Nighttime Bed Wetting

Updated on June 22, 2007
T.F. asks from Wichita Falls, TX
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My 9 year old daughter and my 4 year old son both wet the bed at night. My doctor said to stop drinks a few hours before bedtime, and to wake them up a few times during the night. I have done both and it is not working. My daughter has a girl scout trip this weekend and I am so scarred someone is going to make fun of her for wearing a Goodnight pull up. I have tried the pills and that still don't work. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do for both of my children so they can wake up dry. My daughter cries almost every morning when she wakes up wet, she is so mad at herself. I always tell her it is not her fault and that we are learing, we will get there.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone advice. Just so everyone knows my daughter only drinks water she don't like anything else. But she had a great time at the Zoo. None of the girls knew she was wearing a pull-up and the adults helped her out a lot. I know she will grow out of it. It is just hard to see your kids hurt and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I know what your going through My Son who is 8 yrs old had that same problem Wetting the bed at night. Last fall I had gotten the bedwetting alarm Its an alarm that has a wire hook to it and attaches to the underware In less than 1 month he stoped wetting the bed. He has had only one accident since then. Go to to get the alarm The book comes in handy also I tells you how to do it. At first your child will not wake up when the alarm goes off. You need to wake her up. After alittle while she will start waking up by her self and and go to the bathroom . You can use a pull up until she feels confortable about wearing underware by their self ( Put underware on first hook the alarm up to the outside of underware then put the pull-up on that way their is no wet bedding.) You will have to get up about 2 times a night for awhile. We made it who was the last one to sleep made him go to the bathroom so I only had to get up once a night. You will notice the times the alarm will go off about the same time every night then they will start slowing down in beetween times. I think the alarm cost me abou $100.00 thats with the book and matress pads If you use pullups you dont need the pads. That was the best $ 100.00 dollars I have ever spent. I hope you luck. Let me know how it works
L. M



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my 7 year old has the same problem and the only thing that helps with his bedwetting is not drinking any kind of pop or anything carbonated. i don't know why that helps but it does and i make him use the bathroom about 20 times a night. hopefully that helps.



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I know several people that had kids that wore pullups until almost 11yrs. old. All you can do is give them love and tell them its not their fault. Your daughter will just have to be very secretive about getting her pullup on and off in the morning by hiding it and disposing of it in a bag so no one sees it. Kids are so cruel, but she would be amazed at how many kids wet the bed. She is not alone.
They will grow out of it eventually. In the case of my niece she wet until very old. It ended up being a medical problem and she had to have surgery to correct it.
Good Luck!



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Well I know that there is no comfort in saying that she will grow out of it. My best friend wet the bed until she was ten. I know how mean kids can be. I hope that she has a good time. I too was a girl scout. Good Luck!



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I had a friend growing up that was diagnosed with a small bladder. Her body eventually adjusted and she didn't wet the bed anymore, so there is hope. It just takes time. I think she was in 5th or 6th grade when it stopped. At least there are pull ups now. She had to wear a disposable diaper. ;)

As for the pullup this weekend, get her some pajamas that are pants, loose pants with a long shirt. Like buy them a size too big. She can change in the bathroom where no one will see her put the pull up on. In the morning she can go back to the bathroom and change out of them and into her clothes for the day. Take a plastic grocery bag and put the pull up in the bag and carry it out under her jammies and throw in the nearest trash can. If she is worried about it maybe smelling in the morning, just sprinkle some baby powder (corn starch kind) in the pull up when she puts it on and that will absorb the smell of the urine.

She'll be ok. Just let the troop leader know in case there is an accident that needs to be cleaned up. they can handle it descretely after everyone is up and off for their activities.



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I dont know what it is called but you can try looking it up. My sisters had the same problem and my step mom bought this thing(It was like a little wire that went in your underwear) It was alittle alarm. And it detected the first sign of wetness and had an alarm that woke my sisters up. Thats how they learned. I wish I knew what it was called but I bet you can find something on Ask Jeeves...I will ask around.



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Get an opinion from a second doctor. My sis wet the bed till the age of 6 and didnt quit until she went through a minor surgery, I am not sure what it was for but it worked. You should definately get a second opinion and make sure nothing is wrong. If nothings wrong they will probably just grow out of it, good luck.

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