Nine Month Old Son Belly Crawls but Wont Crawl on Hands and Knees?

Updated on September 07, 2010
C.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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My son belly crawls and can lift himself to stand up but he gets mad when I put him on his hands and knees.
I try to encourage him with toy and food but he just doesn't want to.
What else can I do?

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answers from Dover on

My son scooted only, then walked around 8 months. Never crawled on hands and knees until later and then only when he wanted to be lazy.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Just give him time, he will do it. Just keep working with him. My son started crawling at 10 months and then started walking at 11 months. Everyone is different, don't worry about it. Sounds on track to me.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Don't worry about it! Some kids never crawl. It doesn't mean much :)

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answers from Victoria on

let him scoot to his own beat. some kids dont actually get on there hands and knees to crawl. they sit on there bottoms and scoot or belly crawl. as long as he is getting from one place to the other its ok. he is developing like he wants.

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answers from Duluth on

My son's pediatrician described crawling as a whole range of things. Scooting, belly crawling, hands and knees crawling. Its pretty much all the same, just looks different :). Its whatever gets them around.

Also, for what its worth.. My son did scooting, then belly crawling, then hands and knees. So your kiddo may very well still move on to a different type of crawling.

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answers from Honolulu on

It's called an army crawl.
... which is a belly crawl.
Some kids do that.
He is still real young, maybe at some point when a little older he will crawl on his hands and knees. But maybe not. Not all kids crawl like that.



answers from Dallas on

My son did the army man crawl until he walked. He never got up on his hands & knees. Your son is doing fine :)



answers from Columbia on

eh. best bet is to stop trying. encourage him if he starts too but some babies wont crawl on their hands and knees. infact one of my best friends, her daughter refused because she didnt like the way carpet or tile felt on her knees.



answers from Houston on

Some kids don't crawl at all. He will probably go from scooting right to pulling himself up and walking. Nothing to be concerned about, all babies progress to walking a little differently and it's not unusual for a baby boy to not walk at 9 months as long as he is developing normally in every other aspect. Talk to your ped at your next visit, and keep working with him on standing and walking to develop the muscles.



answers from Columbus on

Just seconding what CM said-even though he's not up on his hands & knees, doesn't mean that he isn't crawling or that he won't eventually get up there. No matter how they do it, it's still crawling. My daughter did a lot of commando crawling in the beginning. I actually don't remember her on her hands & knees. I think she went from commando to walking.



answers from New York on

My son is 9 months old and isn't crawling either. He isn't too happy when we put him on his hands and knees! I wouldn't worry about it. It will come in its own time. My dr said that it isn't uncommon for babies to skip crawling and go right to walking :-O



answers from Chicago on

Just let him keep trying... at 9 months I was afraid my son would never crawl, but eventually he just decided to go for it. Now, he doesn't quite get on all fours, but he does this hilarious one footed scoot, where he puts one foot flat on the floor and then scoots forward on this other hip. Like others have said, all babies crawl differently, and some never do! My pediatrician told me that he would eventually get it, since he was showing signs of trying. She said that crawling is actually the only movement human beings do that involves moving all four limbs separately at the same time. It's complicated, and it takes time to master. Your son will be just fine :)



answers from Houston on

My daughter did the army crawl at 9 months. I too worried but she graduated Salutiorian from High school and now teaches 1st grade. Relax and let him crawl however he wants. :)


answers from Los Angeles on

You can stop trying.
He'll figure out how to crawl when he's ready.
Trying to get him to do that -- or anything -- before he's ready
is a waste of your time and energy.



answers from Odessa on

That is his way of crawling. My son did the same thing and never did crawl on his hands and knees. I was so worried that something was physically wrong with him. As soon as he turned 1 he started walking. He is now 5, and is so athletic. There are just many ways for a child to crawl. The belly is one of them. Don't worry, and let the natural progression of things take is course.

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