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Updated on April 19, 2010
M.C. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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What suggestions do you have for nighttime cloth diapering? We utilize a diaper service and would like ideas for nighttime diapering that requires the least amount of laundering at home. We use the Thirsties duo and Mio Bambino wrap covers (we launder) with a single tri-fold cloth diaper currently (provided by diaper service.) My 2-month old son is sleeping longer through the evening (5 hours) so I would like recommendations for doublers, folding methods or different wraps for nighttime use for this stage.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have found the AMP hemp inserts to be my solution to all. Put in a 3 layer and you should be set with a child that age. You can later add another 3 layer or a 2 layer when you need even more absorbency. They are rectangular so depending how you fold them they are a large or small. They are hemp so I'll warn you you need to wash them separate from any other diapers you don't send to theservice for 4 washes and dry between each wash (other clothes are fine just not diapers). Then you can use them and wash them with your other diapers but they are pretty worthless until wash 10-12. They finally defluff enough at that point and then become amazing.



answers from Augusta on

I am not cloth diapering right now due to my work schedule (and lack of desire to wash diapers when I get home late:) ) When we were I used bumGenius one size with the regular insert and a hemp doubler along with the infant insert. Worked great for us and my little one got up for snacks every couple of hours so was a big wetter!



answers from Grand Forks on

I cloth diapered the youngest 2 children. I know it sounds just simple and funny, but I found the cheap ($5) plastic pants from Walmart worked the best for us. I didn't like using them during the day... felt bad for using them as they seemed to bother the children. But, at night... no complaints from them and they WORKED with no issues. The children never had a diaper rash using cloth diapers or using the plastic covers at night. They were the only thing that worked for us.

Good luck to you. You are doing a great job cloth diapering your kids. I have always said that more parents should do this. It just makes sense!



answers from Dallas on

I used an Aristocrat cover at night on my super-soaker son. It's wool, so it needs a bit more care than the PUL covers, but it's worth it to have a cover that breathes, doesn't bind around the legs, and will hold in a small lake without leaking! I washed and lanolized ours in the sink and hung it up to dry every few weeks. Wool is naturally anti-microbial, so it doesn't have to be washed all the time.

At that age, I'd probably fold a second diaper into thirds and lay it into another diaper for overnight. That should hold plenty without being too bulky.



answers from Janesville-Beloit on

I'm a cloth diaperer by day and use a disposable at night. I was using two hemp inserts at night but my daughter was just staying way to wet. (She is 9 months and sleeps straight through the night now.) But the two hemp inserts (called doublers) were working okay for awhile and would work good for a 5 hour stretch.



answers from Chico on

Hi M.,
I like Bummis Super Whisper Wrap at night, and just tried Thirsties for the first time last night.
I fold a second tir-fold cloth diaper in thirds and lay it in the center of the diaper to use as a "doubler".
Cotton diapers keep wetness on their skin so I change the diaper during the night if baby wakes up, but using a second diaper does help. Ask your diaper service to send some diapers in a smaller size than baby is currently using for the purpose of using as a night-time "doubler". I use the same size because that's what I have on hand (I'm currently laundering my own diapers) but a smaller size will add less bulkiness.
As for folding methods I often do the "bikini twist" for my son, especially when he was younger as he had chubby thighs. Lay one diaper fully open, place folded diaper "doubler" down the center, lay baby on top, bring the "doubler" up between legs, twist the open diaper as you bring it up over the doubler, if diaper is long in the front fold down under belly-button, bring diaper "wings" from under baby to front, use snappi clip (or pins) or hold in place as you secure the cover. Hope my instructions aren't confusing.
I find that cloth diapering is trial and error to see what works best for you and your baby. Best Wishes, K.

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