maybe on Black Friday? I have been watching them for a couple of months, and they always seem to be $129 for the standard one. I really don't want to get a used one, so I am trying to decide if I should pick one up now, or keep looking for a sale. Let me know if you have ever gotten a good deal, or if I am wasting me time! Thanks.

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answers from Longview on

I bought my daugher one last year the day after Thanksgiving for $99 at Wal-Mart. Thats the lowest I have ever seen them.

Hope this helps!!

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answers from Columbus on

I don't see them on sale too often but when I recently bought my sons, Toys R Us had a special where you got a $20 gift card for buying one so it was basically $20 off. I'm sure with the holidays coming up they will have something else like that.



answers from Minneapolis on

Last year they went on sale Black Friday, but the each store only has a few and I missed them. I ended up finding a bundle for $200 - it was a great deal. I found it at K-Mart, it was the DS, a game, case, car and home chargers.



answers from Indianapolis on

Nintendo sets the price on their stuff, including the Wii and DS (just like Apple does on the iPods) and stores can't sell lower than that price. What stores do, especially around Nov-Dec is give a store card ($20-$50) for every purchase - so it's like getting it at a sale price.


answers from Saginaw on

I know the DSi goes on sale, $20 off. I haven't seen the standard one go on sale, but its probably worth waiting to see if anyone does on Black Friday.


FYI Walmart is having the DS lite on sale on black friday for $89

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