Night Time Potty Accidents

Updated on March 15, 2009
K.M. asks from Sierra Madre, CA
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Hello! I am trying to be patient, but at 33+ weeks pregnant, I am at my wits end. My three year old daughter has "accidents" during the night once a week or so .... sometimes every 2 weeks. How can I stop this? I don't give her water or anything to drink when she goes to bed and part of her night routine is to pee on the potty. She knows she is supposed to get up and go pee, but it seems that she sleeps through it and wakes up once it has happened, or in the middle of it - like last night. She actually climbed out of bed mid-pee as it was on her railing and the carpet. She has been in panties at night since January. Thanks in advance for your tips!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to the mothers who help keep people like me sane! I just got off the phone with my husband and he will stop and pick up 1 or 2 of the waterproof pads to put on top of her sheets. I am trying so hard not to be frustrated, but I think I am to that point of this pregnancy where I have crazy hormones yet again. That is why I knew my best option was to ask for your help - and your words provide that reassurance that this is fairly normal and offered some practical advice. Thanks so much!

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3 years old is still pretty young to expect her to be completely dry at night, every night.

Most kids do not achieve this until older. My daughter was about 5 years old, when this occurred. No pressuring on our part. It's not necessary.... this is about biological 'readiness' not the child's 'ability.'
Thus, it is a development based... and night-time dryness is COMPLETELY a whole different ability, than day-time toileting.

Just put a waterproof bed pad under her. That is what we do. Then laundering is easier. And she can wear night-time diapers.

But please don't stress her about it... or punish for it. Because it has to do with their body, with which they have no control over sometimes.

At night, my daughter who is 6 years old now, will sometimes have accidents still. No problem. She sleeps so solidly that she simply is not aware of it. She even had a dream once that she WAS on the toilet... until she felt herself get wet. We laughed about it. It's no big deal.

Relax. It's okay. Your daughter is just doing what is appropriate at this young age. Even Kindergarten age children still have accidents at night, if that puts it in perspective for you.

All the best,

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Heck I wet the bed until I was 12. Seems to me like you need to relax. This is awful young to be expecting a dry bed.

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Your darling daughter is doing more than most kids at this age already! Some young kids do potty train at night early, but most (nearly ALL) are not night trained until 5-7 years of age. Daytime potty training and nighttime are different. You should not be expecting her to be dry at night, nor getting up to use the potty on her own (at night - at least not 100% of the time). If you don't believe me - please talk to your Ped. or do some online research. Your little girl needs her sleep at this age, so wearing a night time diaper would benefit her greatly, not to mention, no more clean up on your part. The biggest thing to keep in mind, aside from the knowledge that staying dry at night isn't typical at this age is to know that the accidents she is having are accidents, she isn't peeing on the carpet on her way to the bathroom because she is lazy or doesn't care or ??? She is doing it because night time control takes a bit longer to grasp.

If it were me - oh, wait, it is! I have two in pull ups at night! LOL!! I would wait it out a bit longer. My daughter is 6 - we had bedwetting in our family, so I've let it slide, but I will be talking to her Ped. about it next week to rule out any health issues. My son will be 4 next month, he like her sleeps very deep and soaks the pull ups regardless of no water before bed/going potty before bed, etc..

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, I know how you feel. You are under a higher level of stress than normal and that is just another added thing. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy, Your little one is too young and her urethra is not strong enough not to go at night. Kids develope at difrent ages my Son would have lots of accidents at the age of 4 and I though it was because he would forget to get up. I wasn't that at. A nice pad to protect the bed is all you need and perhaps a good incentive or dry bed reward for being such a big girl.



answers from San Diego on

Hi K., I think sometimes small children have acidents while they sleep, casue they get chilled, One of my 3 year olds in my daycare has been potty trained since before she was 2, but her mom brings her here at 5:30 in the morning and lays her gown on her blanket, and she wakes up around 8:00 and sometimes she has peed, not real often, I think sometimes she just gets chilled and pees, what you can do is put a water proof pad on her bed, that will cut dowm on washing the beding so often, my second child was potty at 19 months, but at 4 he started wetting the bed, we had moved from our apartment into Navy Housing, it was a pretty good size house, in the apartment there was a bathroom in my boys room, but in housing they didn't have a bathroom in their room, come to find out he was scared to get up and walk to the bathroom, so he started waking up is big brother, 3 years older to go with him, it's different reasons for different kids, some are just lazy, so you need to find out for your daughter what it is. J. L.



answers from San Diego on

Hi K.,

Accidents are going to happen. This is totally normal and the best thing you can do about it is just relax and try your best to be patient with it. I doubt there is a single mom on here who had a potty trained child in underpants during bed time that has NEVER ever had an accident. And only having an accident once per week is great!!You are very lucky!

My daughter has been potty trained since last June but until January thisbyear, we continued to have her sleep in pull-ups at night. She didn't sleep with them at school during naps and rarely had an accident, so I finally got over my laziness and once we ran out of pull-ups, she was done 100% with them. She does great but she still has an occasional accident. Like one mom said, chills will cause them. Usually deep sleep obviously. My daughter doesn't stay too consistent, sometimes she will have a small accident four nights in a row - mainly ones where she pees a little but is able to wake up and finish in the toilet. And then she'll go weeks without a single one, or sometimes it can be once a week.

The positive here with your daughter is that at least she knows when she is going and she is at least attempting to get up and make it to the potty to finish. She'll learn soon enough but also be prepared that with the new baby coming soon, she may regress a little bit too.

Good luck!




answers from Los Angeles on

wow i think your lucky if it only happens bout once a week. my son is 5 but is behind. dr says he's round a 3 to 4 year level. he just got potty trained during the day a few months ago and still has daytime accidents occasionally. he wears diapers at night and still pee's through them almost every night despite his peeing before he goes to bed, my man changing him during the night at least once or twice and he doesn't drink for awhile before bed. we just change bedding everyday and bathe him every time and get on with life. yeah it sucks but what are you gonna do.

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