Night Time Diaper for Sensative Skin

Updated on July 06, 2010
M.W. asks from Snohomish, WA
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my 17 month old daughter has pretty sensitive skin. she has prescription lotion that we use at least twice daily and also use hydrocortisone when needed. anyway, she is fine during the day in kirkland brand diapers, no trouble. lately she has started needing a night time diaper due to the longer sleep time and excessive, well, pee. we have tried a couple brands (huggies, pampers) and both result in a rash around her waist. it goes away as long as we don't use the same diapers the next night. if we use them again, the rash gets worse. any ideas what we can try? does 7th generation make a night time diaper? thanks for any words of wisdom! and happy 4th!!

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answers from San Diego on

How about a cloth diaper at night with a wool cover? These will breathe so well and aid in the rash issue.

Or, if you don't want to do that, there are "healthier" disposables on the market. Check out seventh generation or some other diaper brands at Whole Foods or Henrys if you have them....they have diapers that are bleach free.

Can you change her while she sleeps when you or your husband go to bed?

How about slathering her waistband area with aloe or calendula or almond oil/coconut oil? Anything to keep the pee off of her.

We cloth diaper, but the few times we've used disposables on our guys, they have gotten those red pee rashes that go away after they are aired out bit.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have you tried the pampers sensitive? They are close to the NB swaddlers but they make them in larger sizes now. My daughter has eczema and gets worse in the summer. So far these diapers have worked pretty well (I especially like that they are softer then the "cruisers"). I also think they absorb better then the other pampers we were using. Good Luck, I hope you find something for your little one. Happy 4th to you too!



answers from Eugene on

If Kirkland works then i'd say use a bigger size for night time.
Or cloth might work. My older son's skin did better in cloth, my younger is fine with them during the day but gets a reaction if he wears them at night.



answers from Medford on

I just switched to 7th Generation diapers for my 20 month old, who also has sensitive skin, and she does soooo much better with them! I think just the fact that they don't contain chemicals that mix with their pee (like chlorine) makes a HUGE difference! As far as nighttime goes, she sleeps about 10 hrs straight and doesn't leak through with them. They can actually hold a lot more than Huggies!

I don't know if your daughter is still nursing or on a bottle, but perhaps you can try limiting liquids before bedtime, too. Not only would this help with the leaking, but it'd probably result in less moisture up against her skin. A & D ointment (not the diaper rash cream, but the regular one) is awesome, too, as an over-the-counter skin protectant. Our pediatrician introduced it to us a couple weeks back, when I took my daughter in for a similar problem, and she’s been so much happier since!

Diaper rash isn’t fun! Believe me, I know! I hope you find something that helps your little one feel better soon!



answers from Portland on

We use Earth's Best diapers and they seem to hold a lot. They aren't night-time diapers per se, but unless our daughter (27 months) has a lot to drink before bed they hold.
Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

We use Huggies hypoallergenic diapers (in the green and white package) day and night. My baby sleeps 11-12 hours with no leaking and no rashes.



answers from Portland on

We've found that a cloth diaper with a cloth doubler and a wool cover work great for when our boy is in a super soaker phase. However, I totally understand that cloth diapering isn't for everyone (even though we've found it remarkably easy with an older tot).

If you want to stay with disposables, try buying disposable doublers at Babies R Us. They look like maxi-pads, only without the waterproof backing. A greener alternative is to use a green diaper insert, like the G-Diapers inserts. It will increase the absorbency. Using a bigger sizes never worked for us, and neither did putting on two diapers.



answers from Seattle on

My 9 year old gets a rash from all of the national brand night pullups. She can use the Safeway brand. They are called easy sleeps. I don't know if they have a size small enough for your 17 month old, but it might be worth looking into.



answers from Kansas City on

My girls both have sensitive skin and we used Luvs, and they have done fine with them. Good Luck.



answers from Seattle on

Try going up a size in the night time diapers. That is what worked for my son, using a diaper one size larger than we were using. This tip was actually provided by our pediatrician and I was very surprised when it worked.



answers from Spokane on

My sister uses a doubler that buys at Toy r Us that keeps the moisture in the wet zone at night. That may help since it's around her waist that your LO is getting a rash



answers from Topeka on

It is just going to take some experimentation on your you can see from everyone elses answers, what works for one bottom doesn't work for another.
My best suggestion would be to switch to cloth diapers day and night!!! You will see a world of difference because there is absolutely no fragrances, bleach, any of the other additives that you find in the disposable diapers AND you will be much more "earth friendly" when you aren't sending all of those disposable diapers to the landfill!!!



answers from Portland on

I used both 7th Generation and Earths Best diapers and I found that I liked the Earths Best a LOT better. They fit my daughter better, were easier to fasten and the sizes run larger so she could stay in one size longer (which means more diapers in each pack for longer). If we went up a size for night time they worked great even for my heavy night wetter. When my daughter was in a size 4 diaper during the day but started waking up with leaks in the morning, we switched to size 5 for nighttime and no more leaks.

Now that we are potty training we use Night Time Pull-Ups and they actually contain the leaks even better than the diapers did. That's a possibility too.



answers from Phoenix on

My dd has eczema and has since about 3 mo old. Diaper rash was a battle!!! Our doctor had us use Lotrimin with Aquaphor if it was a mild diaper rash or Mylanta with Aquaphor (this worked the best). You get the regular Mylanta and rub it directly onto the skin, then take a blowdryer to dry it completely, then coat with the aquaphor to create a complete barrier from the urine.
Cut liquids about an hour before bed, it's a good habit to start now, since potty training is just around the corner. Cutting the liquids will decrease the amount of urine through the night.



answers from New York on

I would suggest trying a cloth diaper. Also, if she's wetting excessively at night, be sure to check her diaper before you go to bed. Disposables are not meant to hold multiple pees, and if she's already wet a few hours after going to bed, a quickie diaper change in the crib may avoid soaking through at night



answers from Portland on

7th generation doe not make a nighttime diaper, but we've used their regular ones forever overnight & they work fine. I think your kid may have alatex allergy.

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